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Wannabes Can Tag Their Potential Hotwives


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There has been a lot of discussion on how a wannabe can mark their hot wife, with or without her knowledge that she was being offered to potential Bulls whilst out.

The fact that women quite often are hesitant and reluctant to try this lifestyle. Thinking that they are not attractive enough of other men to fancy.

There is a lot of chat in how the simple anklet can be seen as an indicator. Guys can see this and start chatting and maybe flirting. There are already hotwife, BBC lover, slut and other brazen declarations that a woman can wear. But for a couple starting out this might seem cringe worthy and not palatable.

I have stumbled across this site and it may offer a nicer alternative, that a wife may be happy to wear and even keen to try. It has pretty anklets that your wife or girlfriend will see as a nice gift. Get her to wear one on her right ankle. See if you can!

Be sure to share with the rest of us any feedback or reactions that occur. My wife now is wearing one of these very products (blissfully uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu that males can see it as a sign that she is a sexy lady). ;)



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Cuckold Tests

As you may already know, I am one of those wannabes and my wife has no idea about the meaning of an anklet on her right ankle. I have learned on this site some other connotations (not sure if that's the right word) like turtle (and "green hat"). I used to make gemstone ornaments before so I made an anklet for her. She'd never wear one with the brazen declarations like hotwife or slut so I put a turtle figure between stones. I posted this in "secret code" thread, here's another one. Here, she's wearing another anklet on her right ankle, mine is on her left.


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Thank you justpete & Upstart, glad you like.

would like to see those anklets dangling in the air while her pussy gets filled full of cum from another man.

How I crave to see that myself....


Don't have many more bikini pics but here's another recent one:



And another of the anklet on her right foot and part of her left leg :P Too bad she dropped and lost the anklet :angry:


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is that only on akles? my wife does not wear ankles. I look more for a signal as earrings or or necklace

I have seen earrings and necklaces on

Http://simply themed.etsy.com

As well. Check it out. Worth getting your woman tagged for others to see. Post pics on here of her afterwards. No wife will turn down a present of Jewellery....lol

Bet you could get her a matching bracelet and anklet and she would start wearing one....blissfully uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

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