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  1. My chubby wife

    Thanks, She is HOT
  2. List Your Location

    Canada .
  3. Anydesk control

  4. Anydesk control

  5. Fantasize about wife being taken

    Me too
  6. Wife's anklet

    Wife in training. I am still waiting for someone to approach her
  7. Voy's

  8. Wife's anklet

    Which one do you prefer?
  9. ☝When the Cuckold Is Not Into Humiliation

    Well said! I could not phrase it better than you. The closest ones to me are The Cuckold Voyeur and The Giving Cuckold Husband.
  10. Anklets

    which one should I get between those four so it be classy but still a go drag her. My first name start with an S and hers with an L forgot to mention she is an u n a ware wife and I am a cuck wanabe
  11. Vacation

    HI, We will be in vacation at the Excellence Riviera Cancun from March 6th to March 13 2017. An adult only resort. Any couple or bull in vacation at the same time? Hpe to find someone to try on her
  12. Is anyone a real cuckold or is it just a fantasy

    I am with you. Probably a bunch, including me, would love for it to become real and regular. However, our wives have just not agreed to it, or don't want it to happen
  13. Cuckold Quiz

    94 I am not the author, I can’t even tell where it came from. But if you think of yourself as a cuckold, have fun rating yourself. The test is offering you with simple ideas and scenarios. Rate your answers with what you think about it according to this scale: 1 - I don’t like that. 2 - Like to imagine it, but not to do it. 3 - It’s very arousing to think about it. I would like to try it. 4 - That thought gave me a hell of a hard-on. I can’t wait to do it. 5 - That’s my darkest desire! Max score is [(25 questions) x (5 max points)] =125. So, if you score more than 100, then your grade is B, if you score more than 112 then your grade is A and few can ‘measure’ up to you. Remember that it doesn’t matter if you had done it or not, just rate the thought… 4 1) You and your girl are walking by the beach (or pool). She is wearing a very sexy and revealing suit and every man is looking at her body. 4 2) Your girl is telling you about her past experiences. 5 3) You found an old letter from some guy to your girl that tells about their past sexual encounter. 3 4) Your girl has pic’s of her with others and shares them with others but not you. 4 5) There is a guy that likes your girl, she knows and she is acting ‘slutty’ 5 6) Your girl is changing clothes with the windows opened, the neighbor is watching. 5 7) Some male friends, you, and your girl are in a private tub. Then she decides to take off the bra and remains topless. 1 8) Your girl ignores you when she talks to someone with whom she is thinking about fucking. 3 9) Your girl likes the idea of the threesome and is inviting 2 other people to your house to have sex with and you can only watch. 5 10) Your girl is having sex with another girl but you are tied up and blindfolded. 5 11) Your girl is having sex with another guy and you are watching her taking him bareback. 5 12) A guy just banged your girl and is cumming in her mouth. 4 13) A guy is bareback banging your girl and is cumming in her. 5 14) You are looking at your just-banged girl’s pussy and another man’s cum is coming out. 5 15) You are touching your girl’s pussy, filled with other man’s cum. 5 16) You are licking other man’s cum from your girl’s pussy. 2 17) You are sucking the dick of the lover of your girl. 5 18) Your girl is fucking a guy and called you on the phone so you can hear. 2 19) Your girl fucked a guy and came home with her pussy still wet. She’s telling you about it. 4 20) You shave your girl’s pubic hair before her date so that she’s silky smooth. 2 21) The only time you get to be inside your girl is when she wants you to feel how her lover has stretched out her pussy. 1 22) Your girl, is in front of you, tells others how small your cock is. 5 23) You love the thought of eating someone else’s cum from her pussy. 1 24) You are swinging with another couple, the other girl is awesome, but you are only interested in watching the three of them have sex. 4 25) You help dress your girl before she goes out on a date. Scoring: 100 + = Total Cuckold Slut 95-90 = Ultimate Cuckold 85-80 = Basic Cuckold 75-70 = Cuckold 65-60 = Want To Be Cuckold 55-50 = Wife Sharer 45- Below = Not much interest Post your scores.
  14. Vacation Akumal Mexico

    We had a lot of fun but no success finding someone to try her