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  1. Sexy! Would love to kiss her belly and work my way down!
  2. Yes she's satisfied. She said so . She has the opportunity to have others from what you say so no need for her to lie. It's not about your dick , it's about you and she loves you therefor she loves everything about you which includes your dick. . Be happy . She is probably willing to do what ever you want sexually to make you happy. Your a lucky guy.
  3. Without hesitation,, haaaaa
  4. Would love to help out your wife while your locked up.
  5. ed209

    My Hot Wife

  6. Agree , this isn't working for both of you. Remember most women , do not like a totally submissive man.Maybe she isn't in to it. Some women are naturally dominant and would do fine with the lifestyle you are trying. It sounds like to me she has lost respect for you and interest. Also you do not derive excitement from being denied rather you are overly frustrated. Basically the idea is exciting to you but you also want to fuck. You should save the submissive stuff for playtime once in a while.Maybe during the day she can lock you up and tease you at night every so often but in between those times, experiment with you being dominant instead or just making love. I think if you fuck your wife like a man once in a while you will both be happier and more satisfied. If you want to watch me show you what to do with her , I'd be happy too.
  7. ed209


    You describe your self as chubby. I would say Perfect!! Love your body.
  8. Beautiful and Sexy! Would love to spend some time with her.
  9. Yes I would! the pics you are showing look exactly like my wife. hey Is that her? LOL
  10. YOur still beautiful and sexy Elaine! Seriously, would love to be with you.