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  1. Hi, good luck on your journey & hope it adds positives for you both, and that you both enjoy the journey. The term instead of cuck you maybe searching for is stag/vixen . Although a cuckold relationship does not have to have the humiliation & denial that porn glorifies ..... it can be what both of you want and enjoy ... and what turns you both on.... good luck in the future.
  2. I have done this with a woman that I was in a cuckolding relationship .... it is awesome..... and then experience a cum kiss after..... was an amazing and unforgettable experience .
  3. Would love to clean that off..... and share a cum kiss
  4. Very awesome ..... thank you for sharing 😁
  5. I agree wholeheartedly 😎
  6. Your wife's ass is oerfect ..... and definitely not fat😎
  7. Love the pictures.... thank you for sharing 😎
  8. you a cuck also i am after last week end

    1. Janesvillecuck56


      Hi, I have a girlfriend that we went into a relationship specifically to be a cuckold one. We are finding a couple regular bulls .... and I love the lifestyle we are entering into

  9. Beautiful woman..... stunning body. Thank you for sharing with us
  10. Thanks for sharing this.... would love to see more pics with her and this large cock😎
  11. Beautiful lady.... thank you for sharing
  12. You guys are awesome. Your wife is beautiful and very sexy. Thank you for sharing