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  1. Love the face pic of her holding two hard cocks
  2. There is a video of a lady I fucked years ago on the first page sucking on a big fat black cock. Her hubby is filming it.

    1. robert smith
    2. oralbiseniors


      It is on page 1 of the movies

    3. robert smith

      robert smith

      Interesting.  I have never found a Movie section that allowed me to post my videos

  3. I fucked that lady a few years ago

  4. My wife usually gets 5 or 6 different loads of cum at the parties we go to. Love to fuck her at the end of the night when her pussy is full.
  5. Now that is a mouthful
  6. Any other guys like to have a lady jack a hard cock off in your mouth?
  7. I like to suck a hubbies cock in front of his wife also. I like to tell them how lucky they are to have such a nice tasty cock to suck on. Then I ask them where would you like your husband to cum. In my mouth or all overy my face.I