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  1. You guys are amazing, and to say the truth an inspiration! Thanks for the meticulous and detailed way you  have shared your stories and adventures!

  2. hareram007

    Elaine's First Time

    Wow.. she's a real beauty, a real woman. And such a killer smile.
  3. hareram007

    i want talk about moms. anyone?

    there is always something about, talking about moms!
  4. hareram007

    Curious Cathy in Tennessee, NEW, but maybe?

    That does not seem convoluted my fellow traveler, just feels normal and maybe like a nervously exciting start to a new adventure. Actually its the strength of your love for each other is reflected in the boldness of being here. Thanks for being here, and replying. It would be nice to keep in touch. And did I say, you are really beautiful, the kind of perfect mature woman a guy would just love to keep on watching.
  5. hareram007

    ☝When the Cuckold Is Not Into Humiliation

    Totally agree, as a bull or as a cuck, i believe it is much more than about humiliation, at least for me. It is about exploring your boundaries, your fantasies, having a healthy open relationship and having a wonderful time.
  6. hareram007

    Any Hot Thoughts On My Wife?

    she looks like a cool sexy milf / mom!
  7. hareram007

    Mom's vacation lover

    wow that's one of the hottest stuff i have read..