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  1. I belive a wife should have bf too I am single at this stage and I love being with married women it's amazing . In future when I will have a partner I would love her to have one steady bf on the side so cheating or unsatisfactory sex can be eliminated from a stable marriage or relationship. You should go for it .
  2. I think you are good size bud as long as you can last longer and can pleasure her with other ways too i am small and yet always get success making them smile with my mouth and hand and cock just don't get paranoid about your size bud enjoy
  3. I understand many guys lie to get their cock worked but I think it's wrong not telling real size , I like seeing the anyone's wife having fun with me knowing actual me, I am not bull or cuck I just love dating another man wife in real , it's very sexy and erotic
  4. I am in Sydney kik chatspicy
  5. That's tragic to hear , stay strong x please give us buzz if you need to speak to anyone here and take care
  6. She is hot as fuck i am in Sydney if you guys are near by
  7. Where are you from bill
  8. She is a beauty
  9. Hot video I cum heaps
  10. We have caged our cuck on our last meet and wife and I had one key each then I made her to wear the key on her neck and the anklet which I bought for her it was so hot and amazing seeing her like that all turned on and full of power on him . We had the plan for going out for dinner but sadly near by restaurant wasn't open due to some bullcrap Renovations and we. Ended up ordering in which was good to because I was too horny to leave the bedroom
  11. Hey are you in or around Sydney and then
  12. She is stunning hot girl
  13. I tried to add a pic here but not able to attach it
  14. That's me and the cuck wife I see once a month its so hot fucking her while hubby watch us normally I make him stay out but let him watch us time to time