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    Am I big enough for her in the pants

    Tiny dick or clit. Balls stay up tight. Got this way from wearing chastity 24/7, 365 for years. Milked constantly plus they put me on hormones for about 2 years. Love it. Used to be 6" fairly thick.
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    List Your Location

    West Tennessee
  3. tn43somes

    Best cuckold experience

    Wow. Difficult question. My wife and her very hung lover had a realationship that lasted over 11 years. He was 9" plus uncut. I am only about 4 1/2 cut and trouble getting hard. It evloved from 3 somesome to me watching, then eating her cream pies. Early on I was put in Chastity 24/7. The relationship totally evolved to me being bisexual submissive sissy cucked wearing hose and panties while wearing Chastity cage. Our favorite position would be me under her eating her while she was on her knees and he was fucking her deep from behind. I loved all of it.