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  1. Hello, I am 19 year old Male who has a 18 year old girlfriend. I would love to chat about her with other cucks/bulls. She has currently 3 Bulls, had a 4th one also but he had to move because of work. She dosen't know I am talking to bulls online about her, because she prefers to keep things in real life and she decides who we tell about the ' little secret ' and who we don't tell about it. Been active for 2 years. Kik: m4ybach. snapchat: m4ybach
  2. If anyone Bulls or Cucks want to talk on kik about my girlfriend, just leave your kik with your age and If you are cuck or bull.
  3. We have done it few times again with him, mostly just me watching them fuck and cleaning up.
  4. I know I have been away from this site for a while.. but now I remembered having account here and thought I should share another story. It's new years eve. The clock is about 2AM, I'm on the balcony smoking my cigarette as my friend Jason joins me. I take a sip from my glass and he asks " Ayy, bro you got a cigarette? " I smile and take another cigarette from my jackets pocket offering it to him with the lighter. My girlfriend comes on the balcony too, she's very drunk and in the horny mood. That night she's wearing short black dress what barely covers her ass and black stockings. She giggles as she looks at us and steps on the balcony, closing the door. She walks up to me and kisses me passionately, I throw my cigarette away and start kissing her back. We are making out, I move my hand on her butt, squeezing it. We stop kissing, I notice hickeys on her neck.. light and only 3 but still I haven't done them. " Baby, where did you get those from? " I ask her. She giggles and blushes a little and looks at me " Mmm.. we played truth or dare downstairs and I had to kiss with Daniel.. and he did few hickeys too.. " She giggles and bites her lower lip. Jason looks at me and then her, smacking her ass " Naughty.. " He laughs as she giggles. " So... May I kiss her too? " Jason asks and looks at me, waiting for my answer. " Yeah, why not. " I grin as she turns to him, he pushes her against the railing as they start making out. My cock grows harder just by looking at them. His hand moves on her butt, squeezing it roughly. I can see her smile as they are passionately making out. His hands move on the edges of her dress, pulling it over her ass, I want to stop them but I can't, I'm too turned on. His hands move between her legs, she spreads them a little as he starts rubbing her pussy through panties while they are kissing. I can't say anything but " Maybe let's go to the bedroom? " I say looking at them, they both look at me " Sure. " Jason says as we head to the bedroom, him holding my girlfriends hand. We step into the warm bedroom, closing the door behind us. He looks at her " Get on your knees. " He says and she goes down. " Come here, have fun. " He laughs looking at me as she's between them. We let her jeans down, she pulls our boxers down, we reveal our cocks. His bigger than I am, she tooks our cocks into her hands and grins. " Now be a good slut.. " I pat her hair as I get my ability to talk back. She takes his cock into her mouth, starting to suck it while jerking me. We both moan. She switched, took my cock into her mouth and sucked mine as she jerked his cock. We let her stand up, I took her dress over her head as he opened her bra and I went on my knees, taking off her panties.. once again, they were soaking. " Mmm.. See how wet I am? " She giggles as she looks down at me. " Yes.. baby " I say looking up to her as Jason grins " Best whore to fuck. " she giggles. He leads her to bed and lays her on her back, he spreads her legs and pushes his cock in. She moans loudly as he places one hand on her breast, squeezing it as he fucks her hard, they both moaning. I go on the bed, lay next to her and kiss her. Her hands move to my cock, she grabbs it and starts jerking it. " Mmm.. I want back into the mouth.. " Jason moans and pulls out. We basically switch, I start fucking her pussy but he goes to her mouth, places his cock on her lips " Want to taste your slutty juices? " He grins and she says " Yes,please " as she takes his cock into her mouth and starts sucking it. " Your gf is the best partyslut.. " He moans as we all are moaning while I'm fucking her and she's sucking him. " Mmm.. I want to ride him. " She moans as she takes his cock out of her mouth and I'm pulling my cock out. He lays on her back and she sits on his cock. He moans loudly, loving her pussy. She leans over, to kiss him. Her ass is just calling me, I spit on her ass hole as I push my cock in. She moans loudly, I push harder.. we have filled her holes as we start moving. She keeps moaning, kisses him, grabs the sheets. We DP her a bit as she moans " Please stop.. ". We stop and pull our cocks out and put her into doggy, she starts sucking my cock as he starts fucking her pussy from behind, smacking her ass, she moans. We fuck her til he moans " I'm about to cum.. " she begs him to cum in her and he shoots his loads into her pussy, pumping it full. " Whos cleaning my cock.. " he grins. My gf asks me to lay on the floor, I lay on the floor and she sits on my mouth as I start cleaning her as shes cleaning him with her mouth. " How did real cock felt, slut? " he grins, grabbing her by her hair and she answers " Goood.. I have missed real cock in me.. " she smiled and continued cleaning.. Same time I was cleaning her and jerking, I came in my hand. He got dressed and left as he noticed it's 4AM already and he has to start going. A whole week after that, she didn't let me fuck her.. just let me watch her playing with her self, moaning Jasons name and telling me how she misses his real cock.
  5. It happened few times more
  6. Me, My gf and my best friend were camping by the lake. It was warm summer night, we found a nice spot between the lake and forest. We have just bought new tents and we put them up. We started grilling, we have just bought one time grill and lots of meat, salads and lot of drinks. There was a tire in the water so we decided to put the drinks into the tire so they could cool a bit. It was late night, around 10PM and it was getting dark, the sun was gone and we decided to go get some sticks so we could set the fire on. We went deeper into the forest and found some sticks and came back and set up the fire. We all got really warm from alcohol and the fire, so we decided to take ourself more nude.. Me and my best friend were wearing boxers and my gf wore bikini, sweet sexy pink bikini. We decided to go swimming, the water was really warm and we swam a bit. We came out the water and decided to drink a bit more, the fire was about to die so they ( my gf and best friend ) decided to go to get some more sticks. I decided to stay at the camping spot, because I was really drunk and didn't want to go into the forest. They were gone a bit time, so I got worried and I went to look for them, I saw a light a bit more far away, when I got near, I saw My Gf on her knees sucking my bestfriends cock, I was mad but same time I felt so fucking turned on, I decided to let them do whatever they were doing and went back to camping spot. It took about 10 minutes before they came with sticks and act like nothing happened. We laughed, made jokes and drunk some more, before I offered to play truth or dare. We started playing, first was my gf, I told her to kiss my bestfriend.. They kissed so passionately and he grabbed her ass hard, we played a little before I offered that maybe we should have a threesome, My gf and bestfriend agreed.. We went to his tent and they started kissing, while I slowly took my girlfriends bikinis off, her top was already naked.. He grabbed her breast hard and I started licking and fingering her pussy, she was already so wet.. When I stopped, I went next to her and wanted to kiss her but she kept kissing him as he got on top of her, I took his boxers down and took his cock into my hand jerked it hard before he entered into my gf.. I was laying next to them, jerking my cock and watching my bestfriend fuck my gf hard as she moans loudly. After some time I asked " May I fuck my gf too? " and my bro was like " Oh yeah, sorry " We switched and I started fucking her as she was jerking & kissing him.. After some time we made her go into doggy as her legs were outside but hands inside the tent and she sucked my cock while my bestfriend fucks her from behind. As we switched I went behind her and licked her pussy before I entered into her. Her pussy was so fucking creamy and wet. She came off my cock as my bestfriend lyed down and she went on top of him and started riding him. I lyed next to them again and jerked my cock.. She rode him til he came inside her.. Before that, I had already came into my hand. As I went outside to wash my hand in the lake, she came off him.. went to doggy again and started sucking his cock.. I watched her pussy from behind, Wet/Creamy/Cum dripping.. I couldn't control myself.. I went behind her and licked her pussy.. After that we were all naked, drunk some more and I decided to go to sleep, they said they will be up a bit more. When I woke up, I found myself sleeping naked.. I opened my bestfriends tent and they were sleeping on the blanket naked.. When they woke up, we promised eachother that we will never talk about it again. I bought my gf a S.O.S pill so she didn't get pregnant. I paid the whole trip.. Taxi, Food, Drinks, even tents.. And how my friend paid me.. By fucking my gf.. Oh one thing more guys, the whole time, we pulled my gfs hair, smacked her ass and called her slut, whore, hoe and skank.. She enjoyed it and it made her only more wet cuz she likes it rough.. // It's not a fantasy & it happened this summer. Hope you enjoyed reading it! Waiting for feedback too and u can always PM me!
  7. Do you have kik? Leave me it and I will help you
  8. One day, I told my girl that I have to stay at work longer than usual because I had to be in meeting. The meeting ended earlier and I went to my car and checked my phone, still no calls or texts that she misses me or wants me to come home. I drove home and unlocked the door quietly, I heard some noice in the bedroom. " Is it that what I think it is? " was my first thought. I have been jerking off while watching cuckold vids and captions, but there.. In the other room, my wife was with another man or men, I didn't know that yet. I was afraid to go in the bedroom, i felt so broken but my cock was getting harder and harder, I didn't know what to do. " Should I open the door? " I were thinking, but I hesitated What If she sends me away, What If she chooses to leave me, What If I lose my girl? I was so so afraid but same time my cock were rockhard of the thought my wife was fucking another man in the other room. I heard her moaning and screaming in pleasure, she has never done that while being with me, she's a shy and quiet girl..I sat on the couch and took out my cock, I started to jerk off, I didn't know why I was doing it but I felt so horny and broken the same time. I heard how she begged him to fuck her harder, I were siting there about 10 minutes, when I heard her saying " Cum inside me!! " and he did.. I tried to not get caught so I put my pants back on and waited til the guy left. I went to the bedroom, and there she was.. Naked, pussy covered and dripping in warm fresh cum " Oh hey honey " she said " What that means? " I asked, being little bit of afraid of the answer I will get. She spreaded her legs and said " You have two choices 1st, you clean it all up 2nd, you leave and give up from that pussy you love so much " as she started rubbing her wet pussy. I went weak from my knees, I just dived in her pussy and started licking it clean. I were so so horny and she put her hands on my head while moaning " Mmmm you are such a good boy " She giggled. After cleaning her pussy, I knew it will change out realationship forever but after that, I were ready to do anything for her. I fucked her, she made me use a condom but It only got me harder. We made love like we have never made before and I felt so lucky but still a bit broken. After I blew my load into condom, she let it to drip on her stomach and made me lick it up. It was first time I had ever eaten a creampie and I enjoyed it, I knew she will cheat on me again but I didn't care, I had become into cockold and I was enjoying that Im using cunt that has been in other mans use for fun, for me.. It was love. (( First story, I hope it isn't too bad :))