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  1. Agree 100% with original poster's quote, although I find it hard to imagine that Immanuel Kant. The quote is also attributed to Eric Anderson Over the years, I've written a number of wives who confess on forums to desiring affairs, or to responding to the interest of suitors, etc. I find it fascinating that despite sometimes immense pressure, wives are increasingly willing to explore outside their marriage relationship. I applaud that development. I hope for the day when affairs can be discussed as casually as we would the weather. Sexuality is no less a part of life.
  2. Never missed a stroke! This is how it's supposed to be.
  3. Andy17: The most important thing is to keep posting here so that you can benefit from the community as a whole. You still have to make the decisions, but you'll get better guidance as you weigh the insights of the larger group here. You shouldn’t bring up this as a ‘bolt from the blue.’ And while your wife may USUALLY be quite shy, she can clearly ‘let loose’ when she’s ‘feeling it.’ I’d wait until you’re having sex again, and build on what happened last time. You can ask her to use the vibrator again. As she’s getting into it, tell her how incredibly sexy it was when she talks dirty. When she says that you ‘can’t’ [notice – not DON’T, but CAN’T] make her come, ask her WHY you ‘can’t.’ Whatever she tells you, flip it around and ask her what she needs. Example: If ‘you’re too small,’ it’s ‘so you need a really big, fat one that goes in really, really deep … and stretches you like never before …’ etc. If you’re too quick, say ‘so you need someone who can hammer and hammer and never quit. LEAD her to express her fantasies. Make it ‘safe’ for her to do so. What you want is for HER to lead YOU to the point that she WANT’S to cuckold you. Whatever moves toward this, give that tons and tons of support. Be horny as hell. Let her know that whenever she ‘teases’ you, it’s much more rewarding for you both.
  4. Actually, I was re-posting a woman's reply to a post on another board. I'm male. Spouse and I parted ways decades ago. Sex is fine, but I learned my lesson the first time around! LOL!
  5. Office Christmas and New Years parties are a favorite. I sometimes post on various 'confession' websites and get some interesting replies. Here is one favorite! 'The girls at my job, I love them, we have a great system going. Every year at our holiday party, the girls would keep my husband busy while I hooked up with a co-worker, and when I returned I returned the favor while they go and hook up. One year my husband didn't attend the party, and it turned out to be an all nighter for me, I didn't get home until 5am, 30 missed calls from my husband. We got a hotel room and just went at it, it wasn't no quickie. We ran out of condoms, and I decided to take him raw, he was unreal, he busted like 3 times, before I took him raw, and still had cum left over to fill my pussy, when I met up with my friend to go home, she said I smelled of sex, I could barely walk, and the cum was just dripping out of me.' Play hard, have fun!
  6. Bill: This is intriguing. For one thing, the guy who is handling your wife is very-well practiced. He has seen plenty of wives give in to him and has learned to read them very well. I'm wondering if he's done more than he's admitting, and is now reeling you into something. At any rate, I think you're in an excellent position to assist. Touch bases with this guy. If he's open to it, offer to coach him -- your wife's turn-ons/dislikes, etc. Explain that you know his reputation, and you want him to use everything he's learned and got to make this happen! Christmas is coming. Buy your wife a session with him, and give her a shot [not much, but just take off the edge] of hard stuff before she goes 'to help relax' her. Say it's part of the deal.
  7. I suppose that the worst she can say is 'no.' Weigh that against the reward of her saying 'yes.' That aside, I was 17 when a married woman [26] told me that a guy she knew [high school together] visited her out of nowhere. As she related this visit, he talked about sex. He said that he had made a decision to have sex ONLY with married women. Then she told me the list of reasons he gave her for this. She doesn't need to be convinced to start having sex. She isn't afraid of sex. A married woman likes sex. A married woman is sexually experienced. A married woman us used to sex and her body demands it. If she refuses to have sex, a married woman knows exactly what she's missing. And a married woman has much invested in her life to cause trouble for him. It went on and on. She was astonished that he would be so brazenly open about seducing women! Without hinting at or asking for sex, he was explaining to her all the great reasons why sex with married women was the way to go ... and that he would never marry for that reason! -- She was floored that he would tell all this -- to a married woman no less! This guy was clever. I knew that he was setting her up and would be back at some point. Too bad I knew she was nearly ready. I actually beat him to the punch. But here's the thing ... about two - three months after this, she volunteered one night -- WITHOUT mentioning him -- that it made sense for men to seduce married women. I understood that this was his strategy. Put an idea in her head ... let her think and think and think and think and think about it ... and then make a 'followup visit.' As I say, I beat him to the punch. But I never forgot what he said. BTW -- that woman taught me a TON about sex!
  8. Sorry for the health issues but glad you've stood by your dear wife. Since you desire another child, and since your wife responds to other men, and since it seems natural for you to step aside as other men take your wife, would you be open to a virile, hung stud impregnating her?