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    Married to Hotwife Dee Siren. Always down with talking to others about how much of a slut she is. wayne.siren is my yahoo if you'd like to hit me up.

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  1. I see she like a BBC to my exwife and G/F both love BBC my wife is on the left

    open top 36DD.jpg

  2. What's up guys? It's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been sharing my wife for about 8 years now. Starting off with me sharinging her with a guys (me watching her and joining in too). After a few months we started "swinging" ... but of course I really got of watching her with other guys... so we'd still invited single guys over to fuck her. After a years of that we got into the adult industry about 2010. Now I get to film her fucking other and share it with everyone. One thing I remember a "swinger" telling us in 2010 was "won't we get bored of it?" Umm... fuck no! Watching my wife getting fucked by other men.. women.. both.. never gets old. Same knowing that others jerk off to her... or that women get off watching her because she's so real.. or couples doing the same. All of it is such a turn on knowing she's my wife, my baby, the women I'll spend the rest of my life with. I mean, look at this photo. Doesn't she look so fucking beautiful?
  3. Depends on your wife.. and you. Most of these dudes are just living off the fantasy that this is try and that you wife is gonna want to fuck them for some reaon. For most women.. the least about of sex they have they urge for it less. So for her.. maybe she uses a toy or rubs her pussy in the shower once a month and she's good to do. Is something wrong? Not really?
  4. What's up everyone? Here's a few photos of my thick slutwife sitting on her sissy boy's face while her boytoy fucks her. Let me know what you think.
  5. [email protected] .. I'm always down to chat about my slutwife and share pics.
  6. She's a great slutwife.. and an even better fuck!
  7. Just sharing a few photos of my curvy slutwife Dee Siren. Please let me know what you think.
  8. Yep, that's right. My wife pissed on a friend of ours under a brigde then fucked him. Was hot as fuck.. cars driving by while my wife puts her face ass on his face. He fucked her ass and I even fingered her pussy while he did... always feels great. Let me know what you think.
  9. Hope everyone has a very naughty XXX-mas! Make sure to join us at
  10. Thanks everyone! Glad you love my slutwife and her curvy body. As you'd guess, I fucking LOVE sharing her with other men and women.
  11. Hey everyone, wanted to share some pics of my hotwife Dee Siren. Hope you like.. and check out our new forum
  12. To me, that is like saying "why don't you ever take your wife out on your anniversary to Mc Donalds". I like watching my wife happy... fucking big dicks (what she needs) and being in ecstasy. It's not about some little dick guy getting his rocks off in 2 min. That does nothing for either one of us.
  13. There is nothing like sharing your hotwife with another man. Even though we make porn and I'm lucky enough to have my wife fuck other men all the time, it's still just as much of a turn on as it was the first time. It never get old! This time we got a hotel room we invited over a hung black man. He was at a blowbang we had for a couple of girlfriends and once we both saw how THICK he was, we knew he needed to fuck my wife. So as you see, as soon he got in the room they were making out. She couldn't wait to feel his thick black dick deep in her married holes.
  14. I personally fucking love this outfit and how the photos turned out. Hope you guys do to! If you're on msg, I'm wayne.siren on there.. feel free to say hey.
  15. Same as most of you, I love watchnig my wife being gang fucked. Knowing that a group of men are having their way with my slutwife. Sliding hard dick after hard dick into ther married pussy, asshole, and face. Also, the look on her face is so pleasing.. she LOVES it!