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So close...but sometimes things just don't work out.


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Some times things just don't work out...hate it, but it happens.

And it's sad when it doesn't work.

I recently was contacted by a wannabecuck husband. He and his wife were talking about opening up their marriage...experimenting, trying new things. Good for a marriage to do this in my opinion.

Some of the things that the wannabecuck hub mentioned they were interested in...and thinking of exploring more...were him being a cuck, his wife "owned" by another man...and her being used sexually by that other man. And she/they had an interest in bondage...and wanted to explore bondage and bdsm some more. 

We chatted some more...learned more about each other...and things had a really promising start. 

To make this even more interesting...we found that we actually don't live that far apart. He was upfront and honest with me (which is always nice...and appreciated)...and he told me that he would seriously like it to happen...in real life. Wanted to share his wife sexually with another man. Wanted to go from being a wannabecuck...to being a cuck husband. But he was honest and said that he was further along into the idea...and that his wife would need some time to warm up to it.

He showed me a few pics of his wife...told me a little about her...and this was all going good.

I'll stop at this point and show a few pics of her....

I was definitely interested!








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Looking at the pics above...it's easy to see why I was interested. His wife is obviously a sexy woman. 

We chatted more...he shared more pics...and he said he didn't know what to do...how to make his and his wife's fantasies come true. 

He also admitted that the more he shared with me...details and pics...the stronger his desire to become a cuck husband became.

He asked for my help. He felt that we had similar interests...and he asked for some guidance from me.

I suggested that one thing we could try was her becoming my owned online slut. I have done this a few times before...and it can be fun...and it's a relatively safe way for a wannabe cuck to explore  sharing his wife. Sharing her online. I should mention that she is an uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu wife as far as sharing her pics go. 

So he kept sharing pics...and we kept chatting...and what he found was that he loved sharing her pics with me. Loved hearing what I intended to do with his wife if things ever were to really happen. We talked about us meeting one day for real...him bringing his wife to me at a hotel. Talked about me pushing her limits a little as far as her curiosity about bdsm went...about how I would "use" her. Talked some about him watching as his sexy wife made him a cuck by servicing my cock.

One thing he found was that  the more he shared...the more he liked it. The wannabe was feeling like a cuck. Sharing more...wanting to share even more....and really unable to stop. I'm sure other cucks can relate. I always refer to it as being on that "cuck roller coaster"...your emotions going for a wild ride.

He was feeling like a cuck...and loving how it felt...

and there was an "energy" shared between us...a feeling that was mutual...an excitement that we both could feel. 

(the pics got a little sexier...dirtier...and the more he shared...pic wise...the more I liked it. That's for damn sure).

Things are still going great at this point...and building...getting better and better!

Here's a few more pics of his wife. His wife that we now referred to as MY slut. And I say that because he made it a point to tell me that her pics were mine...she was MINE...to do with as I pleased. His wife/MY slut!

More to come about her being my online slut...but here's a few more pics of his wife.

His wife/MY slut!











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