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    My wife, Lorna, is black cock only. I am a feminized cuck on female HRT and B-cup tits.

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  1. Gracie

    Shemales for cucks

    I am a chick with a dick. I didn't intend to go that way, but my wife, with the help of her black boyfriends, feminized me after I became a cuck. I have to admit, I do love being a girl with a dick. I live as a female 24/7, including at work. I',m very passable. She put me on female HRT and I have been on them for nearly 6 years. My tits are B-cu[ size. My nipples are very sensitive and feels so good when sucked.
  2. Gracie

    Wants me to post wife

    She is beautiful. Hope she is getting lots of nice cocks.
  3. Gracie


    Over 10 months have gone by, so how about an update. Assuming she had the baby, YOU must raise it and treat it no differently than if it were your own bio child. My wife did get pregnant from her black boyfriends. As she has a great many black boyfriends, we have no idea which one it might have been who the actual father was. However, she did miscarriage and lost the baby. Both of us were very disappointed she lost it. I was looking forward to raising the baby and our was very much looking forward to having a brother or sister. As I am not allowed pussy at all, ever, the baby could not have been mine.
  4. Gracie

    Advice needed

    To the original poster: It really gets down to how strong your relationship is to begin with. If it is weak, it likely will not last. If it is strong, then it likely will last or even get stronger. Another thing you MUST do is to continually tell and show your girlfriend how much you love her. Bring her flowers, take her out for romantic dinners, and anything else you can possibly think of that you know she will love you back for. Make it obvious that her fucking other guys is just another part of you showing her that you will do anything for her to express your love for her. By the way, I think you said you wanted a mmf threesome. Keep in mind that the "mm" part means sex between the males too. However, mfm would indicate both males would have sex with the female and not necessarily between each other. I should also point out that in a cuckold relationship, especially if the cuck is pretty sub, it very often, probably usually, means that the cuck will eat the other males creampies they left in the female, clean their cocks, and perhaps even fluff and suck them, depending on the desires of the other parties. It is not usually up to the submissive cuck to decide those things. After my wife started fucking black guys, I was told to eat their creampies from her pussy, as that was a part of a sub-cucks duty to do so. When I refused, I was grabbed by the back of my neck and my face was forced into her cum filled pussy. I ate cum, gagging at the thought at first. But it took only a few times doing this before I became addicted to doing it. I soon LOVED eating their cum from her pussy. Then I was forced to start sucking their cocks, and I soon learned to love doing that.
  5. Gracie

    For those guys that are unsure....

    Very nice post. In my case, we married right out of high school when we were both 18. We both had only experienced each other, and no one else. Within a year, I came to a realization that I was not satisfying my wife, not even close. After swallowing a great deal of pride and humility, I suggested that she start fucking other guys. I didn't frame it that way with her, of course...something like she should "date" other guys, but she knew what I meant. She put up very token resistance. That told me a lot. It didn't take her long to bring home a guy. He happened to be black. Our agreement was that she would bring home guys, and not hide from me what she is doing. As he disrobed my wife and stated fondling her right in front of me, I got very jealous, but my dick got very hard. The more I looked and the more they did, and the more I got jealous, the harder my little dick got. It was truly an amazing thing watching my wife getting thoroughly fucked by a black man. She had several earth shattering orgasms, something I was never able to get her to do. Despite my jealousy, I started leaking cum just from watching and not touching at all, it was so arousing for me. Afterwards, she was so thoroughly and satisfactorily fucked that, at his urging, she declared that from then on, she was black cock only. While I was shocked at that decision, in retrospect I have NO regrets about it at all. Life is very good for both of us, as well as our black boyfriends. My wife is gorgeous with big D-cup tits and a very hot body. Guys LOVE fucking her. As we live in a mostly black neighborhood, and work with a lot of blacks, there is NO shortage of guys wanting to fuck her. It is totally awesome. I wish I had suggest to her we go into this lifestyle even before our wedding. But I didn't know then what I learned later. If you are sitting on the fence about whether to propose something similar to your wife or girlfriend, get off the fence and do it. JUST DO IT!!!! iF you are afraid she is already cheating, then make it something you BOTH enjoy and stop worrying about it.
  6. you look great from the cock down I wonder what you look like from cock up. Was this feminization a desire of yours OR the bull and your wives? Do you do other men besides your wife's bull? Does you wife enjoy watching? Do you go all the way and by that I mean taking cock in your ass,boy pussy?

    1. Gracie


      My feminization was at my wife's insistence at the strong urging of several of her black boyfriends.  She has a LOT of black boyfriends.  I do take a lot of black cocks, both orally and anally.  I did initially resist both my feminization and sucking and being fucked by cock, but I learned fast that resistance was futile.  I am allowed to cum ONLY when there is a black cock in my ass, and I love cumming so I am always encouraging guys to fuck me.  My boss is black and fucks both me and my wife, for example.  I am not allowed to pick my own, as my wife must approve anyone who fucks me.

      I assure you, before all this happened,  I had NO desire to suck or fuck other cocks, or even touch somebody else's cock.  Now I wonder what I was afraid of.  It is GREAT!  I love it!

      GG 023.jpg

    2. lonerancher


      wow wow you are beautiful from what I see

  7. Gracie

    Creating a cuckold

    Congratulations on becoming a cuck and acknowledging it. Now get on with it . Make it something you both enjoy to the maximum.
  8. Gracie

    Is there a time limit on cheating?

    20 years ago? Forget it. It is over and done with.
  9. Gracie

    Your thoughts on the Bulls

    My wife has dozens and dozens of black boyfriends. Some, but not all, are very dominant, but that doesn't matter as I am submissive to all of them. I do get to watch, and very often even get to guide their beautiful black cocks into her sweet pussy, then do clean up after I have been feminized, and am allowed only black cocks, never any pussy. Now here is the cool thing: of any of her boyfriends treat me badly, they are gone. I guess that is an advantage to having so many boyfriends. If she has to dump one, it is not such a great loss for her. Now let me clarify: It is mostly my definition of being treated "badly" with a lot of her input to it. For example, one of her boyfriends squeezing my balls hard to get me to do something is NOT treating me badly. But kicking me in the balls and possibly causing damage is. Or another example: spanking my naked ass and even causing welts is not treating me badly, but pushing my head in the toilet is. Another example: completely dominating me is not treating me badly but showing me outrageous disrespect is. I absolutely love that my wife has so many black boyfriends. There are ALWAYS black guys hanging around the house. What is cool, to, is that some of her boyfriends become my boyfriends too. My wife enjoys sharing with me in that way. She likes seeing me being so submissive to them.
  10. Gracie

    knows I'm a cuck

    Yes. My wife, Lorna, got pregnant when we were in high school and were 15. She had the [email protected] when we were 16. My dick was the only dick inside her until a year after our marriage. We got married right out of high school at 18. Her first cock besides my dick was black, and she went black cock only right then and there. It was a lot bigger than mine, and he really knew much more about how to effectively use his equipment then I never even thought of. Feel free to ask any other questions.
  11. Gracie

    Showing hotwives

    @leone55, I am not usually caged. I am kept in line by the threat of castration. In case you are wondering, the threat is very real. I did watch a couple feminized cuckolds get castrated. I prefer to keep my balls as I am allowed to cum when there is a black cock in my asshole, and I do like to cum very much and don't want to lose that ability. It has been made very clear to me that if I ever violate a rule laid down by my wife or her black boyfriends, my balls will be gone. As a result, I do stay in line. For example, no matter how horny I might get, I never jack off as that is strictly forbidden. I never touch pussy except to clean cum. I suck black cocks to completion whenever my wife or the guys want me to (which is often, as I am a very good cocksucker). Since I like cumming, I am always enticing black guys to fuck my asshole, and so I dress very feminine and sexy for them. I am not allowed to watch porn containing pussy, but can watch my wife fuck her many boyfriends, and I can watch all the shemale and gay porn I want. Feel free to ask if you have other questions. Gracie - Chick with a Dik
  12. Gracie

    Shemales for cucks

    Very nice dicks on those girls. I was actually surprised at how many guys are turned on by chicks with dicks. I became a chick with a dick at 19 when my wife and some of her black boyfriends forced me into it. Now I have no end of black boyfriends for myself.
  13. Gracie

    Showing hotwives

    I agree, those are beautiful pussies. I am allowed to look at pussy sometimes, but I am never allowed to touch pussy in any manner unless I am cleaning black men's cum from them, which, of course, I love doing. My wife, Lorna, has a beautiful pussy. Thankfully, it gets filled often with black cocks and cum.
  14. Gracie

    knows I'm a cuck

    A very submissive cuck should have little to no say in what happens involving their s*ns or d*ughters. I am a feminized cuck, and I have no say whatsoever in anything my d*ughter might decide to do or not do. It is entirely up to her. In addition to being home nudists, we are open about everything. I don't have a s*n, but if I did I would love to see him feminized like I am. Effeminate boys should be feminized, in my opinion. And no male should ever be able to instruct their d*ughter on what she may or may not do.
  15. Yes, I do. Not every time, however. Maybe about every fourth time or so. I need a lot of cock in my ass in order to cum properly. Watching my wife fuck so much and cleaning up cum gets me so horny, so I am always encouraging black guys to fuck me too.