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Need help understanding feeling


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So most of you know me/us and our story. So we have been absent lately due to this that and the other

 Personal life comes first.

So, this past weekend, I was informed I was wearing the canary yellow cage while she left to go out. Anticipating a normal night, I put it on and set off to do my husband duties.

After a couple hours she returns with three of her friends and tells me that their plans were cancelled and I was the evening entertainment.

Not knowing if any of her friends knew of my relatively sensitive situation, I went along with the idea of being the servant. 

Everytime I'd slip out of eye sight to remove my cage one of the women would find me and ask for a refill.

As the night progressed and inhibitions lowered, my secret slipped my wife's tongue and my secret was out.

Standing in a room of half drunk women,  knowing my secret was a bit more than I could handle. My cock started to twitch and grow, and my discomfort , which my wife knew the signs, became the greatest joke in history. The women laughed at me being in Chastity and not being man enough to satisfy my wife.

Needless to say I had quite the raging caged hard on


Now,  I ask, is that reaction normal? I've had bulls and lovers make fun of me, but never a room full. 

I'd love to say they wanted to see it, but my wife wouldn't let them, only pointing to my crotch and laughing.

I was turned on in my humiliation. What do you think?

I found out afterwards her friends knew she cheated but not that I knew.  So the secret is out and I've been dripping pre cum ever since


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Kaktuscpl...great response. Glad you and your wife tried the lifestyle...and glad you kinksters are enjoying it!

As for you, smokeymountaincuckold...I don't think you need help at all. You enjoy being a cuckold...and you enjoy that your wife is a hotwife. You even enjoy that your wife makes you her locked-cock cuckold husband. And now you've discovered that being humiliated was exciting and that it turned you on. 

You asked if that was a normal reaction? Truth is...your reaction was probably a bit out of the norm. But what is normal?And who decides what is normal? You and your naughty, sexy wife are a bit kinky...but what is wrong with that? Nothing at all, I say.

My advice to you would be to continue to explore the cuck lifestyle. It seems to fit you and your wife perfectly. Don't look too closely at what turns you on or excites you. My own philosophy is "Why ask why?" There are a number of things that I find kinky and exciting...some I can't explain...or understand. Some that I don't know where or how I came to experience as a turn-on. But I've learned not to question these things...but just enjoy them.

That would be my advice to you. Just go with it and enjoy it. If it's working for you and your wife...go with it. 

Reading about your experience where your wife and her friends had a good time hu-miliating you....I think you should do it again. But this time the party should be planned. You will again serve your wife and her friends as their "Wine boy". You will freshen their glasses as needed. You should be caged again, of course. Caged and covered...covered with whatever your wife decides is appropriate. A pair of her panties maybe. Or maybe even a diaper. My personal suggestion would be that you wear a covering made out of a Dixie Cup. Tell your wife I suggested that...I'll bet she loves the idea of your serving her and her friends while you are locked in your cuck cage...and your "package" is covered by  Dixie Cup!

Try it...and enjoy life as a cuck husband "Wine boy".

Let us all know how things turn out.




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smokeymountaincuckold...I thought I would post a pic of your wife, so everyone can enjoy seeing her wonderful, curvy body.

Love those nice, full tits of hers...would love to get my hands on them! Can you imagine how hot it would be to see her big tits swinging to and fro as she was on all 4s...taking a good hard pounding from me...from behind...giving it to her doggy! I can!




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You ask, is that reaction normal? Define "normal" to me. Having pleasure from being humiliated is not normal to me, but it may be to you. You may be in a very stronghold position in your social or professional life and can't take it, have confidence in your wife to release it by humiliation. Is this "normal"? People just go fishing...

I don't judge you, I'm just stuck on the question "is this normal"?

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