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  1. firedogg81

    Hot nurse NY/NJ

    wow shes a hottie
  2. firedogg81

    Fastest you have cum during sex

    usually upon entry i try to hold out but nenever can
  3. firedogg81

    Wife, bull and cuck in the hotel room

    wow awesome
  4. firedogg81


    very hot
  5. firedogg81

    Cuckold Quiz

  6. firedogg81

    Fastest you have cum during sex

    For me the quickest is been when I've pushed all the way in mostly 5 to 10 seconds
  7. firedogg81

    My wife what you think

    awesome hotwives
  8. thanks for following

  9. firedogg81

    New here

    shes very hot
  10. firedogg81

    Small Penis Humiliation...

    Yes tough being small and way less than a minute man