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  1. I want to see mine do this so bad
  2. Great fake job. or fuck job?
  3. Voy

    More Gifs, Pics

    us in cam
  4. Voy

    My chubby wife

    Thanks, She is HOT
  5. Voy

    List Your Location

    Canada .
  6. Voy

    Anydesk control

  7. Voy

    Anydesk control

  8. Voy

    Fantasize about wife being taken

    Me too
  9. Voy

    Wife's anklet

    Wife in training. I am still waiting for someone to approach her
  10. Voy

    Wife's anklet

    Which one do you prefer?
  11. Voy

    ☝When the Cuckold Is Not Into Humiliation

    Well said! I could not phrase it better than you. The closest ones to me are The Cuckold Voyeur and The Giving Cuckold Husband.
  12. Voy


    which one should I get between those four so it be classy but still a go drag her. My first name start with an S and hers with an L forgot to mention she is an u n a ware wife and I am a cuck wanabe
  13. Voy


    HI, We will be in vacation at the Excellence Riviera Cancun from March 6th to March 13 2017. An adult only resort. Any couple or bull in vacation at the same time? Hpe to find someone to try on her
  14. Voy

    Is anyone a real cuckold or is it just a fantasy

    I am with you. Probably a bunch, including me, would love for it to become real and regular. However, our wives have just not agreed to it, or don't want it to happen