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My "cuckold to be" real story


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I'd like to share my story with you. It's still going on so I will write the first chapters with what has happen so far and will be updating the thread with new chapters in the go.

Everything is real but I will change the names and locations for privacy. I will try to tell the story chronologically but I might use some flashback here and there with info I think could be interesting. For now it is mostly soft-core but who knows what will happen next.

Comments are welcome, but please, refrain from telling your own story here (open a new topic for that)

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Chapter 1

My wife has just turned 43 but the story begins a few months ago. She's a petite woman, milky white skin, 160cm tall with curly hair she dyes reddish. She has a plump body, with curves here and there, heavy -slightly hanging- boobs and a nice round ass. But if anythings defines her it is her personality. She's very friendly, and close. She likes tight hugs and when she talks she uses all her body. She's always laughing but at the same time she has very strong opinions on important things (life, politics, education,...). When I knew her 20 years ago she was kind of a hippie while I was very conservative. She always wore colorful bleach-dyed dresses and I always dressed in gray. She changed me somehow.

I have always enjoyed the sight of her body. She likes wearing loose or low cut dresses and hates those push-up bras with wires, so she either uses comfy bras or no bra at all. And since her body-talking is so vigorous, you can imagine it is pretty exciting to watch her boobs bounce as she expresses her opinions. And it's not only me noticing that, of course.

She has always had very good male friends, more than female friends actually, at least until she got pregnant. When we started dating she told me that almost all her friends had tried to hit on her but she had always refused. She cared for her friends and she though that fucking them would change everything in their friendship. Of course, she had had boyfriends before me but they were not from her main group of friends. I was neither.

Twenty years after that, things have changed. We moved and we made new friends. We have two kids and she works as teacher. Our sex life has had better times but it looked like it was not that important anymore. But every time I see her hugging some guy (a friend, a father at the school) I get somehow excited. Because, as I have already said, she loves tight and long hugs and I know how her body feels when you embrace her like she loves to, like her friends do.

So one day I told her about it. I told her I thought it was hot to see her being hug so tight by some of our friends and acquaintances. I told her I think they were surely enjoying it too. At first she looked a bit ashamed. She asked me if I didn't care and I told her of course I cared: I loved it. I held her tight and told her that I loved thinking about them feeling her body the way I was feeling it right then. And I kissed her. She kissed me and we fucked like we hadn't fucked for a long time.

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Chapter 2

That night, as we were laying in bed after sex, she confessed she was also enjoying those hugs. She paused for a moment and then she said that she was aware that one of our friends was also enjoying them. I sat up and looked at her in curiosity. Who? She named a friend of us, let's call him Jack here. That was interesting, Jack had just divorced from one of my wife's best friends and she was in the middle of them, trying to help them go through that painful process. She knows how to do it: she was available when they needed to talk about it, she was close and tender with both of them.

I asked her what made her think about Jack. Then she told me he had commented twice about her not wearing bras. Apparently, one day as they were hugging he caressed her back and noticed there was no bra hook. He said nothing but the next day, again after a tight hug he told her he liked that she was not wearing a bra. "I like the way your body feels" he said. She blushed but she accepted the compliment.

Of course, from then on, their hugs had a different dimension. He started feeling her more and she let him do. He had placed his hands on her belly and even on her side boob while talking face to face. She then told me that last time they met he had walked his hands over her ass as they were hugging goodbye and pressed her body against his. She thought that was maybe a bit too much but even so, she let him do.


I was looking at her in awe. She asked if I was mad at her but I said no with my head. I said I thought that was hot and guided her hand to my hard-on. It was incredible, we had just made love and I was already hard again. That was something that had never happened before. She asked me if a really didn't care her letting Jack feel her body and I said "hell no". I loved it. She said she felt it was kind of cheating and I told her it was not cheating if I was aware of it. She looked at me. I looked at her and I said: "you are free to do whatever you want with whoever you want as long as you tell me".

It took her a few minutes to realize that I was not joking. I was being sincere, my face and my hard-on were the proof. She laughed nervous as we shook hands as to seal the deal. That was when she told me that Jack has asked her for a date.

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Chapter 3

Of course, Jack had not asked her to go out like you ask a girl for a date. He had asked her if she fancied a night picnic at the beach (this was last summer). I asked her if she had answered his request and she said she had not, yet. She was worried about Jack's ex. Remember she was one of my wife's best friends. Let's call her Martha for the sake of the story. I told my wife there was no need that Martha knew about it. After all she was not telling Jack about her conversations with Martha either, and her friend was really pissed off with him.

My wife was not sure about it all yet. I asked her if she enjoyed her time with Jack and she said she did. He was very kind and warm and it was fun to be with him. I asked her if she feared somehow he could try to go too far. She thought about it for a second but refused the idea. She was sure he will never do anything she would not like. "So it looks like you could be having a good time together" I said. And she smiled.

One week after that, she went out with Jack while I stayed at home with the kids. We had dinner and then I helped them to bed. Then I was working on the computer for a couple of hours before heading to bed myself. I watched a film on my phone and fell asleep.

She woke me up with a kiss. It took me a few moments to know what was happening. I checked the clock and it was 3 in the morning. She was undressing. She left only her panties on and got into bed with me. "So?" I asked. She said if I really wanted to know. I nodded and she said she was a bit tired and drunk. But I insisted. She then said that nothing had happened. "Well, almost nothing".

When my wife arrived Jack had already prepared everything. He had told her to meet him at the beach, but far from the main road and it was already late, so there were few people around. He had took care of the dinner but he had also brought candles, music and white wine. The guy really knows his job, I thought. They had dinner and talked about their lives. He was very interested in talking about her, instead of talking about him and his divorce. All in all they had a very good evening. The night came and the people in the beach went away. Only a few fisherman stayed in the beach but they were more than 100m away from them.

She told me they were small talking and she had her head on his lap while he was caressing her face and playing with her hair. You know, she loves that. Actually that's one of the first memories she has from me: that one day I played with her hair. It was night already but there was enough light from the moon and the two big candles Jack had brought. She realized that he was having a nice sight of her cleavage. She looked down to confirm the point. The low cut black dress she had chosen wasn't doing a great job hiding her boobs. They were almost fully on display, her pointy nipples almost showing up.

But instead of fixing that, she slightly pulled from her dress so her left nipple got freed from the fabric. A few seconds after he stopped playing with her curls for a few seconds and then he resumed. She knew he had noticed her nipple but he didn't say anything. They continued talking for a few minutes. She was very aware that her dress was hiding less and less of her boobs. She told me she could feel her nipples hardening from the coastal breeze and her excitation.

That was when he suggested her to have a bath. That caught her by surprise, she hadn't brought her bath-suit with her. But obviously that didn't seem a problem for Jack. He quickly got naked and run to the water. My wife thought about it for a minute and looked around. There was no one that could actually see them. Jack was already swimming away from the sand. She then removed her dress and panties and went after him.

The water was fresh and metallic. She told me it was a great experience, naked in the water with the city lights and sounds far away. He was swimming close to her. He tried to embrace her a couple of times but she swam away, laughing. Ten minutes after were back out of the water. She was a bit ashamed, fully naked by his side. She was aware he was looking at her boobs and she couldn't help looking down to see his cock swinging as they walked towards the light of the candles.

I stopped her to ask her if he is big. OK, I know that's a fetish we men have. But couldn't help asking her. We have had this conversation about her previous boyfriends and it's always a bit disappointing. Sometimes she doesn't seem to be able to tell big from small. "It looked longer than yours but it's hard to tell". Well, if there is one thing I know is that when I get out of the water my cock looks anything but long. So for me it was obvious he was kind of "happy".

When they got to the small camp he handed her a towel (looks like he had thought about the skin swimming thing, right?). She turned her back to him and toweled dry before dressing again. Then they both laid back on the sand again. This time very close one to the other. He then turned over to her and placed his hand on her belly. He told her that he felt very comfortable with her. Looked her in the eyes and kissed her.

She kissed him back. She told me it was a great kiss, soft and wet. Their tongues playing without hush. At the same time he moved his hand to her boob and started caressing her. She was not sure how far she will be able to let him do but she didn't stop him just yet. Not even when his hand went below the fabric and started playing with her nipple. She told me it was really good, she was enjoying the moment. Then he pressed his boner against her hip.


That was when she felt her head going dizzy. She knew that was the point of no return. It was clear to her they were about to fuck.

And she stopped him.

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Chapter 4

I should have said that, as she was telling me about her date with Jack at the beach, my cock sprang to life so hard I had to do something with it. So, as my wife was telling me about her showing off her nipples to him I removed her panties. When she was swimming naked with him I was fingering her slowly, my cock tip knocking on the doors of her cunt. When Jack kissed her and groped her boobs she was breathing heavily and when she told me she had her hard cock pressed against her hip I pushed mine deep inside her and she came hard and loud.

I was rock hard, my balls boiling and my cock deep inside her. She wrapped my cock with her vagina muscles (yes, she knows how to do it) and I feared I would cum right inside her, without protection. It was only then when she told me they hadn't went further and it was kind of an anti-orgasm. I pulled out and I came on her belly.

Still, it had been the best sex in years.

She told me he had not pushed her further. She told him she couldn't do it. Because of Martha. And because of me, of course. He was understanding and got his hands out of her body. It could have all gone wrong from then on, but they managed to drive the situation pretty well. When they split they hug and he kissed her again in the lips. She told him she was sorry but he told her not to worry about him. Still embracing her, he joked about something her will have to do when he arrives home. She blushed. "I'll be thinking of you" he said.

I asked her what did she think about Jack jerking off while thinking about her. She was almost asleep but she smiled to the idea. I guess she didn't mind at all.
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Chapter 5

A few days after her hot date with Jack at the beach she told me she could not go further on this with him. I asked her if she was worried about Martha (Jack's ex, remember) but she said it was not that. She told me that Jack was in a very emotional moment of his life and she feared all this game could hurt him further. So there was no option to keep on with the game. At least not with him. I asked her if that meant she would not use our deal anymore but the she said there were other men in the world. Cool.

So I rushed to draft a list of candidates. She laughed as I suggested names of friends and fathers at the schoool she works on. She then stablished a minimum set of rules: she must be attracted by him (obviously) but without risk of felling in love with him. Someone kind and fun, she loves men that make her laugh. I asked if he had to be physically "alpha" but she said that was not a requirement from her point of view. We ended up with 4 guys in the list. Guys she would date and maybe (who knows) she would fuck. That was pretty hot already: knowing your wife would love fucking some of your common friends.

The list was interesting. Two of the guys in the list have shown no sexual interest on her so far, but the other two were different. One of them was an ex-bf of my wife. A huge black guy from Cameroon she had dated while they studied together. Let's call him Jamar.

He was kind and affetive but at the same time he had (still has) very conservative points of view about the man-woman relation she does not share. She always said he was not her boyfriend, just a good friend she loved to chat with and fuck sometimes. They were together for maybe a whole year but they have kept the contact. He now lives abroad and he's married with 4 children but he has visited us twice in the past 10 years and each time he stayed at home for a few days.

I asked her if she has thought about fucking him again. After all they had the chance while he was visiting us. She answered with a "well..." that caught my attention. Apparently he had tried to fuck her last time he had visited us but she refused. She said he had told her she looked as beautiful as back when they were together and he had suggested to have a quick fuck for "the good old times". I asked her how come they were talking about that. She said he was giving her a back massage since she'd always had back-ache. She said he had very strong hands and he knew what he was doing so she couldn't help moaning in pleasure. "I guess he got horny" she said.

No wonder. As long as I understood she was face down on the couch and naked waist up. His black hands had been working on her milky white back while they were small talking about those days at the university. He had even lowered her pants a bit to work on her hips. I bet he grew a hard-on he wanted to relief. But instead she had blocked him. "If we had had our deal back then I might have let him do", she said teasing me.


The fantasy of his black cock fucking her got me horny and we made love. As I was pumping my cock inside her I dared to ask her if he was big. "Yes" she said and I increased my pace. "How big?" I asked her but she said she couldn't tell. Damn, always the same. "Bigger than me?". "Yes" she moaned as she was getting close. "He was painfully big" she said and she came. Fuck! I had to pull out and came on the sheets...

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Sorry for the delay, here you have a couple more chapters...

Chapter 6

So one of the guys in my wife's list of fuckable friends was her ex-bf from the university, a thick black man with a "painfully big" cock that had recently tried to fuck her. Jack was another one in the list but it was kind of cheating since she had already said it was too emotionally involved for him.

So moving to the third one, he was my wife's physiotherapist and neighbour. I asked her if she found him attractive and she answered a very convincingly "of course he is". Fun, sportsman, coming from a rich family, he is the classical "gigoló". He works as physio and adds a touch of mysticism to his sessions. He doesn't really have to work (he's rich enough) but it provides him a certain social status, he is like a "shaman" in some sense.

There was some gossip about some "special" services he delivered to some of his female clients and apparently he had had problems in the past, when his wife threatened him to leave him if he didn't stop "flirting" with his clients. The wife herself was an absolutely boring woman, the kind of person you don't know what to talk about with. I wonder how come they are together.

Anyway when the gossip started I asked her if he had "tried" something with her and she quickly said no. But now that she confessed that the guy (ok, let's call him William) was in her list I asked her again. This time her answer was not so fast. After a few seconds she said that, well, that she really enjoyed his sessions. I asked her what did that mean and she said that he had strong hands and he knew how to use them.

Apparently William loves his job... specially when his client is a woman. My wife confessed me that he spends a good amount of time working on her bottom and her bosom, even though my wife's pains are basically in her back. Of course she had never complained (who doesn't like a good massage, right?). But when she told me that William used to work on her boobs, fondling, massaging them and even pinching on her nipples I asked her if that was "normal". She then told me he had always done it that way, and she confessed it felt really good... no wonder. I have no doubt all that gossip had a strong foundation.


So, yeah, apparently the 3rd one im my wife's list was already taking advantage of her…

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Chapter 7

Of course, having William on her list kind of opened new opportunities both for her, and for him, even though he was not aware of it at all. So the next time my wife had a visit with William I kissed her goodbye with a mixed of excitation and expectation.

Two hours after, when the kids were already sleeping, she came back home. I had the dinner ready for both of us so we sat and I quickly asked her how it went. She then smiled at me and she said she had enjoyed the session, "more than usual". I asked her to go on and she told me how it all went.

At first it went as usually, new-age music, lots of oil and heavy work on her back. Then he worked a bit on her bottom. She was only wearing a comfy panties that he moved into her ass rak to access her ample booty. She has a huge round white ass and she really loves having her butt cheeks worked on. When he asked her to turn around I can image she was already pretty horny.

He then started working on her bosom. She told me he always starts with her sternum, moving his hands and arms up and down in between her big saggy boobs. I could easily picture the image of her boobs bouncing as he titfucked her with his strong hands. Damn! I bet he was very aware of what it looked like. The he started working on her boobs, starting from her side boob and moving in circles around her heavy mammaries. Rubbing her nipples with every movement until they were hard and wrinkly. He then pinched on them and she couldn't help moaning...

"He told me I have very beautiful boobs and niples", she told me. "And what did you answer?". She said she thanked him for the compliment and added that he had very skilled hands and that he could work on her boobs all the time he wanted. Unfortunately, she told me, the time was going up so he just finished caressing her front and told her to stand up.

He then told her that he had always enjoyed skin contact. "It's so much better to actually feel the softness and warm of another human being", he said. She was putting on her pants, still topless, and she said she completely agree with that. So he asked her if he could embrace her for a moment. She looked at him and said "of course". But she wasn't expecting him to remove his t-shirt. He noticed her surprise and said he thought she liked skin contact as much as him. She said sure she did so he came closer and opened his arms around her. She then embraced him too. She told me she could feel his muscular trunk pressed against her boobs. He had a strong hug and she loves that too so she let him hold her in his arms for maybe a whole minute. Then he looked down to her, she looked up to him and they kissed softly in the lips. She said it was not a sexual kiss, but more a good-friends kiss, no tongue involved. He then let her go and she finished dressing up, a bit aroused and certainly excited.


"Wow", I told her. Of course it had not been a fuck session but it was so erotic. "And now what?" I asked her. And then she told me that "now" she wanted to fuck and that's what we did. She was so wet and excited she started moaning right as I got inside her and she came in less than a minute. I was also very excited so it just took me a few more thrusts to cum all over her belly...


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Chapter 8


Between one visit to her physio and the next one there was a full month. So let me introduce you here the fourth guy in my wife's list of fuckable friends. His name is John and they know each other for longer than I know her. They studied together at the university. John had always been a very popular guy: socially involved, strong opinionated, handsome and physical. Only coherence is not one of his strong features. He had always moved from one love to another and so far he’s had kids with the three girls he has had a stable relation with, but I’m pretty sure he has knocked up a few more fellow girls.


I’m not really fond of John. He has an opinion on every topic you can think of and he has the ability to always make you think that he’s right and you are wrong. We have had a few discussions over the years and I have always felt bad after them, not only because he always comes up victorious, but because everybody takes his side, including my wife.


John is probably in the list because, over the years, he has tried to fuck her a few times. She has always refused, I don’t really know why but my guess is that she was too afraid of being hurt when they were young. He is just too selfish for her. But no matter what, every time he’s around there is a strong sexual thrill in the air. I don’t know if he has tried to get her laid since we are together but it wouldn’t surprise me if he had.  And the truth is that I found somewhat exciting that she included him in the list.


There is one episode in this story you might find interesting for the subject. It happened maybe 14 years ago. John was in a stable relationship with his first partner. She was a good friend of my wife too so it was not uncommon to have dinner or go to the cinema the four of us together. One day they came to have dinner at our home and we had too much wine and beers. I don’t know whose idea was it but at some point we started playing truth or dare.


There was this sexual tension in the air I said before and John’s girlfriend was a shy blue-eyed girl I found very attractive so I jumped in, and so did my wife (girlfriend at the time). The game started soft as usual and we laughed and relaxed until the moment that John asked me when I lost my virginity. Fuck, I didn’t want to tell them that it was when I was 25 and that my wife had been my first and only woman. So I refused to answer and then he dared me to kiss his girlfriend.


Maybe I shouldn’t have done it but I did. We both stood up and, almost apologizing, I kissed her and she kissed me. I didn’t mean anything else but when I felt she opened her lips I did the same and our tongues started playing for a few seconds. It was a short kiss but it was wet and hot. When we stopped I could see that my girl was really upset with me. But we had no time to react and on the next round, I don’t remember why, John and my wife-to-be had to kiss each other too.


John didn’t apologize. He took my girl in her arms and kissed her with passion. They took their time and my wife-to-be started moaning when he placed his hands on her bottom and pressed her against him. Just before splitting he raised his hand and felt her right boob through the fabric of her t-shirt. I was astonished by his bolderness. 




I could tell by her face that my girlfriend was both excited and uneasy. And the game didn’t go further. Some minutes after they were leaving and we went to bed. She was angry with me but I didn’t fully understand why. She tried to argue with me but I just kissed her. We made love and she was so wet...

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Chapter 9


Back to her physiotherapist, the new session was eagerly awaited. If you remember, last time the session ended with a soft kiss and a topless hug. Skin to skin. Lips to lips. Of course we (I) had no clue of what would happen, if anything at all. But I was certainly thrilled even thou my wife tried to calm things down.


So again, I kissed her goodbye and she left for a new “session” with William.


A while after she came back home. She was smiling. That day the kids were at my mother’s so we had planned a night together. A “romantic” night if you want. She asked if I fancied to have dinner outside. I wanted so bad to ask her about the session but she let me know that everything would have its time.


Once at the restaurant, the meal ordered, a couple of glasses of wine on the table, I could hold no longer and inquired her about the session with William. She smiled again and then started telling me about the places and ways he had touched her. Nothing different from the previous sessions but hot nevertheless.


Feet, calfs, arse, back, head and then turn around and again from feet up. And when he was working on her breasts again, as he was fondling them and hardening her nipples, he told her that he had enjoyed that hug the other day. He told her that he was a fan of the skin to skin contact. No wonder! I thought. And then he asked her if she had felt uneasy about it. She quickly answered that no, she had loved it too.


Then there was a silence as he was pinching on her nipples. He told her that her nipples were very sensitive and that he would like to use something more “sensitive” too to work on them. She said she was focused on the feeling and it was so good that she was barely understanding what he was saying. Apparently he had asked her for permission to use a not very orthodox technique. 


Next thing she noticed was something new on her nipple. It was a very soft and warm contact rubbing against her achy hard nipples. It felt so very good, she said. And then she opened her eyes to see that William was actually rubbing his cock tip on her nipple.


I’m not sure what would have been a proper reaction to that. She was not either. But she said that it was not gross or nasty at all. I couldn’t believe my ears when she asked me if I wanted to know how his cock looked like. She said that she knew I would love to know so I just nodded. She said that his cock was soft in the beginning but it quickly started to stiffen. She said that it looked longer but also not as thick as mine. It was fully uncut, dark with a dark-pink tip. She also noticed he was trimmed.


He was soon rock hard as he was holding it and moving it around her nipple and pressing on the soft flesh of her breast. “He was jerking off to your tit ?!?!” I almost screamed. She looked around to the other clients in the restaurant but apparently no one had listened or understood what I had just said. “Don’t be silly” she said “it was just therapy”. Lol. I couldn’t believe her. William had been rubbing his cock on her boob and she said it was just therapy?




I asked her how long had he been “working” on her boobs like this and she said that maybe 5 minutes. She said it felt amazing. He had worked his cock tip all around her boobs, pressing gently of her flesh and nipples. He had even slapped her nipples with his shaft a couple of times. WTF!?


“Did he came?” I had to ask. “No!!” she said and she almost looked angry at me for asking that. “But I hope he did after I left” and she winked at me.

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