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    Bull (bi), Housefriend (bi), the bisexual part is just oral. Also be willing to cum in husbands mouth. The main focus is on my wife of course.

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  1. Hallo aus Vllingen Schwenningen

    1. HotPaarTGD


      Hallo :), St. Blasien nicht zu weit für dich?

    2. lorion



      wie alt ist ?




    3. HotPaarTGD
  2. The idea of playing with a shemale's cock and sucking her, is highly erotic!
  3. I think the question touches on a very interesting topic. Personally, we are in the fantasy stage and trying to get our fantasy to become a reality (see my topic about that), I have no inclination at all to have a friend involved and neither does my wife. Friends are at an established level of social interaction and that level is, one might even say actively, a-sexual. Otherwise it would already have evolved to some kind of sexual level. Which is interesting because my wife is bisexuel and she has had sexual experiences with female friends, but those friends were also looking for a bisexual ex
  4. A hopefull development, the man I mentioned in the above post, send a picture and my wife wasn't displeased at all! She could totally agree with him having her. I also send him a picture of us and he also wasn't turned of by us, which is also quite important. Interestingly enough however, my wife still seems to interpret the whole adventure as a fantasy. As if I just took a picture from someone on the internet and proposed a fantasy. When I noticed this I told her I really contacted the guy and as far as I can tell, he is real. My wife reacted only with: "you really want this don't you?"
  5. Sometimes you lose momentum. Luckily a good fantasy doesn't just die off but just keeps coming back Although it didn't come to a date yet, my wife and I have been talking more and more about it and she is really getting more into the fantasie as well! Foremost being that she would really like to be used as a sex object by some man. Her ultimate fantasie being blindfolded and having her hands tied behind her back and me letting an (to her) unknown number of men into the room. Hinting at a maximum of about 5 men. First she has to give them all a blowjob and have them cum in her mouth and
  6. Wie? Bin sehr neugierig wie es passiert ist
  7. great read and very nice foto's! I would really suggest finding a friend nearby. Who can also promptly call you guys that he needs to fuck her, either coming for dinner (unexpectedly or not) or asking (demanding) her to stop by his place asap.
  8. That's exactly what I'm looking for, a guy I can suck on a regular basis, or who calls me when he needs to be sucked, but who also on occasion fucks my wife while I watch and then get to have sloppy seconds.
  9. Hi, a bit of bad luck, my wife developped sinusitus (forehead inflamation?) so we cancelled the date. Hopefully it is now on, next wednesday, the 6th of December! I will write about it when now it does happen.
  10. To the first, I will!, To the second, I sure hope we will enjoy it too, but even if things turn out to be disappointing, I will report on it. Like I wrote, maybe somebody can learn from how we find our way to our fantasy. Or not, and learn from that. But I expect very exciting evenings!
  11. Hi, An interest for a virile, hung stud, especially if you can visit us regularly, is certainly there. We however have no impregnation fantasies. Getting pregnant has proven to be problematic, and especially the pregnancies. That's why we've had long hospital stays. That takes a lot of the fun and desire away. Our lusts in this regard are purely sexual and psychological, not at are regarding actual procreation. We have of course spoken about potential pregnancies. If it would happen, we would raise the child as our own. We wouldn't do a DNA test, just accept that my wife is pregnant. To b
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