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    Bull (bi), Housefriend (bi), the bisexual part is just oral. Also be willing to cum in husbands mouth. The main focus is on my wife of course.

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  1. Any cuck couples in Germany

    still travelling there?

    I love other men filling my wife's mouth with their cum. Allthough in all fairness I find it more arousing if she has their cock in her mouth instead of hovering before it like in the gif.
  3. What a cuckold couple want from a bull?

    likewise, I don't have a small dick and never had complaints in that regard. I would agree that there is a part of bisexual arousal, and seeing my wife get fucked by another man and really enjoying it.
  4. Who can relate ?

    I don't see any pictures
  5. Very nice profile picture!

    1. psdt1969


      Thank you for following me and thank you for your compliments

  6. What a cuckold couple want from a bull?

    If it's a one night thing, only sex. But in case of a longer relationship, fun and excitement. Doesn't have to be all sexual. Take my wife out for dinner or dancing for example and have fun doing that. Of course some sexual tension on the background increases this fun factor. That she knows for example that at anytime you can suddenly tell her to suck your cock or that during dinner or dancing she isn't wearing panties as to always be accessible to you. but even that is not a must, it could also be a nice dinner / trip without sex while out, possibly ending in our marietal bed at home. Make her feel sexy, wanted, attractive. And truly have fun yourself too while doing it.
  7. Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    Is humiliation really a central theme to cuckoldry? Or is it a subgroup of cuckolds that happen to love being humiliated? Like an extra layer / secundary effect to the main theme of cuckoldry. Humiliation is also a theme in other sexual fetishes that have nothing to do with cuckoldry. Within that humiliation "extra layer" I would see that whole black men issue. Personally I have little enthusiasm for humiliation. And seeing other men fuck / use my wife, even if I'm not allowed to participate, isn't humiliating but highly arousing. As is sucking the bulls cock. It's highly erotic. Humiliation would only make sense if I would actually be ashamed of these things. a whole different issue.
  8. Gloryhole

    Any tips on finding gloryholes?
  9. Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    I am just as confused by the whole interracial theme. Nothing against that, fine by me, but to me it's a whole different theme. Sure there is this science, mostly exagerated, that blacks have bigger dicks, but actually that has nothing or little to do with cuckcoldry. I get the feeling it's mostly an American thing that got mixed up with cuckoldry. The whole dominace submission thing mixing up with racial dominance (past) and current politically correct equality, even though everyone knows real racial equality is still far away in america, making this reversal of racial roles an extra kink for American cucks. Here in Germany and the Netherlands, in my experience, it has nothing to do with it. It's more about other men (whichever race) and the wife getting whatever she pleases.
  10. List Your Location

    Good point, I just updated my profile. A small village in the south west of Germany, in the middle of the black forest.
  11. How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I became curious whilst sharing my wife in regular threesomes (with an extra man), but those men were very hetero. I told my wife and she urged me to find out (she is bi). So I found a guy and sucked his cock untill he came in my mouth. I loved it! Can't really say why. I very much want to do it again, preferably alone though. Having my wife there would, at the moment, be more of a distraction for me. This whole thing surprises me somewhat because in every other aspect, I am not attracted to men and I have no other fantasies with men at all, just sucking cock And that fantasy (and one time experience) is extremely strong! Aside from them also fucking my wife while I watch but that is a whole different lust.
  12. Wo in Deutschland? Schwarzwald vielleicht?