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  1. Damn my she is still gorgeous! You post I'll read no problem. You seem really cool and laid back. What age are you guys now. Also you mentioned not taking blow job from theater guy back in day because you weren't into that then. Now?///
  2. That was hot! I know you said you felt bad about the guy not getting to fuck her but I bet he was cool with it she is hot. Is the profile pic your wife? If so she is still smoking hot. Does she still do pics? Maybe we can exchange emails sometime after we get to know each other better.
  3. The whole problem with friend fucking her you don't only lose girlfriend you lose friend. Plus if she likes or dislikes fucking him makes things very very awkward. Did she pick which friend? That could even worse if she likes his fucking too much. I have 2 different friends who went that exact route and they ended very badly.
  4. First your wife is smoking hot. But I don't that was her first time with plumber I think she was playing long before you got involved. If you are good with that relationship have fun but like I said you may want to find out if plumber was really her first.
  5. Sexboxer did you suck him till he was hard again. You what you said made me hard
  6. That was hot did she ever fuck guy at counter after photo shoot
  7. I'd love to fuck her she looks hot.