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My first cuck/bull meet


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I had never hear of cuckolding until one day an older man, late 50s approached me after knowing what I was into. He didn't say much about what it was or infact much atal about it. This left my mind wondering. Really wondering. Surly there cant be such thing? So what iv been doing isn't just some fucked up 'man hating' mission. I started reading into it and even brought a few books on theories ect. I spent the next 6 months, obsessing over it. Trying to explain to my other friends, they just thought I was nuts and I was always known as the one in our friend group who always loved black guys. The one who always loved the 'Bad boy'. I remember every time I got a boyfriend I would make up another story about what he does, where he comes frm ect. No parents in the right minds would have been happy to know the man I was so called 'dating' ... meaning just fucking and knowing he also had other girls but if I managed to get him to spend most of his time with me, I was number one. well in my head. I was fine with that. I wouldn't fall in love with these men, I would become addicted. Trying to leave time after time but without the replacement of another, I was never successful. I would become very obedient. However, iv had 'nice' boyfriends, and well. Iv run the first sign of a valentines card before. The first sign of an xmas present. One guy brought me a ring for Christmas, I don't really no why, not a engagement ring or anything, just a normal ring... well it freaked me out so much, I got pissed and gave it too some random girl on a night out, I got my mum to dump him and change my number. I was still at school then. She kept saying to me, whats wrong with you. Steve is a really nice guy, you can tell he really likes you. No. Steve is a loser. I don't like losers. This then allowed me to go back to an ex, from London, I was living in the countryside then just on the outskirts. Nice posh area. He was from hackney. Had another girl in my area who he was fucking with and well it became some war that lasted along time between us all. Once before I knew they was 'Fucking' well apparently they hadn't started then. She was out with us and we was in a park pissing about. I took him behind a hill and fucked him there while she was waiting with his mate. I had never met this girl before but well, I knew something was going on, I wasn't fooled. After him spunking inside me, I pulled up my knickers and leggings and well felt satisfied, like ha. This was still while I was at school. I usually went for older guys. Loosing my virginity to a seriously too well hung guy. I really dunno what I was thinking and believe u me, it was not a pleasant experience, in any way what so ever. I cried the whole way through as his HUGE black cock stretched my inside, thankfully, it didn't last long, not surprised. Im still to this day tight down there so god knows. Anyways after, I had never seen anything like it in my life. My whole bits had swollen, like seriously swollen, I looked like I had an allergic reaction. 


Sorry I got a bit sidetracked. So after reading through about cuckolding I thought great. Im not the only woman that likes this. I went on the hunt for a cuck, and within a month I found one.


His communication was constant, from the start I had to wrap my reigns around him because he wouldn't shut the fuck up. I told him for when I arrive make sure you have a nice bottle of wine and a gift for me. The wine he brought was far from cheap as I sipped it in his plush apartment. The gift, some chocolate, disappointment. But anyways. After the let down on the chocolate, I went to the bedroom to get changed. He came in shortly after, I gave him the pleasure of licking my freshly fucked pussy as I told him about all the details, every single one. I was so surprised that he was enjoying it, I started to really push the boundaries with this man and soon after he got to meet two of my bulls. lick their fresh spunk out of my insides and see them pound me in ways he couldn't. I would suck their cocks and spit the dribble into his mouth as I held him by the throat. He loved this...

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