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  1. Gorgeous ass , would love to lick her deep

  2. Would love to bust a nut in her cunt.
  3. That hole is never going to feel the same again.😆
  4. I would like to cum in her and have my wife suck out the load.
  5. I was lucky enough to see my second wife break her record for the largest twice when she was in her early thirties. The first was a 61 year old retired farmer with what he said was 9 inches--never measured--but I watched him fuck her a half a dozen times times. He was a big guy all the way around, about 6'4 probably 275. He was actually married and his wife didn't play, but would be in the house and would come into the bedroom sometimes and watch her husband fucking my wife and make lewd comments about her. I usually just watched when we met with him except for once when we both fucked her at a bookstore. About six months later I tricked her into a small gang bang with three black guys and one of the guys was "the new biggest." LOL. He was as thick as a beer can towards the bottom of his shaft and never got more than three quarters of his cock in her. Never heard her make noises like she did when he made her cum with that big dick. Lots of gasping and grunting.
  6. I love watching a guy dump a load or two in her. I'm more into fucking her full twat instead of clean up.
  7. I hear you, brother. The old CL was great for hookups. Miss it dearly.
  8. It's a real woman that takes dick that big without a lot of whining and drama.
  9. Awesome lady xx

    1. smotpokerindy1961
    2. Facesitme59


      You’re welcome she is hot hot hot