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  1. where are you from???
  2. Greece at the moment..
  3. Hello gorgeous! welcome back!
  4. agree with Oldercock.. where are you?
  5. she is fucken amazing! where is she from??
  6. very sexy!!!
  7. slut

    impressive!!! the more the merrier..
  8. really hot...!
  9. DIsappointing... but never lose hope! Come on people!!!
  10. master_john8
  11. what time?
  12. Come on guys. Vote.
  13. [email protected]
  14. She is amazing! Time was very kind with her!
  15. Hello UK cucks and bulls. I've been thinking why can't we organise an event like in other forums and websites. We can book a swingers club or another space (depending on the number of the participants) and host a great event with all of you guys. Firstly I would like to know who would be interested in this event. Thanks in advance!