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  1. when wife was ok with fucking a stranger she went on the pill in case a condom was not used .the day she started taking the pill she got so hot about what she was going to do with some one we did not know . we did not know how long she have to b on the pill . I stop having sex with her to keep her wanting it . she went out and found a guy that fucked her all night no condom was used nine mounts later a little girl was born buy a guy named Garry
  2. that is my dream having a cock and cunt at the same time
  3. this is true
  4. I think about it after wife stop me from having sex with her
  5. love to have your creampie after you are done nice cock

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    2. DerrickBull


      but first, is your wife pretty?

    3. showtime


      yes and willing it will b her first time


    4. showtime


      crags list looks nice to her


  6. when I was trying to get wife to cuck me she wanted me to suck a guys cock to prove I wanted her to have sex with a stranger .it was two days later I was sucking a guy as she watched . then she told me she had met a guy at the dinner and was having sex with him long before I sucked in front of her
  7. I live the life at first she did it one time a week she loved it now it now and then
  8. you can have so much fun if wife likes the idea for me it started when wife left me for a week with a stranger
  9. I love to watch her get fucked
  10. I have two children only one is mine
  11. I love to suck her cunt after you fucked her
  12. forget about getting her in to it . may be get a new girlfriend . You will be happy with one that likes with you like.
  13. any bull willing to do it