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    My wife, Lorna, is black cock only. I am a feminized cuck on female HRT and B-cup tits.

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  1. Yes, I do. Not every time, however. Maybe about every fourth time or so. I need a lot of cock in my ass in order to cum properly. Watching my wife fuck so much and cleaning up cum gets me so horny, so I am always encouraging black guys to fuck me too.
  2. I had been fucking the girl who would become my wife since we were like 14 or so. We got married right out of high school at 18. Within a year of getting married, I suggested to her that she start fucking other guys. She put up some very token resistance to the idea, I think just to make me feel a little better about it. Up until that time, I think mine was the only cock she had ever had. But within a very short time of me suggesting it, she brought home a black guy with a BIG cock. She had gigantic orgasms again and again, like I had never seen her have when I fucked her. After that, she took off with the hotwife/cuckold thing like a rocket. She has had dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of guys, ALL black. That has been over five years ago now. Since that first time with a black cock, I have not been allowed to have her pussy, other than to clean other men's cum from her. There are ALWAYS black guys at our house, and usually more than one. She has many regular boyfriends. I am required to service her black boyfriends, and some of them have become my boyfriends, as I have been feminized. If somebody had told me when we got married that in a year she would be fucking other guys and I would become a girl with a dick, I would have laughed and said NO FUCKING WAY! Haha. But you know something? I love it! I have no regrets at all. I love the fact that Lorna is a complete slut for black cocks, and so am I. Sometimes I think I miss getting pussy, but then I get fucked in my ass and all thoughts of pussy are lost.
  3. Gracie

    knows I'm a cuck

    @Hotwife/cuck luvR, don't worry about your husband. If he is a sub/cuck he will get used to the idea, even if he is upset at first.
  4. Gracie

    New in Gallery - slut wife

    She is very hot. I am not allowed to fuck my wife, either. Also, I am not allowed any pussy at all. But I do get a LOT of black cocks. I do hope you do get to watch as that help facilitate clean-up duties. Nothing like cleaning a delicious, fresh, creampie.
  5. Agree with Eriik, never give up! Keep at it, keep trying to convince.
  6. Gracie

    My Wife Is Cheating

    The last update from the original poster, caughther, as in August, 2015, almost three years ago. Would love an update from caughther but that is unlikely. @jack123456, you might want to give your wife really revealing and sexy lingerie and then try to figure out if she wears it for her boyfriend.
  7. Gracie

    Think my wife would be destroyed by black dicks?

    She can handle it, no question.
  8. Gracie

    How it all started.

    That is great. I do hope she finds many more guys to fuck. Variety is key here. When there are a great many guys, it is harder for her to get overly attached to one guy.
  9. What is it that she hates? The idea of someone else fucking her? The idea of you watching or being humiliated? The thought that it may hurt your marriage? Is she ashamed of her body? Does she feel inadequate? Does she equate it to cheating on you? There can be many other reasons. Unless you understand WHY she hates it, you have no chance of over coming it. If you understand why, there is at least a chance. You need to get her to open up about why, then zero in on that.
  10. I've been a cuck with my wife fucking only black cocks for over 5 years. And if you are wondering, no, I get no pussy. Lorna is black cock only, when it comes to guys. I have been feminized and am also allowed only black cocks. Gracie - Chick with a Dick
  11. Gracie

    does eating black cum make you gay?

    I absolutely agree with seconjag. Never mind the labels, just enjoy the sex and all the cum. Before getting cucked and feminized, I had no desire to suck or fuck cock, and I loved fucking pussy. After getting cucked and feminized and not being allowed any pussy at all, my sexual release comes only from black cocks. BTW, cum has a lot of enzymes and hormones that make it very addicting. I have become addicted to it. I do miss getting pussy, but I accept that am not allowed any pussy and must satisfy myself with black cocks and cum. Does that make me gay? Well, I guess that is up to your interpretation but in my view, it does not. Since I have been turned into a Chick with a Dick, with B-cup tits and living life as a girl, if I actually were allowed some pussy, would that make me a lesbian? haha Gracie - Chick with a Dick
  12. Gracie

    Own My wife and @@@@@@

    "Own my wife and @@@@@@" Okay, I give. What does the "@@@@@@" mean? Another person? You? Or ?
  13. Gracie

    ISO dom bull!

    Just curious, is your wife willing, or is this a dream?
  14. Gracie

    How I Became a Cuck

    Lorna and I were sweethearts in school. She got pregnant when 15 and gave birth to our at 16. We got married out of high school at 18. My dick is only 4 1/2 when hard, and I have a tendency of cumming really quick, so I knew I was not satisfying her. When we were 19, I suggested that she start fucking other guys. I was surprised when she put up just very token resistance them immediately agreed to do it. Lorna is hot, very pretty with a slim waist and big D-cup tits. She is always getting hit on. One of the guys hitting on her was a black guy at her gym. She brought him home, knowing I wanted to be present. He fucked her brains out, giving her massive orgasm after orgasm. I never was able to make her cum like that. That one time was enough to make her declare that from then on, she was black cock only. That was over five years ago. Shortly after that first time with the black gym guy, she quickly had many more black boyfriends. A few of the more dominant ones urged her to feminize me, and to deny me any pussy at all. I was quickly put on female HRT to grow tits. Actually, all my life I have been effeminate, some would say girly. The HRT made me even more girly. While my wife fucks tons and tons of black cocks, I have become very much a girl, a chick with a dick. Lorna allows me to cum, but ONLY when there is a black cock in my ass. Since I love cumming, I love black cocks fucking me. At home, there are always at least a few black males around. Our bed is reserved for Lorna and her black boyfriends. I either sleep in a spare bedroom, or on the floor near Lorna;s bed so I can do cleanup duties when needed. Gracie - Chick with a Dick