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  1. I had fantasies about my wife getting fucked by other guys for quite a long time. I decided to take share her with one of my friend. So I asked her, but she didn't agree in the bigining. After many months of talking, she was agreed, also I was ok with it. But she chooses her guy when I was overseas. My wife started an affair with a neabougher. When I was overseas. wife was secretly had sex with him few times, and when I was back home she confesed everything. Then I encourage her to meet him again. Then she started to met her guy very happly and openly.
  2. Yes, she had two guys already. One was neabougher other was businesses friend.
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  5. what I do is I know the taste of my wife and I always shortlist some suitable guys. She always choose.
  6. Rushni


    Yes friends, those are hickies. Only visible few on her breast, but she had many in other places as well. I took this picture, when she came home after her meeting with her guy.
  7. Rushni


    Hello friends, My wife had 3 guys so far with my support, but I don't know, how many she had totally. How about your wives please?
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    My wife's tites..... If you are interested please leve message or Kik me to zesttse 1 Thank you.
  10. Very nice photo, she deserve boy friends, becase she is so hot and beatifill boobs.