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  1. my wife, Good outfit to get fucked?

    yes...sexy outfit,,,will definitely arouse a bull

    wild bitch....
  3. The first time the wife was taken by a bull is etched in my mind. I jack off to it all the time. It was year and half ago...i wish i had some form of recording...It was in 1 bedroom hotel suite... The bull was muscular, strong and very aggressive..He was white...we are east Indians.... After the initial drink he pulled my wife up and asked her to lead the way to the bedroom..she walked in front and he behind...he slapped her ass several times while she walked. Once inside he turned to me and sternly told me to ''You stay out"" and closed the french doors. I stuck my ear to the french doors...couldn't see shades... Bull: ""Damn...u are a fine bitch" After tonight u will be my bitch... i could hear much...then Wife: Oh my God!!!!it is so big,,,so thick and your balls...( She has seen his cock) Bull: You like that big white cock bitch?? Wife: I do ...it is beautiful..so big so pink.... Then i heard sucking sounds....she was sucking his cock....went on for a few minutes...then nothing After some time I heard a moan, almost a scream from wife....He had penetrated her with his big cock....Then I heard her getting fucked...I was so hard...slapping sounds Bull: Goddamn, that is a tight pussy. U like that big white cock slut?? Wife: Yes I do...more moaning from the wife Bull: U like it, whore...damn,,, I am going to split your tight indian pussy open ... I was standing by the doors and stroking myself,,,,but didn't wanna cum The pounding went on for several minutes, the screams louder, the bull's grunts increased.. Bull: On ur hands and knees slut.. More pounding and slapping.... Bull: Whose pussy is it baby? Wife: Its yours. Bull: Who owns you pussy baby? Wife: You do...it belongs to u... Bull: Goddamn right. It si mine. this indian cunt is mine. You are mine now.... Then i heard an animal cry from the bull and series of grunts...He was seeding her... After a few minutes the door opened and the bull walked into the living room naked...He was huge even in semi flaccid state ...his nut-sacs were massive... Bull: She is mine now...you can go in... Inside...wife completely naked lay in the bed,, her hair disheveled, her pussy was gaping open,,,thick white seed oozed out of her pussy...he had destroyed her pussy for me... I became a cuckold....
  4. Indian hot wife

    Indian couple...live in Dallas TX area. looking for a white bull
  5. Indian hot wife

    minutes before the bull took her
  6. Let me see ur wife pics

    here she is....minutes before the bull took her