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  1. Voy

    Cuckold Quiz

  2. Voy

    Am I a cuck?

    I guess I am a STAG then
  3. I may want to try an idea I read: to buy a massage table and to hire a male massage therapist(one that also offer other services for women) to give me home lessons and after a few lessons go further into an intimate 4 hands massage. I think she will not be able to resist.
  4. Lucky her... and you
  5. I want to see mine do this so bad
  6. Great fake job. or fuck job?
  7. Voy

    More Gifs, Pics

    us in cam
  8. Voy

    My chubby wife

    Thanks, She is HOT
  9. Voy

    List Your Location

    Canada .
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    Anydesk control

  11. Voy

    Anydesk control

  12. Voy

    Fantasize about wife being taken

    Me too
  13. Voy

    Wife's anklet

    Wife in training. I am still waiting for someone to approach her
  14. Voy

    Wife's anklet

    Which one do you prefer?