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  1. Don54

    My "cuckold to be" real story

    I love where this is going.
  2. What a great time you three had. That last pic looked very tasty. I'm sure you enjoyed the clean up.
  3. Don54

    Mrs Lustman's First Time

    I'm not sure which story made me harder! I always enjoy first time stories the most and Mrs Lustman's is as good as they get. What a sexy lady.
  4. Don54

    Cuckold Threesome

    I love nights like that. She is a beautiful woman and knows how too enjoy life.
  5. Don54

    Creampie cleaning

    I've always loved a fresh creampie and the women I've cleaned loved it too.
  6. One Night

    This wasn't our first night with Gary but it was special because we had't played in a while.

    Carol and I started our Saturday early by attending a soccer party at our favorite drinking establishment. This good time led too an exciting night.

    We were primed and gave Gary a long time playmate a call. He was more than happy to join the party. We picked Gary up and they couldn't keep their hands off of each other as they sat in the back seat.

    Once in the house clothes started coming off. We undressed her together and Carol and I  stripped Gary and sucked his cock. It was time for me too sit back and enjoy the show and it was a show any cuck would enjoy.

    We moved to the bedroom where Gary started eating that sweet pussy and my job was too make sure he didn't go soft by fluffing him. I enjoy this almost as much as eating a cream pie. As, he slid up too insert his cock into her I moved up to feed her my cock too her and Gary was more than eager to help her. Two mouths on your cock feels so good.

    Soon it was just her mouth sucking my cock as he was really enjoying her pussy and started pumping into her really hard and fast just like she loves it. He unloaded his first load of the night and rolled off to catch his breath. It was now time for a cream pie. Carol and I both love it when she has a cream pie to feed me.  It tasted so good and it wasn't long before she had her second orgasm of the night. With that I moved up and enjoyed some silky seconds. Gary offered me his cock for clean up as I was fucking her and that put me over the top and I unloaded in her. Now, it was Gary's turn for a cream pie and another orgasm for her.

    That didn't end the night but we did take a break.

  7. I just love this kind of action!
  8. Don54

    British Hot wife Marlene

    Beautiful in every way. Yum!
  9. Don54

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I've done it and certainly would do it again. It's a shared pleasure we have. My craving for sucking cock started probably like a lot of others. Enjoying a fresh creampie and then continuing on eventually to cleaning her lovers cock. One morning while she was sleeping and needing to get her bull up because he needed too be somewhere that morning I decided to give him a blowjob before dropping him off. I enjoyed it but it's more enjoyable with her present.
  10. Don54

    My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    This is similar too how my 1st wife started. We had been together since high school and married young. We had a few lovers between times we weren't a couple before we married. I enjoyed hearing about those times. We had many fantasies that we shared. Fast forward too our early 30's. She started going out with her friends from work and staying out later and later. With my encouragement she had sex with a guy one night. When she walked into the our bedroom and announced "I did it" we never looked back. We didn't sleep much that night. It was my first silky second. She always did her man and then came home and we shared her night. Silky seconds and cream pies were always exciting.
  11. Don54

    A long time ago, but not a fairy tale

    George so sorry for your loss. From your story I can tell you two loved each other very much.
  12. Don54


    She is a very sexy lady!
  13. Don54

    Picture sent by my wife

    That is so hot and tasty looking.
  14. Don54

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I've done it and certainly would do it again. It's a shared pleasure we have.