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  1. newbi77

    My wife being shared

    feel free to post them
  2. newbi77

    Cuck's Breakfest Of Champions. Enjoy

    hmm, love your pics. thanks for sharing them and keep on that good work
  3. newbi77

    Black CumShots

    Incredible cumshots of BBCs:
  4. newbi77

    Cuck's Breakfest Of Champions. Enjoy

    amazing…. sooooooooooooo hot!!
  5. newbi77

    Shared wife with BBC

    that´s amazing hot, cuckold_seekers
  6. newbi77

    My lovely wife / Meine Traumfrau

    super sexy
  7. newbi77

    Is she?

    Hi again and thank you for your welcomes ;-) Yeah, really love that slutwife and how she presents her pussy for you. Would love to make my wife doing the same.... makes me so hot!
  8. newbi77

    Is she?

    hey there... just registered... love this thread... this wife is beautyful. love the way she presents her goodies for her dom ! wish mine would do the same....