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  1. Sir, My wife's Bull takes the picture after he cums in her and send it to me so I know to get ready. He only lives about 5 minutes from us and as soon as she gets home, I am on the bed laying on my back in my panties and lingerie. She will immediately sit on my face and as I lick her, she tells he how good he fucks her, sometimes she will just keep smacking my little penis in my panties, other times she will jerk me off and I lick my cum off her fingers
  2. My wife his cum. She goes to him everyday and he fucks her, cums in her and sends her home.
  3. We are in the Orlando area, wife is 30, hubby is 50, he can no longer get it going, wife needs real man to fulfill her needs. would like to find a steady guy for her that wants to see her, date her and fuck her often. She is also looking for her first bi experience. Couples that may want to take a sub girl and her sissy hubby for use welcome. Hubby knows his place, wears panties and does as told.
  4. We have a current Bull that stops in anytime night or day and she is always happy and ready for him, if she knows in-advance, I will see her putting on sexy lingerie to wait for him at the door. He walk right in, they kiss and he usually picks her up and carries her to the bedroom where I hear them for awhile and than I am called in to clean up both, than told to leave for the second round. When he comes over on the weekends, he will have me detail his car while he is inside for hours with her. I have one new neighbor that I think has figured it out as he will come over and ask what I am doing and who's car it is. I tell him it is a friends of my wife and he just smirks. This past Sunday he simply told me he needs to become friend with her so I will detail his car too.
  5. Sir,

    I just wanted to thank you for your comments about my situation with my wife. Many do not understand how I am in such a situation, but it was never forced, it was natural. I too see the lust in my wife's eyes when she is being pleased and also being pleased by a real man.

    I hope it was o to write to you here, since I did not see away to respond direly to you after your comment of my post.

    Last weekend I was completely dress in lingerie, panties and hose and did the fluffing, licking and cleaning the entire day. I like that others know my place too. It seems the more humiliating it is, the turned on I am, all this and my little sissy cock never see's pussy anymore. I have been told I need to learn to wear heels soon.

    1. Hubby1000


      I understand more and more...as I watch the sexual...and now it looks like...reproductive joy union my wife is enjoying with her boyfriend...I have not really shared this...but there are times...when thinking about them...and I'm the one at home alone...try on a pair of pretty lace panties...and because of the nylon factor...a nice pair of pantyhose do me fine...I just hope the 3 of us remain tight throughout their pregnancy...loving it...

  6. Sir, My wife is 30yrs old and I am 56, a real age gap relationship and it has come to our knowledge that I can not give her what she needs.. A good hard cock, a steady lover. I have resolved that I will never fuck her again and am happy to wear panties and clean her when she gets home from a date or just a fuck. Over the past several yrs she has had a couple full-time steady lovers, a few short term and several one time fucks. Know we are moving to Tennessee and will be in both Florida & Tennessee thru the years now. Need to find her a real man in both places.
  7. My wife had purchased everything to make me dress as a french maid. She dressed me completely, added a wig and makeup and lastly 4" heels that I have never worn. She had me walking back and forth to get the hang of it, I heard the door bell ring and she told me to open the door. I did as told and it was a few of her girlfriends, before long the 5 of them had me getting them drinks. They all took pictures on their phones. they were laughing at me, humiliating me with my little cock in the tight panties, than after all but two left, my wife pulled out the strap on and they all fucked me!
  8. like you really, had a friend fuck my wife when I was at work, and in evenings and weekends.  Loved it.

  9. It took time to find the right guy, with the right mindset. He just wants to fuck her everyday! sometimes more than once now. It is so hot to see her dress sexy and than drive herself to his place just to be fucked! Other days he is a regular 5pm thing. Wife gets ready for him and he shows up, they make out and than he pounds her, fills her with cum and leaves. I get home and she is on the bed waiting for me to clean her out. Saturdays, he actually stop in for the day and in-between watching TV, he just goes and fucks her, I than clean her each time. This has been going strong now for over three months, he now wants to introduce her to his friends.
  10. Looks perfect! nothing like other men using the wife!
  11. My wife now has a full time local guy that she will either go to him or he will come over with the only reason to fuck her and fill her with cum for me to eat when I get home.