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  1. thanks for following me... I hope I get a chance to use your wife

    1. usethewife


      So do i wud u creampie her

    2. I_fuc_ur_wife


      yes I would.. just tell me when and where

  2. cucks sub wife

    I love cucks and their sub wives.... I love to dominate and hhhhhhhhh both of them.. fucking hot... This is fine sub wife.... would love to fuck her with desperate feelings
  3. My hotwife Elaine

    You are a lucky man Robert... you have a sexy mature wife... Sexy regards ... hope to meet with some one like Elanie some day ....
  4. 41 yo Wife from NW UK

    love UK women.... love to meet with them in FL... They are welcome to my FL house.... would be fun to meet eat and have fun
  5. Hey all. New to the site. What do you think of my GF?

    would love to be your friend... and talk with you more.... I am interested .... can we chat private .... ? kik skype viber whatsapp tango .. etc... or email... or phone ????
  6. Hey all. New to the site. What do you think of my GF?

    I like her legs.... how submissive is she ....
  7. Hanna

    yes she has that potential... where is she located .. if may I ask
  8. Hotwife from Saalfeld ( Germany)

    she is adorable... I live in the US... but often come to Germany for business... I wish to meet with her... She is gorgeous
  9. Left my wife

    fucking adorable hotwife... wish to have something like that in Florida