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Her Name is Claire - Parts 1 & 2


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Her Name is Claire


This story is part true and part fiction


Part 1


She fell under his spell pretty quickly. This was only her second day on the job. Claire stole a quick look at her new boss. When she saw he was looking at her, smiling, she quickly looked away, but couldn’t keep a small smile from her soft full lips.


Claire wore no makeup. Not even lipstick, as her husband didn’t like it. He told her that makeup made her look like a whore and would attract other men. She had long beautiful auburn hair held together by a scrunchy at the back sweeping it into a ponytail that swung freely against her long silky skinned white neck. She wasn’t tanned, not even close. Her skin was a creamy pale white, a few freckles on her cheeks shoulders that seemed to compliment her green freckled eyes, befitting her Irish ancestry.


She wore a man’s style shirt buttoned up tightly against her neck, unsuccessfully hiding her amble tits, further concealed in a plain white bra. The shirt and bra didn’t stand a chance at binding her tits or keeping them from swaying as she moved. Her husband hated it when men noticed her tits, and had at times even beaten her for “purposely” drawing too much attention to them. Her narrow waist was of no help at all in keeping her tits concealed, making them seem even more pronounced. She wore jeans over her long legs, and flat black shoes.


Claire had been fired from her previous job. It was just a housekeeping job at a motel, but still, it brought in some money, which she turned over to her husband every pay day. When she went home and told her husband she had been fired, and explained she had hit a man who had tried to grab her and pull her into his motel room and her boss had fired her for hitting him, her husband punched her in her ribs for acting too sexy and causing it all. He screamed at her for the money he would now be missing and warned her she better get a new job right away. He would have socked her in the eye but knew that might keep her from quickly getting a job.


She desperately but quickly found a new job at a soft drink bottling plant. Her new boss was a big powerful black man with a deep husky voice. He was at least ten or fifteen years older than Claire who was just a few years out of high school. He seemed to be paying a lot of attention to her. She admitted to herself that she liked the attention. Even in high school, she liked it when black boys paid attention to her, even hitting on her, telling her she was so hot and wanted to fuck her like a dog in heat. Of course, she never responded or dated a black boy. She didn’t want to be beaten as badly by her father like her older sister was. Instead, she dated only white boys, and not that many of them. Most of the boys were afraid of her father. Her father had actually beaten one of her dates, after he beat her and the boy tried to get in between.


Once out of high school, she was rescued from a poor and abusive home life by the man who became her husband, Ricky. Too late, Claire realized that Ricky was very possessive and demanding and not that much different from her father and her home life there.


Not only was her new boss, Terrance, powerful looking with a deep voice that seemed to vibrate within her chest whenever he spoke, but he was tall and very self assured. He had a commanding presence. She liked that. It was exactly opposite of how she saw herself: shy, lacking in self confidence, demure, easily influenced by others, a follower and certainly not a leader. “Submissive” was a word she never used but described her perfectly. Terrance was so strong and obviously a leader.


Claire was busy at her work, her head down, daydreaming about Terrance, when she felt a hand at her back. It was Terrance, smiling at her. Her face flushed, feeling like he must have seen she was daydreaming about him. He chuckled quietly.


“Claire, you are so pretty. But you try to hide it,” he said in his husky voice. “Why don’t you wear a nice dress tomorrow instead of those baggy jeans you have on today?” Then he smiled again, his hand still on her back, moving up and down slowly, electrifying, even going as low as her ass. Clair could not help but shiver. She made no effort to remove his hand from her ass. On the contrary, if felt warm and good and comforting somehow.


Claire stammered, no words coming to her lips. Finally she just nodded, and eeked out a small shy smile. Terrance chuckled then moved on. Claire found her knees getting a bit wobbly.


At home that night, Claire went to her closet and picked out a dress to wear the next day. She had few to select from. They were all very conservative. She picked the one with a small floral pattern that was high necked, showing no cleavage, and stretched down to her knees. She made the dress herself, on her Singer sewing machine. She used the sewing machine to make a little extra money doing clothes repairs for neighbors. A small amount of that she kept hidden, but most was turned over to Ricky. She knew she ran the risk of getting beaten for wearing a dress to work, but this was a conservative dress, so she was hoping that would not happen.


Ricky had already left for work when it was time for Claire to get ready. She debated putting a slip on first, as the cotton material of the dress was on the thin side. Certainly not see through, though, but it might reveal too much of what was under the fabric of the dress. She knew nobody else hardly ever wore slips, but Ricky was very jealous and it helped avoid her getting beaten. After consideration, she threw the slip back in the drawer.


She put a bra on, looked at herself in the mirror, then took the bra back off and stuffed it in her purse. She would put it back on after work and before getting home. She had little choice when it came to panties. Just plain white panties, with nothing at all sexy about them. Ricky didn’t like her at all in sexy panties. What if she had an accident and somebody had to remove her jeans in order to treat her and they saw her sexy panties and thought of her as a whore?


He told her that if that happened, the next thing you know is she would be acting like a whore and fucking other guys. He didn’t say it to her, but was afraid she would then find out what sex was really like. She might find out that it is more than just being pushed down on her back on the bed, Ricky slamming his dick into her for a minute, cumming, then jumping off, telling her to go get cleaned up as it was disgusting looking at per pussy that way. He could care less if she orgasmed. In fact, it might be better to keep her wanting.


Claire pulled up her panties up over her pubic thatch, then slipped the dress on. She caught herself in the mirror, noticing how her tits moved under the dress with no bra to restrain them. Embarrassed, she almost changed her mind and put her bra on, but decided to just stick with her decision.


As she was about to leave the bedroom, she again looked in the mirror, pursed her lips, and decided on one more risky move. Claire pulled out a tube of lipstick from her drawer, and applied it. It was just a light pink lipstick that didn’t draw a lot of attention to her full lips. It was the only tube of lipstick she had. She pursed her lips, looking in the mirror, and wondered how a bright red lipstick would look on her. She figured it would make her look like a whore and would result in a beating from Ricky.


Upon arriving at work and approaching the entry, she almost chickened out, half turning to go back to her car, then realizing she would be late if she did go back home to change. She shyly went in to work.


Her boss, Terrance, noticed her almost immediately. He went over to her, staring at her chest with her large tits swaying under the thin fabric, and told her how terrific she looked.


Claire looked down, her face turning a bright beet red, and stammered out “Thank you.”


Terrance cupped her chin in one hand and forced her face up to look into her eyes. He put the other coal black hand on her hip, smiled at her, and said


“You are absolutely beautiful, girl, and you should never hide that fact.”


As Terrance let his hand fall from her chin, his hand paused at her chest, cupping her left tit, his thumb fingering her now erect nipple, a shadow of which could be seen through the thin fabric. A shiver rippled through her body and her knees went wobbly, requiring Terrance to grab her under her arms to hold her up. His arm around her waist, he escorted her into his office and shut the blinds.


In the privacy of the office, Terrance pulled up her dress and put his black hand over her panties and fingered her clit through the cotton fabric. As he did so, Claire could not restrain herself, and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips as hard as she could. She started to say,


“Oh, I am so sorry!”


But Terrance cut her off with a return kiss, his tongue slipping from his mouth and forcing her lips apart and into her mouth. Claire shuddered. His tongue tasted good. It was the first time she had ever been French kissed.


Terrance backed her up to his desk, then dropped to his knees, and smoothly pulled her panties down. He pushed her ass onto the desk, and spread her legs apart. His tongue quickly found her clit.


Claire breathed out, in a husky, lusty voice, her hands on his head pressing him into her,


“Nobody has ever done that to me before. Oh my God! I didn’t know it would feel so good!” Then she shivered.


Terrance, in response, pushed his face into her harder, and slipped his tongue deep into her pussy, then lapped her clit more, going back and forth until she was taken over completely by an orgasm. She squeezed her thighs together so hard Terrance chuckled to himself that it might misshape his head.


Claire was totally breathless, never having experience such a massive orgasm like that before. She lustfully sucked in air, trying to catch her breath as shudders continued to rack her body.


Claire’s orgasm finally ended, making her so weak she nearly collapsed. Terrance held on to her with one hand while standing her up and pulling her dress completely off of her.


Claire’s tits were magnificent. They were full and firm and at least C-cup size if not D-cup, he judged. Her nipples were very erect, and so very pink and so fresh looking. He cupped one pale white tit in his black hand while he bent and sucked on the other, his mouth sucking in the entire nipple. He sucked hard, making her shiver again, even though she had just had a hard orgasm. Terrance knew then that this girl hard never been properly fucked in her entire life. That would change.


Terrance turned her around, rubbing her sweet, firm and rounded ass, and bent her over his desk. He stripped off his pants, his huge black cock already fully erect, and slowly pushed his cock into her pussy. He started with just his cock head, getting her really wet and well lubricated, then slowly pushed in all the way. It was obvious she had never had a real man’s cock before, either, as she was extremely tight.


Terrance spanked Claire’s sweet ass while he slowly pushed and pulled inside her white, tight, pussy. He continued to spank her firm ass making red hand prints on her white skin, while he built up speed, going faster and faster. When he looked down, he could see white pussy juice building up on his black cock. She was definitely well lubricated now.


Terrance reached around her and found her clit as he powerfully thrust his black cock into her married white cunt. He thrust harder and faster. He had to remove his fingers from her clit in order to hold on to her hips to keep her from collapsing. Claire moaned, her face in full lust. She had never felt anything like this before. It was so incredible.


For the first time in her life, she yelled out “Fuck me oh God fuck me!”


As Claire began a massive orgasm, shivering and shuddering with loud moans, Terrance shot his load deep into her pussy. He didn’t know if she was on the pill or not, and he didn’t care. It was fine with Terrance, in fact, if she was not. He was actually hoping not.


Claire couldn’t stand, she was so weak. Terrance pushed her down to her knees, and wiped his wet cock on her face and forced her lips apart and slid his black cock past her pink lips and into her mouth. Claire had been made to suck Ricky’s cock before, but Terrance’s cock was so much bigger and it was hard for her to handle. She sucked him as well as she could, then licked his cock up and down his black shaft.


After allowing her to rest a bit, Terrance stood Claire up and told her,


“ You belong to me now. Do you understood that?”


She nodded, “Yes!”


“Do you understand what that means” he asked?


She shook her head no.


“It means you do what I tell you to do. You dress the way I tell you to, you fuck who I tell you to fuck, you don’t fuck anybody without my approval. I own you the same way I own my dog. You are mine and only mind.”


She stammered, now realizing the full effect of what she had done, “But what about my husband? He won’t like this at all. I’m afraid. I can’t deal with him when he gets mad at me. He is violent. What do I do?”


“I’ll handle your husband. You just avoid him tonight. Don’t fuck him. He doesn’t deserve your cunt. Your cunt is mine. Your tits are mine. Your ass is mine. Your mouth is mine. You are my bitch.”


Claire shuddered, “Yes, I understand.”


“I expect you to completely shave your cunt, and to forget about wearing any bras ever again, is that understood?”


Claire nodded yes.


“No, that isn’t good enough, Claire. I own you. You will give me a verbal answer.”


Claire smiled weakly, “Yes, I understand. I am still worried about my husband. How will he be handled then? I mean, when he sees me with no hair down there and no bra and all he will call me a whore and beat me.”


“I’ve seen him.” responded Terrance. “I’ll handle him if he gives you any trouble.” Terrance smiled at her. She smiled back.


Terrance’s cum was running down her legs so Terrance told her to clean that up and put her dress on. He grabbed her plain cotton panties and threw them in the trash can. She went back out to her work station with no bra, no panties, and her pussy very wet. There was still some of Terrance’s cum on her pussy thatch. She had a big smile on her face.


Over lunch, Terrance took her out for Chinese food, then took her shopping, buying her some bright red lipstick and some eyeliner, and some very sexy panties. He found a little tiny black pleated mini-skirt and a low cut silver top for her to wear the next day. During their lunch and shopping trip, Terrance noticed other men kept staring at her tits swaying under her dress. Terrance kept his black hand on her ass, signaling to everybody this bitch was his.


End of Part 1


Her Name Is Claire


Part 2


Driving home after work, Claire was thinking about the incredible sex she had at work that morning. There was a shy smile on her full pink lips as she remembered the massive orgasm she had while Terrance ate her pussy. He says “cunt” but she had never said that word before. But she liked it when he said it. Then she remember how he turned her around and fucked her “cunt” (she giggled as she thought that word) from behind, resulting in another massive orgasm the likes of which she thought was impossible to achieve. She felt so satisfied, so relaxed. She never once felt this way before.


Then she worried a bit. First, she remembered that Terrance said she would only fuck those he told her to fuck. She worried that meant she would be fucking other guys besides Terrance. If he told her to, would she? She thought about that a few seconds then said “Yes” out loud. There was no way she could ever give up orgasms like she had just experienced.


As she thought about that, she pulled her dress up and fingered her clit. She had no panties, as Terrance threw them away. She did have the new panties as well as the skirt and top Terrance bought for her. They were sitting in a shopping bag in the passenger seat beside her. She stole a quick glance at the bag, and smiled. She wondered how she would look in that outfit.


Terrance had told her to shave her “cunt.” She giggled at that word again. She would do it, of course. But she worried that there was no way to conceal from her husband, Ricky, that her cunt was bald. She knew he would be very upset and would call her all kinds of names. She just hoped it would not evolve into violence. But she knew that was likely, given their history.


She got home and brought the shopping bag inside, and laid it on the bed in the master bedroom. She slipped her dress off and kicked her shoes off. That was all she had on. She looked at her naked body in the mirror, and cupped her tits, closing her eyes as she remember Terrance’s black hand on her tit as he sucked the other one. She shivered.


Ricky wasn’t due to be home for awhile yet. She had plenty of time. She went into the bathroom, taking a scissors to her pubic thatch and trimmed her cunt as short as she could.


“Ha!” she snorted. There is that word again. Cunt! Now she couldn’t get that word out of her mind. Terrance said he owns me like he owns his dog, she thought. She didn’t really know fully what that meant, but she figured she would find out. As long as it involved fucking like she experienced that day! She giggled.


Having plenty of time, she slipped into the shower with her shaving gear and took a long hot shower, totally shaving her cunt. When she got out, she thought, she would slip on a pair of her old plain cotton panties, and put a sanitary pad on so she could tell Ricky she was on her period. He would leave her alone with that. He hated blood. Once he had fucked her when she had just started her period. When he pulled out and saw blood on his dick, he freaked out and started gagging and hit her, screaming at her that she should have told him. He never kept track of her periods. It was just two weeks ago, but he would not make the connection. He would leave her alone, that she was sure of.


She stepped out of the shower and dried off, and stepped into the bedroom, naked. She stopped. Frozen. Scared.


There was Ricky, holding up the little mini-skirt and top and the sexy panties he had pulled out of the shopping bag. His face was flush with anger. He started to scream at her, then stopped, looking at her shaved bald pussy.


“What the FUCK” he screamed. “Have you turned into a total WHORE? Is my wife a SLUT? I won’t have a fucking slut n this house! How long have you been doing this shit? Where did you get this? I take all your money! Are you selling yourself for money, SLUT? Did you really think you could get by with this shit?”


He grabbed her by the hair as Claire screamed, and punched her in the ribs just below her left tit. Then he hit her on her cheek, causing a big welt on her cheekbone. Still grabbing her hair, he pulled her out of the bedroom and through the kitchen and out the side door. Claire stumbled out, falling in the dirt, totally naked. Tears streaming down her face.


“Come back when you have come to your senses and no longer are a whore!” Then Ricky slammed and locked the door.


Claire gathered herself up, wrapping her arms around her chest, then ran over to her best friend Janet’s house next door. She burst through Janet’s front door, trembling and crying. Janet’s young 12 year old son was in the living room and was the first to see her. It was impossible for him to take his eyes off her. Even though she was crying, she was a vision. He had seen porn with some of his friends, but this was real and better than that. “Holy shit,” he thought.


Upon hearing the door slam open, Janet came running and seeing Claire naked and crying with a bruise on her ribs and her cheek, she knew what happened. She grabbed Claire by the arm and pulled her into the kitchen and sat her down, then ran to grab a blanket and wrapped it around Claire.


Claire’s cries had subsided to sniffles by then. The bruise on her face was looking worse already, and was puffy. Janet gave her tissues, then asked what happened even though she knew Ricky went crazy once again.


Claire and Janet had the type of relationship where they could reveal all their secrets to each other without worry anything would become public and without judgement. Claire had previously told Janet about her new boss, Terrance, and how she was so attracted to him, sort of a crush, with his deep voice and strong build. Claire didn’t hold back anything, telling Janet about the sex and the shopping and the instructions Terrance had given her. Nothing was left out.


Janet hugged Claire tightly. After Claire settled down more, she asked what Claire would do about staying with or leaving Ricky. Both Janet and her husband hated Ricky. They both had lobbied Claire to leave the bastard. Claire exclaimed that she didn’t know. She would have to talk it over with Terrance the next day.


Janet got her some of her own clothes for Claire to slip on, as her husband would be home soon. While he would love to see Claire naked, Janet wasn’t going to give him that chance.


Janet had dinner on the stove when Larry came home. She explained to him about what happened, leaving a lot of it out, but touching on the basics. Larry offered to go over and knock Ricky’s block off, but Claire told him not to.


After dinner and some TV, they all went to bed, with Claire snuggled up under blankets on the couch. In the morning, Claire waited for Ricky to leave for work, then she ran over and got ready for her work.


Claire arrived at work. She was really nervous, not only because she was wearing the little skimpy panties under the very short mini-skirt which didn’t even reach half-way down her thigh, and the silver top that showed so much cleavage and showed so much of the movement of her tits under the top. The top even seemed to magnify the sway of her tits as she walked. Her lips were the bright red from the lipstick Terrance had gotten her. In a way, she did feel like the whore her husband said she was, but in another way, she almost felt liberated, like she was finally free. It certainly was confusing to her.


But she was also nervous because of the vicious bruise on her cheek. The one on her ribs wasn’t as bad, but that wasn’t visible with her top on.


She wasn’t sure how Terrance would react. Would he say “Ugh! You’re ugly now, get away from me” Or would he kill Ricky or what? She couldn’t stand it if either of those things happened. Even though she had only been fucked by Terrance just the one day, she realized she wanted, no, needed, a lot more. A LOT more. And if Ricky were killed or badly hurt, she would feel so guilty and she didn’t know if she could face Terrance after he did something like that.


Her knees shaking, she stepped inside and went to her work station. She was very self-conscious and felt like she was walking so funny because of it. She felt very sexy but at the same time just not normal.


Terrance was in his office with somebody and didn’t notice her at first. She turned and started work, concentrating heavily at that and didn’t notice Terrance approaching until she felt his hand gripping her ass. She shivered, and turned to him.


“Oh shit!” he exclaimed as he noticed the bruise on her cheek. His face held an angry look. He took her hand and led her into his office. After closing the blinds, he cradled her face in her hands and kissed her.


“Did your husband do this?”


“Yes,” she said. “He found the bag of new clothes you got me and then noticed I had shaved down there. He called me a whore and a slut and grabbed me by my hair and threw me outside. I was naked. But I don’t want you to kill him or hurt him.”


A tear formed at the corner of her eyes. Terrance kissed the tears away, and cupped her chin, then kissed her very softly on her full red lips.


“Did you go back in the house or what did you do?”


“I ran over to my best friends house. She lives right next door. I stayed there last night. I think I shocked her son. He saw me naked.” She developed a small smile at the memory of his shocked look.


Terrance laughed, a deep husky throaty laugh that seemed to vibrate Claire’s body. Her clit went into overdrive.


“I’ll be willing to bet that the kid jacked off all night long at the image of you naked.” Then Terrance laughed again.


Claire couldn’t help herself. She laughed along with him.


Terrance raised up her top, and was about to suck on her nipples when he noticed the smaller bruise on her ribs. He just shook his head, then began sucking on her nipples. Claire’s clit was really working in overdrive now. It felt like it was being electrically shocked. When Terrance’s black hand slipped into her panties and toyed with her clit, the electrical shocks completed their circuit and she almost climbed on him in an effort to r******** him.


Terrance pulled down her panties and sat her on the desk, then pushed his cock slowly into her. She was still very tight. He had to go slow. First just his head, then gradually a little more of his shaft. Before he got very far at all, and before he had even begun to pump her, she shivered, and then shuddered into a hard orgasm.


He thought to himself that this girl really needs some good fucking. Then he pushed himself all the way into her cunt, bottoming out before his whole cock got in, then started pumping her. Her shudders and spasms got even harder. He had to let go of her tits and hold her up with his hands behind her shoulders to keep her from collapsing backwards on his desk.


This excited Terrance and he fucked her harder and harder, and after several minutes, he dumped his entire load deep into her married white cunt. He kept his cock inside her for awhile, as he massaged her white tits in his black hands, thumbing her pick nipples, causing her to shiver.


Over a Mexican lunch, Terrance asked questions about Ricky. He knew from experience that guys like this, who abused their wives, were usually very insecure and most often cowards. They dominated and abused their wives to hide their own faults and shortcomings, to make themselves feel stronger and braver.


They went out shopping again. Terrance was looking for a skirt even shorter than the one she was wearing, which was already very short, not even half way down her thigh. They found one that barely covered her ass, with just an inch or two to spare. They also found a complimentary top that really emphasized her gorgeous tits. She was instructed to wear these the next day.


After work, Terrance followed Claire home. They went inside and Terrance instructed Claire to strip naked and to stay that way.


“But, Ricky will be home soon, and he won’t like that. He won’t like you being here at all” worried Claire.


Terrance chucked, “I’ll take care of Ricky. He won’t be a problem.”


“I don’t want you to kill him!”


Terrance burst out laughing. “Don’t worry. It won’t go that far” then he laughed harder.


While Claire took off her clothes in the bedroom, Terrance also stripped his off.


The door bell rang. Terrance told Claire he was expecting somebody and answered the door, swinging it wide open. It wasn’t who he was expecting.


Janet was standing there, her smile fading into shock, then as she took in Terrance’s huge black cock, her smile returned. She introduced herself as Janet and Terrance invited her in. Janet didn’t take her eyes off his cock even momentarily. After stepping in she then examined Terrance’s entire body. He was strong and well muscled and had no hair, not even around his cock. His ass was incredible, she thought. An image momentarily flashed in front of her eyes of him on top of her fucking her, and her hands gripping that great ass. She had to shake her head to expel that image.


Terrance said “Thank you for helping Claire out last night.”


“Oh no problem at all. She told me all about you. Now I understand it all” and she giggled, staring again at his black cock. With her paying so much attention to his cock, it started to get a little hard.


Just then Claire came out of the bedroom, totally naked, and saw Janet. Claire froze, not sure if she should run back into the bedroom, but then saw Terrance was also naked, fully facing Janet, full frontal nudity, his cock throbbing in sync with his heart beat. He made no effort to hide anything, proud of who he was.


Claire put her hands in front of her face, shy at having been caught naked like this, then giggled.


“I just wanted to check on you, Sweetie, to make sure you were okay. I don’t want to see you hurt, But I see you are in good hands here already” and Janet giggled again.


The doorbell rang again. Terrance opened the door wide once again. This time it was who he was expecting. Three black men. One was even larger than Terrance, one smaller but husky looking and one thin with a head full of hair sticking out all over like spikes. Spike had a brown paper bag in his hand.


They came in. Terrance didn’t bother to introduce them. It didn’t seem to be important to Terrance. He pointed at Claire and told them “This is Claire” then at Janet and told them “This is Janet, her friend.”


Claire quickly put one hand to conceal her pussy and the other arm to cover her amble white tits.


Terrance told her “ Don’t bother. They are going to fuck you anyway.”


Claire’s face turned red. “Oh.”


“Well, I guess Claire really is in good hands, so to speak” and Janet laughed. “Ricky will be home soon, so I better get going. But I wish I were a fly on the wall watching.” She put her hand over her mouth and laughed.


Janet left. The three black men stripped naked as well. Claire, of course, noticed their black cocks. All of their cocks were bigger than Ricky’s. They all sat, waiting for Ricky. Terrance had pulled Claire to his lap, playing with her tits and sometimes dipping down to her clit and massaging her there. Claire couldn’t help but shiver. Terrance’s cock went full on hard.


“Your friend Janet seems very open and not shy” he said. “Why don’t you call her and invite her back over to watch.”


“Oh my God!” exclaimed Claire. “Are you sure?” She hesitated, but Terrance pushed her up off his lap his hard cock sticking straight up, She ran to get her phone, her tits bouncing as she did so. All eyes were on her.


She called Janet, and in seconds Janet was back. She had a huge smile on her face when she saw all the men were completely bare-assed naked.


“This should be so interesting” said Janet as she sat on the couch between two of the naked black men.


Janet’s skirt was down to mid thigh and as she sat, it hiked up a little more. She didn’t bother to pull it down at all. Her bare legs below her skirt were touching the naked legs of the black men on either side. She giggled as she looked at each of their cocks. Then she realized she was getting wet, and got a little shy about it. After a bit, she let her hand casually rest on one of the men’s thighs. His cock started to rise. She giggled again, never having seen or done anything like this before, not with black men. She thought to herself that she felt like a whore and sort of liked it.


Janet had had affairs before, which her husband, Larry, knew about. They were always with white men. Never black. She didn’t understand it, but Larry didn’t seem to object to it or be upset by it, but he didn’t encourage her either. Larry knew Janet was very promiscuous as a teenager, so maybe that was it. She was a real slut back then.


Janet casually dropped her other hand to the thigh of Spike on the other side. He quickly put his hand on her upper thigh and pushed up her skirt almost all the way up to her panties. Janet let it rest there. Not moving. A little afraid to make anything more happen. But both men’s cocks had gotten hard. That pleased Janet, and it confirmed she still had it after two kids, a boy and a girl, after over 12 years of marriage. She had worked hard at keeping her body in shape.


Janet knew, based on her open discussions with Claire, that she was almost the exact opposite of Claire. Claire was a virgin until her marriage to Ricky, and until now, had never experienced any other man. Wow, she thought, how things have changed!


After about 5 or so minutes, the door swung open.


Ricky stood there, in total shock. His eyes glued on his naked wife sitting on the naked lap of a black man, and the man’s cock was hard to boot. His face went beet red. Stammering and stuttering, he couldn’t get a single word out, at first.


End of Part 2





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