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    anyone wanna chat abt you using me and my extended family, fantasy only(wife, mum sister in laws etc all 18+) chat as hard as u like (pain,piss,humiliation,lactation,animal) uk_cuck on Kik only giveout faceless pics of me and wife

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  1. uk_cuck

    Anyone wanna chat right now?

    On Kik waiting from hard talk if anyone up for it. uk_cuck. Over 18 chat only, but otherwise anything goes.
  2. uk_cuck

    Anyone wanna chat?

    It just so that have a text conversation about fantasy. But like sending PM's on here. Love the generation part, I'm 42 so no spring chicken.
  3. uk_cuck

    Any one else from the UK? on here

    Norfolk UK, but just enjoy chat. No meets.
  4. uk_cuck

    Chatting On Kik

  5. uk_cuck

    Have you ever seen your mother bow to bcc

    Would love to wife and my mum sharing bbc
  6. uk_cuck

    Let's chat

    Love to chat. uk_cuck on Kik
  7. uk_cuck


    Yes locked from time to time. Hope you enjoy the cage. Love to chat if u want. uk_cuck on Kik
  8. uk_cuck

    Anyone wanna chat?

    Hey anyone fancy a chat about our fantasy's. Not up for meets, and pics I share will never have faces. I love being submissive and enjoy when my wife plays Dom. Never gonna be part of our real life, but love the idea of her cucking me. With strangers or even better someone we already know. Anyway would love to find new ppl to chat with from time to time, about all our fantasy's. uk_cuck on Kik
  9. uk_cuck

    Chatting On Kik

    anyone wanna chat about my fantasy of someone using me and my extended family, fantasy only(wife, mum sister in laws etc all 18+) chat as hard as u like (pain,piss,humiliation,lactation,animal) uk_cuck on yahoo only give out faceless pics of me and wife. Though if pics are all you are interested in, I would like some in return. I am not a cuckold in RL, just a fantasy. Just love chatting and wanking, having said that, wife is controlling when I cum often just ruining it. Have to say I am loving it. Love to hear from those interested in chatting. uk_cuck on yahoo and kik
  10. uk_cuck

    Chatting On Kik

    Always enjoy fantasy chat and swapping pics. Subs or Doms, all chatters welcome. No under 18 chat. uk_cuck on Kik and yahoo
  11. uk_cuck

    KiK id's

    Uk_cuck on yahoo messenger
  12. uk_cuck

    KiK id's

    uk_cuck fantasy chat about me and my extended family all used as slaves( all 30+). Few faceless pics of me and wife.Pretty much anything over 18 goes
  13. uk_cuck


    anyone else?
  14. uk_cuck

    Chatting On Kik

    uk_cuck. Love chatting about me and my extended family ( all well over 18) all used as playthings
  15. uk_cuck

    List Your Location

    Norfolk, UK