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Which do you prefer


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They both have their appeal.  Seeing her come home with cum on her face is an instant turn on. Tasting that saltiness on her lips.  But, NOT seeing it on her face is a turn on too. The anticipation of reaching down and feeling that warm sticky mess.  Tasting her juices mixed with his cum.  I don't know how I would decide which is better.

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I have only kissed her a couple of times after a guy has cum in her mouth. Yes, it was very hot and arousing. But she has mostly fucked on her own and comes home with semen leaking from her pussy, which I lick clean, before enjoying the exquisite feeling that only silky seconds can give. So licking the cum from her pussy is my fav.


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On 11/29/2020 at 3:03 PM, Bimarried001 said:

Sexy pic Trixsy. But I’m sure you’ve already had black cock. I would fuck you but I must admit that I would have to taste that woody you’re showing. 

I have a black lover at the moment,you would be welcome to suck me,prior to fucking me xx

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