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It has been a while since I posted this here, so some folks may not know this.

I have a flat in NYC that can be used by visitors to the city.  It is not where I live, but it is appointed with all that one needs if one is visiting.  If an HW/cuck couple takes the flat for their trip to the city they will know that they do not have to look for a bull to make her stay more comfortable.   I will also note that the place rents for much less than single small hotel rooms where the cuck might have to spend the night on the floor if the bull decided to stay over.  Nope this is a full flat with more than one bedroom.

So if any of you are planing a trip to NYC let me know.  The place is also used by non-kinksters visiting, so one can not just drop in and expect a place to stay and good service for the wife.  As we get closer to the summer the place will be booked more and more.  Right now it is pretty free, so if you would like a long weekend in the city cheap and with extra special treats included let me know.

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The flat is located 1/2 block from the subway in a very trendy area with lots of nice places to eat and lots of cute little shops.  One can travel around the world by going to a different cafe for each meal.

I look forward to hosting you both.  Perhaps now is a the time to plan a 4 day weekend in NYC.  Unlike the hotels I do not charge more for weekend days.

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      I am an educated and experienced bull living in New York City.  I had my first cuckold couple in my 20s.  My longest cuckold couple relationship lasted 13 years until family matters forced them to move out of the area.  I am at the moment looking for a new wife.  No worries if you are not experienced as I am happy to work both of you into the lifestyle.  It can be very exciting and rewarding.  I work hard to fully understand both the wife and cuckold so that everyone is satisfied and the wife with her cuck are left in a state of dripping anticipation of the next session together.
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