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Uk Wife Needs A Real Man


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Cuckold Tests

Can you believe she has only ever had my 5 inches in her life?

Anyone from Uk want to take her?

I have a black friend living in Europe. He and I were roommates while at university. His name is Edwin. I've sent a text to him suggesting he sign onto this site and take a look see at your offer. Edwin had the pleasure of giving my wife (Pam) not only her first strange cock, but her very first massive big black cock. That was just three years ago this past March. Should you had missed that adjective "massive", Pam herself measured it during some play time with him, at very comfortable 11 1/2 ins., and almost 8 ins. in circumference! It took a lot of TLC p, and time, for Edwin to get that size cock into Pam, but he did and she loved every decimetre of it, regardless of the fact that she was sore for days after that. She's had him numerous times since then. If Edwin follows up, let us hear from you? I'm sure your wife will be in for the wildest ride of her life! Edwin can keep it up like no one I've even heard of and adores white pussy!

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