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Elaine's First Time

robert smith

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   After several years of swinging and sharing Elaine we decided to expand our adventures and go over to the dark side.  I had deliberately picked out porn with black guys and white women.  I asked Elaine if she ever wanted to try and find a black guy.  At first she was reluctant, but eventually consented to see if we could have fun with a black guy. The hard part is always going from fantasy to reality.  When we first started sharing Elaine agreed to fuck someone only if it was a person she did not know and did not live in our city.  We soon developed friends with benefits and if we really liked them they got to sample Elaine's pussy more than once.  I trusted her judgement of men and she would pretty much do a guy if I asked her.  We were in a routine we were both comfortable with, but bringing up the subject of Elaine and a black guy was kind of like starting over. 

   I had played and coached college basketball and was still in touch with several black friends.  I asked Elaine if she wanted to try one of them.  She kind of reverted back to the beginning of our swinging and decided it would be better if it was someone I knew and trusted.  She knew some of the guys but only from casual meetings.  I made some phone calls trying to locate my old buddies.  Most had moved away.  One guy lived about 3 hours aways.  He had met Elaine earlier and I thought he found her attractive.  He was quite a ladies man when he was a student, but then again most 18 -22 year old are.  He was probably in his late 30s.  I asked him if he would like to visit us and  and screw my wife.  He started laughing and said he would love to, but wanted to know what the situation was that would let him fuck my wife.  At first he thought we were divorced.  I told him about our past wife sharing experiences assuring him I was cool with everything.  He said due to his job he could only travel on a weekend and I said I would get back to him after talking to Elaine.
   That evening I told Elaine I had heard from Nate.  I thought she remembered him and she did.  She asked me what I said to him.  Despite having been in the lifestyle for years it always amazed me when she would suddenly turn shy and reserved.  I told her I simply asked him if he would like to fuck my wife.  She laughed and said why was I so blunt.  I said if a man had to drive 3 hours he should know what is was going to get.  She just smiled and said I should try to set it up for the next weekend.  We decided on the following Saturday we would go to a very upscale hotel.  Nate was not sure when he could get away so we were going to just make a day and night of having fun. We would call and tell him our room number and he would leave a message when he left and when he thought he would arrive.
   We checked in early afternoon and walked to a nearby theater to see a movie.  When we got back there was a message from Nate giving us his arrival time.  We had been stood up before and thought we should just make it an enjoyable weekend for us even if Nate failed to show.  After the movie we went back to the room and cleaned up. Elaine put on a sexy basque and hose under a simple black dress .  We had dinner and drinks at an elegant restaurant across the street. and returned to the hotel for what we hoped would be an outstanding night, watching Elaine get fucked by her first black man.    
   Our room was a suite with a couch and chair.  I poured some wine and we sat down to wait.  Elaine started getting anxious and figured Nate was not going to show.  Not wanting to lose the mood I told her we could have some fun by ourselves.  I encouraged her to warm herself up.  She finally pulled her dress up over her boobs and started playing with her tits letting me take her photos.post-5233-0-15778800-1433076715_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-85341400-1433076783_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-04758600-1433076806_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-05510500-1433076877_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-92426600-1433076894_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-79197500-1433076913_thumb.jpg  She had already stated she did not want pictures taken during sex so I thought I would get some when I could.  Just about the time I was giving up on Nate he knocked on the door.  Perfect timing.
   After a few minutes of getting reacquainted I asked Nate if he approved of Elaine's outfit.  He asked her if she wore a black dress for any special reason and we all laughed.  I said I wasn't thinking of the dress, but what was under it.  Elaine stood up and let the dress slide to the floor revealing her lingerie.  Elaine walked over to the bar and brought us some more wine showing of her assets for Nate and me.  Nate was sitting on the couch  and I was on the chair.  It was like watching a private porn movie. Elaine sat next to Nate and kissed him.  It didn't take him long to begin fondling her tits and soon he had them @@@@@@@.  She smiled at me and asked if I wanted in on the action.  Usually at this stage I join in  but I was turned on just watching said she should just ignore me for a bit and have fun with Nate.  They were stretched out on the couch and Nate was playing with every inch of Elaine he could put his hands and mouth on.  Elaine told him to stand up in front of her and she unbuckled his pants pulling out his cock.  She looked over at me and smiled as she pulled his cock toward her lips. It was unbelievable to see Elaine suck her first black cock.  She did her best to deepthroat him and he grabbed her head and face fucked her.  He looked at me and said my wife a a great cocksucker.  I nodded in agreement and we all just laughed.   
   Elaine's cocksucking skills got his dick hard and soon he was reaching for a condom.  His cock was about the same length as mine, but his girth was impressive.  After he wrapped up Elaine smiled at me and said  "I can't believe I am doing this.  My mother would die".  We all chuckled and Nate sat on the couch as Elaine backed up and lowered her pussy onto his cock.  She went down slowly saying she wasn't sure she had ever fucked a guy quite that wide.  I had a perfect view of her pussy as she reached down to pull her pussy lips apart as she sat on his big cock.  Soon she was taking it all in and grinding as Nate was reaching around tweaking her tits.  What a sight!  Nate's black hands covering her boobs as his big black cock was lodged between her creamy white thighs disappearing into her pink pussy.  She motioned me over and told me to kiss her.  She whispered "Do you still love me?".  I said more than ever and she smiled.  She unzipped my slacks and the party really got going.  
   After grinding on Nate's dick and sucking mine Elaine seemed to relax and really started getting into the flow.  She got off Nate and pushed him onto his back on the couch and mounted his big black cock and leaned over him giving Nate access to her tits which he began greedily sucking.  She alternated between sitting up and sucking me and lowering herself over Nate's mouth.  I could tell she was close to climaxing as she straightened out her legs allowing her pussy to put pressure on Nate's groin.  I played with her ass pushing her down even harder as she moaned loudly and began her first orgasm.  As her shudders subsided Nate continued fucking her by moving her ass up and down on this cock.  After Elaine had recovered from her big O she sat back up and began bouncing up and down giving Nate's cock all  of her pussy's attention.  Soon nate grabbed her ass shoving it down hard as he filled the condom inside Elaine's cunt.  She rolled onto the floor and I quickly mounted her.  With all the excitement of watching Elaine and Nate fucking it did not take me long to empty my first load of cum into her soon to be well used cunt.
   We all smiled, laughed and headed for the bedroom.  I had porn on the T.V. featuring , off course, black men and white women.  After using the bathroom and cleaning up a bit we all relaxed on the bed with Elaine in the middle.  Nate asked Elaine how long she had wanted to get with a black man and she truthfully said she had not thought about it until I brought up the subject of me watching Elaine getting fucked by a black guy.  He was playing with Elaine's legs and pussy with his left hand and sipping wine with his right hand.  Elaine was playing with his cock with her right hand and me with her left hand  Soon Nate was kissing her tits.  Over the years of observing men of all different ages most seem really fascinated with her nipples.  Nate was no exception and after kissing and tweaking them he straddled her chest Elaine wrapped her boobs around his thick shaft and let him tittyfuck her.  I moved in between her legs and licked her wet pussy.  In a bit Nate moved up so Elaine could suck him.  After getting hard he slipped on a condom.  I moved so Nate could mount her.  After some missionary fucking Nate asked her to get on her knees.  She smiled as he began doggy fucking her.  I just sat back and let the two of them enjoy themselves.  He had tremendous staying power and it looked like he was trying to wear her out.  He asked her to move to the edge of the bed and he stood up, grabbed her hips and hammered her hard and long.  Just when I thought he might not be able to cum again he let out a moan, pushing Elaine face first into the bed as he drained his cum with several deep hunches.  The two of them were sweating like they had been running a mile.
   He thanked us and complimented Elaine profusely on what a great piece of ass she was.  She just smiled and said "Glad you had fun".  He took a quick shower and hit the road.  I let him out of the room and thanking him for driving for 3 hours and letting us all have a great time.  When I went back to the bedroom Elaine had barely moved.  I reminded her I had not climaxed and she kind of moaned and said go for it.  I mounted he from behind and was soon giving Elaine her fourth load of cum.  Believe it or not, but it the morning she climbed on top of me for a quickie.  As we lay in bed afterwards she said it may takes days for her sore pussy to recover, but she said it was well worth the effort,  
   These photos were taken right before Nate knocked on our door
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After our first encounter with a BBC I let a few weeks pass before bringing up the subject again.  I asked Elaine if she thought she might want to do another BBC.  She said she had fun doing Nate.  I said "Besides having an extra wide cock did the black aspect add anything?".  She said the taboo of white and black added an extra bit of thrill.  She said most women don't have sex with more that one man at a time and most white women, at least of our generation, don't fuck their white husband and a black man at the same time.  I said you have still not answered the question.  After a pause she said she would do it again but I needed to set it up as she knew very few black people.  Springfield does not have a large black population, but the internet was starting to become a more effective tool.  I placed an ad in Adult Friend Finder showing a couple of photos of Elaine and requesting a BBC for a MWC.  Being somewhat leery of listing our phone number I asked guys to mail us a letter or postcard with their phone number and photo.  I had a post office box for business reasons so we felt a little better about our security from potential weirdos.  We got a few letters and I called them explaining what we wanted.   I think some of the guys thought I was bi or gay and seemed hesitant.  I told Elaine if she wanted to enjoy another BBC she was going to have to help set it up by talking to the men.  She could be more convincing than me and she could also be a judge of whether or not she thought the guy was a possibility.  One of the ironies about Elaine is she does not really like talking about sex with the potential hookups,but she reluctantly agreed.
  One young guy wrote her a very erotic letter describing what he would do to her. He was very graphic about sticking his long tongue inside her pussy, then sticking his long dick in her.  She called him and let me listen to her talking him, trying to seduce him over the phone.  She seemed to hit it off with him and told him she would call  the following Saturday afternoon to discuss the details of hooking up.  When we talked next Saturday he was excited about meeting, but said he had car problems.  Elaine got his address and said she would call back after talking to me.  We talked about it and decided the neighborhood was fairly safe and if Elaine got any bad vibes she would just leave.  At that time we had a Porsche 930 Turbo and no one could catch her if she left quickly.  We set up to meet him early enough that there was still daylight.  As it was late summer and a little cool in the evening  Elaine wore a see thru top with a light jacket.  She could show a little skin if she wanted to or keep the jacket closed revealing nothing.  I am a voyeur and I like to listen also.  I had a small dictation type recorder and told Elaine to set it to record and place it on the console.  She wasn't too sure about that, but went along just to please me.  When she left I was both nervous and excited.
   About 30 minutes later I heard the rumble of the Porshe pulling in the driveway and Elaine jumped out along with the lucky young black guy.  I met them at the door and she introduced me to Kyle.  I offered a beer which he readily accepted.  Elaine took off her jacket revealing her boobs thru the flimsy tight material.  Kyle said  "Your wife has great looking tits!" and I agreed.  I wondered if that was his first look or had he already seen and played with them.  Kyle excused himself to go to the bathroom and I asked Elaine how things had gone and she said he was certainly bold.  He wanted her to let him drive the car, which she did not.  Since the car required shifting her arm movement opened her jacket a little and was not long before he noticed her boobs showing through the flimsy top.  Elaine said he said  "Nice rack, mind if I touch?".  She said later and when they came to a stop light she leaned over, kissed him and placed his hand on her boob.  When the light turned green he did not want to let go.  She told him to slow down and just smiled.  At the next stop light he reached over and tried to get his hand under top and touch some skin.  She pushed him away and finally got to our house.
   When he came back to the room I said Elaine told me you liked her boobs.  He smiled and said he loved her boobs.  We all got something to drink and headed to the basement.  He commented that he loved playing pool and I said  I'll bet Elaine can beat you and laughed.  I excused myself to let them get figure out how to get started.  I could see their reflection from the adjoining bathroom.  Elaine walked over to get a pool stick and Kyle turned her around, pulling her tight against him, kissed her hard and slid his hand down her pants playing with her ass.  She kissed him back for a minute or two and I thought he was going to fuck her standing up.  She pushed him away and said how about the bet on the pool game.  I reentered the room and racked the balls.  She told him to go ahead and break.  While he was lining up his shot Elaine quickly pulled her top off and stood there topless while he was shooting.  He made one off the rack shot, but missed the next.  Elaine is a pretty decent shot and Kyle lost all concentration.  When she was bending over for the eight ball he came up behind her and grabbed her tits.  She stood up letting me see her getting felt up by Klye's black hands.  She led him to the couch and asked him if he wanted to titty fuck her.  He quickly pulled down his jeans revealing a fairly long black shaft.  Elaine looked at me as she stretched his cock up along his stomach and licked the shaft of his cock.  She positioned herself where she could wrap her boobs around his dick.  He already had precum oozing out and she used it as lube between her tits.  I was enjoying the show when he suddenly let loose a shot of cum  hitting Elaine's neck and chin.  I am sure she was shocked at how fast he had cum, but quickly put her hand around his cock milking the rest of his load toward her boobs.  When he drained all he could he sat down next to Elaine while I went to get a towel.  What a sight, Elaine with cum all over her boobs and neck and Kyle sitting next to her with his jeans down around his ankles.and his long flaccid black cock waiting for round two.
   I pulled  Elaine's pants off easing her ass toward the edge of the couch and started licking her pussy.  Kyle went and got a beer. When he returned he got behind Elaine reaching over her shoulder and played with her boobs.  She turned her head sideways and put his cock in her mouth.  After letting her suck him awhile he asked me if we could trade places.  In his letter to Elaine he had bragged out his oral skills and I guess he wanted to prove it.  Elaine loves being eaten and was soon fucking his tongue,  Thinking she was close to an orgasm I pinched and pulled he nipples.  She squeezed her legs hard around his head and groaned loudly enjoying her first orgasm of the evening.  After recovering a bit Elaine suggested we go to the bedroom.  
   As I was the only one who had not had an orgasm I told Elaine to get on top of me.  Kyle seemed kind of lost watching us fuck.  He was enjoying the view but did not want to interfere.  I thought maybe he was just uncertain as to what to do.  Pretty soon I was shooting off in her and about to discover how wrong I was about Kyle not knowing what to do.  Elaine rolled off me onto her back.  As I relaxed in post coital bliss Elaine asked for some tissues to catch my spunk starting to leak out of her pussy.  Kyle quickly said  "Let me do the job".  Before Elaine could say anything he pulled her legs apart and began licking her pussy clean.  It was a first for both of us and was quite a turn on.  He seemed to really relish licking and sucking her cum filled pussy.  Elaine just lay back and closed her eyes.  Kyle asked for a condom and slipped his long black pole into her used cunt.  He fucked her missionary style for quite awhile.  I was enjoying the show.  He put her legs on his shoulders giving me a great view of his cock going into my wife's pussy.  Elaine seemed to be willing to let him do whatever he wanted with her.  He had great staying power this time and fucked her in just about every position possible.  My favorite was when he stood up, had Elaine put her arms around his neck with her knees up near his shoulders.  He held on to her lower back, pulling and pushing Elaine's pussy up and down his on his cock shoving it all the way in on the downstroke.  Elaine was moaning everytime he slammed her down, but certainly seemed to be enjoying it.  I was kind of wondering if she was moaning in pain or pleasure when she grabbed his neck tightly, arched her back, thrusting her hips hard against his black cock and orgasmed as hard as I had ever seen.  After recovering Elaine asked him if he wanted her to do anything special to help finish him off.  To both our surprise he asked if he could shoot off on her face.  Elaine just smiled and said whatever you like.  Kyle placed her on her back with her face and shoulders slightly elevated on a couple of pillows.  He got between her with his arms holding him up, pushup style and hunched her hard and fast.  He pulled his cock out of her quickly removing the condom and straddling her torso on his knees.  He had one arm against the headboard and was pumping his cock with the other.  I thought he would try to stick his dick into her mouth but he stayed 12 to 18 inches away, let out a yell and blasted hot cum onto her face, hair and neck.  Elaine did not move her head, but did close her eyes.  I would have given a million dollars for a picture of that cum on her face. He rolled onto his back exhausted and happy.  
   We got dressed and I drove him  home.  On the way I asked him about the facial.  He started to apologize and I said no need, just curious as most guys like to cum in a pussy or mouth. He said growing up he had seen a lot of porn and that happens a lot on screen.  Most of the women he had been with wanted nothing to do with getting their face messed up with cum.  He said he had not meant to cum so quickly the first time in the basement and  was surprised when Elaine did not object when he shot off on her chest and neck.  Later when she asked him how he wanted to finish off he just figured he would ask and could not believe it when she said go for it.  When I got home I thought maybe Elaine would have showered and be ready to give me a final fuck of the night.  Wrong.  She had wiped most of the cum of her face and was sound asleep.  I could still see the dried spunk and juices on her legs and pussy and some more in her hair. I wanted to fuck her right then, but wisely waited until morning.
The pic in the white top is what she wore to pick him up. The others are some shots of her around the pool table.  We had it in the living room for some time before moving it to the basement which is what the background looks different.. post-5233-0-63322400-1433421233_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-37511800-1433421278_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-72727200-1433421293_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-72727200-1433421293_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-61448500-1433421322_thumb.jpg


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This is short, but still sexy.


The first guy was from out of town, at Elaine's insistence.  After that worked out okay we tried to find local guys.  Elaine had just turned 30 and was still quite attractive.  I convinced her to dress a bit more provacatively and use her womanly charms to entice guys she might like.  We would go to local clubs and she could dance and flirt a little.  I am attaching a couple of pics of a summer dress she would wear without bra or panties.post-5233-0-60654300-1433611679_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-55823200-1433611704_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-89246100-1433611718_thumb.jpg  If she danced slowly and pressed up against him her pointy nipples would usually get anyone's interest.  If he had his arms around her during a slow dance she would casually move his hand lower to her bare butt.  She would invite them to our table or booth and sit in between us.  Elaine was never much for public nudity or sex, but could be coy about if she wanted.  Like I said before some guys were nervous about 3 way sex.  One guy was not sure about coming with us.  He just wanted to do her out in the parking lot.  Elaine leaned over and whispered something to him, then moved back. I saw him trying to be subtle as he slid his hand onto her leg.  She slid her dress up a little and opened her legs giving him access to her pussy. They really started getting into it and Elaine was actually hunching her hips as he fingered her. She suddenly pushed his hand away, lowered her dress, smiled and said we were leaving.  He asked if he could follow us and Elaine volunteered to ride with him.  I knew she was going to make sure he did not get cold feet and not show.  I actually followed them just to make sure he was not some weirdo and did not want to take Elaine home.  It was several miles with lots of stop signs and I saw Elaine move next to him.  He put his arm around her shoulder and I knew he was feeling her tits. At the next light her head dropped out of sight and I just hoped he did not wreck his truck.  I missed the last stop light so they got ahead of me and when I  to the house the truck was in driveway and they were still inside.  When I walked up he was sitting on the passenger side and Elaine was sitting on his lap bouncing on his cock. The window was open and she just turned to me and smiled saying he said he could not wait any longer. I had the garage door opener with me so they started going at it while waiting for me to arrive. I reached in and pulled her top down giving his better access to her tits. Within a minute he grabbed her hips, hunched hard and had his first cum of the night.  She invited him in and a fun time was had by all

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The following is a collection of some emails I exchanged with a guy wanting to know more about the lifestyle.  They are not in any particular ored, just answers to questions he had asked.


We tried a few sex parties.  They were monthly gatherings of local swingers, held a local hotel or large private residences.  I felt comfortable, but Elaine was never really at ease,  She experimented with women and said it was ok, but preferred men. We decided after a few parties we liked more on on two or one on three type situations,  I got to watch her having guys lick her while I was getting a blowjob and be with other couples and keep switching partners.  She was so willing to do whatever I asked i thought if she felt uncomfortable at those places why go. I think her desire for younger men was at the beginning when she was unsure of herself and did not think other men would find her attractive, while younger men might be more willing.  I encouraged her to be on the lookout for guys hitting on her as they would probably be more open to threeway sex.


I think you may be more of a cuck and me more of a wife sharer, but it is a fine point.  Two sides of the same coin.  We both get excited watching our wife's suck and fuck other men.  I have never been the jealous type.  Did a lot of running around before getting married.  I knew I could only marry a woman who enjoy the lifestyle is liked.  Probably why I talked her into it in a year.  Over the years we became more aggressive on my urging.  I wanted her to be ass fucked, dped,, gangbanged, fuck big cocks, fuck black guys, try a women, go to sex parties,etc.  She did nearly everyone of them at least once.  People like you and me understand the thrill of watching it happen, but most people think we are weird and have no concept of being cucked or wife sharing.


To my knowledge she never fucked anyone else without being in the room or at least the house.  Yes she did fuck more than one guy and me at the same time, again with my encouragement.  If we liked a man, in and out of bed we did him more than once.  I would say most were one time sex romps. Did friends, but no relatives


Elaine married her high school sweetheart when she was 18 and had dated him since 15.  She said they only had oral sex.  Today that seems tame, but in the 60s the sexual revolution was just beginning.  After graduating from college she became a grade school teacher and she and hubby bought a small house.  He had a job as a salesman for a brick company and they thought all was blissful   Soon divorced, but remained friends.  I had gone to university and did a lot of wild partying with lots of girls.  I married after graduating and divorced 9 years later.  When I started having feelings for Elaine I told myself I was not going to marry until I was sure we were sexually compatible.  Elaine had had two relationships before we hooked up, but had led a relatively straight sex life.  She was great in bed, but had never done two men before.  She said she never even thought of it. I was the one pushing the issue and it took over a year to make it happen,  Once she realized I was not going to be jealous she opened up and became more willing to do most of the things I asked.  As I look back at the past 35 years I was the one always pushing the limits and she slowly loosened up and let me lead the way.  Ask anything, no matter how personal.  She was using an IUD and as AIDS did not exist she let guys go bareback in the beginning, We quickly started using condoms as we became more daring with the men we choose.  She would usually let a man climax where ever he wanted.  Had a great ability to swallow while keeping your cock in her mouth after you shot off. Like you I encouraged her to go braless and wear revealing clothes.  One of my fetishes is lingerie, suspenders and hose.


Probably the only thing she did not do for me was to actually get gangbanged. She did several men in an evening of partying, but it was at her choosing  Sucking some, wanking some. letting her boobs get fondled, etc, but she never let multiple men line up and fuck her like some whore, one right after the other.  Can not complain though, she was pretty much up for whatever I suggested or she thought she might want to try.  Never were into bondage, pain, watersports or humiliation.  I was never into homosexual stuff, but told many of the men I coached into the lifestyle that you can not be afraid of touching another man or letting him touch you.  Impossible for two men to fuck and suck one woman at the same time and not have contact with each other.  I'll see if I can find stories about that.  Still waiting to hear about  your secret fantasy or fantasie you never got to indulge in.

Elaine like an average to large sized cock.  Does not mind slightly smaller as long as the man can keep it good and hard.  Insists on a man going down on her if he wants the same in return.  Has fucked some very large dicks and if they stated slowly she could take most of their big cocks.  She really  likes more normal size guys as they can fuck with abandon in many posiitons and she does not have to worry about getting hurt by giant cocks.  You can see the almost nervous look on her face with this guy.  It was a sex party a friend hosted and this bull was the featured entertainer.  The women got to see him in action and volunteered to fuck him if they felt they could handle his size.  It is one of a few photos she lets me show her face.  Think she was actually kind of proud she had the nerve to let him fuck her,




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 I had forgotten about this story from our very early years of sharing Elaine.  His name was Alex and was a friend who had divorced six months earlier.  Elaine was still somewhat shy back then so I was still trying to arrange for "meetings" with friends that might turn into sex fun.  I contacted Alex and told him I wanted to talk to him about fixing him with a hot date.    We met for coffee, and I shared my plan with him. After expressing his concern about not messing up our marriage, which I assured him would not happen, he agreed. His smile told me how excited he was about what might happen. 


I told Elaine I wanted to have him over for dinner, and how he had been very lonely since his divorce. She was happy to have him come by. That night, I was so excited about what was coming later that I kept getting an erection, especially when Elaine was in the shower. I watched through the glass shower door as she washed her hair. Her lean hard body glistened as the water dripped off her, and my thoughts of sharing her with Alex was making me crazy. But I had to hide my excitement. As she was getting dressed, I asked her to wear my favorite top of hers. It's black, with a very low scooped back that hangs open. Her tits show through the material, and when she wears it with jeans, she is so incredibly hot looking. Elaine has great tits. Not large, but perfectly round, with nipples that get very sensitive and hard during sex. She was surprised, and said she wasn't sure about wearing it with Alex coming over, but I told her I was sure he would enjoy seeing a hot woman, after being alone for so long. I told her it would give him a nice visual to go home with. She laughed, but I could tell the thought of Alex beating off to the image of her made her happy. She put on the top.


Alex came by with two bottles of Champagne, Elaine's favorite drink. He gave her a long hug, and kissed her cheek. He said "you smell great. I miss the smell of a woman." He was setting it up really nicely. At dinner, we both made sure Elaine's glass was never empty. She enjoys Champagne, and it gives her a very relaxing buzz. We went through 3 bottles, and she was feeling no pain as we finished. I suggested we go to the large screen porch we have off our master bedroom. I had previously lit a bunch of candles on the porch and in the bedroom. The atmosphere was perfect. Elaine sat on the couch, and Alex sat with her. I sat in a chair across from them. As we talked, Alex began to discuss how lonely his life was. He expressed to us what a joy it was to see such a happy couple. He said I was very lucky to have such a wonderful and gorgeous wife. Elaine was eating it up. She touched his leg as she told him how nice he was to say that. He then commented on her top, and how beautiful her back was. He said "I know this may be forward, but would you mind if I ran my hands across your back? I miss the touch of a woman's skin so much." What a perfect opening. She smiled and said "Of course," and turned slightly so he could rub her back. As he did, she closed her eyes and smiled. "You have a nice touch" she whispered. Alex had on a loose fitting pair of cotton pants, with a draw string, and I could see the bulge as he stroked her skin. Elaine looked over at me with a "are you OK with this?" look, and I smiled, winked at her and mouthed silently "Go for it". With the Champagne as a relaxer, she decided to let it go.


She turned to Alex, leaned over and kissed him slowly. He leaned back and asked her "Are you sure?" She reached down and put her hand on his cock, now bursting through his pants, and said "What do you think?" As I watched, she kissed him again, and slid her hand up under his polo shirt, caressing his chest. His hands moved down her back, and he pulled her shirt up and over her head. At the same time, she was taking his shirt off, and pulling open the string of his pants. My rods was pulsing as I watched my sexy wife do another man. He kissed her tits, one at a time, as she slid a hand inside his pants and found his member. He was large and full, and she stroked him as she dropped her head back to allow him to lick her tits. Then she got on her knees beside him and lowered her head to his crotch. She took his throbbing hard-on in her mouth. Alex laid his head back and moaned with delight as Elaine slowly licked his cock up and down, holding his balls. His hands stroked her hair, and he held her head in place as he thrust upward to send the full length of his cock down her throat. Elaine was very good at blow jobs and could take my full erection with no problem. She was really enjoying this.


I got up and reached around her waist and unbuttoned her jeans, and slid them down her legs. Her thong was dripping wet as I pulled it down. She stopped sucking Alex and turned to me with a huge grin, and dropped to her knees as she removed my pants. She began to suck me off, as Alex stood up and let his pants fall to the floor. He stood beside her, and as she continued to lick and suck me, she grabbed his cock with her free hand and stroked it. She then went back and forth, taking one of us in her mouth as she fondled the other. I suggested we move to the bed, and Alex helped her up and kissed her deeply. We got in bed, and I laid down in front of her. She was on her hands and knees and Alex got behind her. As she again took me in her mouth, he entered her wet pussy, and both of them gasped with delight. Alex held her ass as he penetrated her deep and slow. I held her head and mouth-fucked her. She was moaning and breathing heavily, and moved her ass back against his hard rod. I knew how she tensed up while cumming, and I could feel her body harden as she released her juice on his cock. I told her I wanted to switch places, so she turned and laid on her back. I moved down between her legs, and held them up in my arms. Alex moved up to straddle her head, and as I pushed my rock hard cock inside her, he lowered his in her mouth. His balls rested on her face as she sucked him deep. I moved in a fast rhythm, spreading her legs in the air. As she sucked him, she would hold his cock and lick his balls, which was driving him crazy. As I moved faster, I could tell Elaine and I were going to come together.  I watched him take his cock out of her mouth and he stroked it and shot his wad all over her chest.


I immediately went down on her, as I knew she loved to come again in my mouth after she came with me inside her. Alex kissed her as I brought her to another release. This time she screamed with excitement, and held my head tightly so I took her full load in my mouth. This got Alex aroused again, and as I relaxed back on the bed, I watched my friend climb on top of my wife and ride her hard. He moved his hands around to grab and hold her ass as he pumped her. I could see her slide one hand underneath and massage his balls as he slid in and out of her steaming pussy. It didn't take long for both of them to explode together, and she held him tight as she shared a long, physical climax with my good friend. They both collapsed on the bed, and we all fell asleep. When we woke up, Alex was gone, leaving a thank you note next to a fresh bottle of Champagne. We enjoyed it together in bed, and talked about our exciting night of passion

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Over the years of swinging and sharing we had developed a trust and faith in each other when it came to finding sexual partners.  When Elaine was in the mood she would let me know by wearing something provacative or wearing sexy lingerie under conservative dresses.  We had gone to a friends daughters wedding.  Elaine looked stunning in her heels and seamed stockings.   As soon as we were at the reception, which was held right next door to where we lived, 3 young guys in their early 20's came up and started talking to us.  One of them told me I had a hot sexy wife and she looked great in stockings and they hoped they would get to see more as the evening wore on.  I smiled at them and suggested they ask her to dance.  When Elaine puts on hose and a garter belt it means she is interested in finding some action.  They must have noticed the seamed stockings and asked me if she always dressed so sexy. They were bold to say the least and Elaine was being a bit bashful. Never the less during the evening they gave her plenty of attention dancing with her often. 

She would come back to the table and sit with me for a bit then another young man would ask her to dance.  She disappeared for a short time and when she came back she was a little flustered.  I asked if one of the guys had gotten frisky.  She said no, but our neighbor Tom had.  Elaine had teased him ever since he moved next to us.  She would go topless by the pool when he might be looking.  One time she thought she saw him looking at her through his upstairs window.  She got on a raft and took off her suit giving him a full body shot, front and back when she turned over.  As he was married and lived next door she just did not feel comfortable doing him, but did certainly tease him.  He had suggested a walk out in the garden to get some cool air as it was hot inside.  Once away from the house he had commented that she looked sexy and he had noticed her getting plenty of attention from the 3 young guys.  They had walked to the top of the garden where there was a picnic table and she had sat on it.  Tom had stood in front of her, looking down at her legs. He asked if she liked to be the center of attention, and slid his hand along her calf and up her thigh moving the hem of her dress further up giving him a good view of her stocking tops.  She'd had a few wines so was feeling quite mellow.  He told her he'd have to pop around after work one night and have a better look.  She just smiled, stood up and then they went back to the reception. 

I asked how she felt and she said horny, the young guys had been saying and doing sexy things to her all night and getting a quick feel when they thought they could get away with it.  Usually they just grabbed or touched her ass, but one guy danced her into a semidarkened corner and tried to kiss her and feel up her boobs.   A short time after we said our good nights we started to walk down the drive to our house when we heard footsteps behind us and it was the 3 young men.  They caught up and asked if we could recommend somewhere for them to stay the night as they hadn't booked anything.  The town was busy as there was a big convention going on so we knew that rooms were few and far between.  A quick look to her from me and she said its ok if they behave.  I went hard straight away and told the guys they could sleep in one of our spare rooms.
Once inside Elaine got drinks for everyone and she sat on the sofa, with two of the guys on the floor and one beside her. I sat in one of the arm chairs.  I knew as soon as she said they could stay that she would more than likely let them see what they wanted to see and maybe what I had always wanted to see.  I had a fantasy of seeing her doing three men at the same time but it had never happened.   At a couple of parties she had given a couple of blowjobs and I think she fucked a dude, but it was over several hours and not at the same time. She looked so hot, skirt half way up her thighs, one leg crossed over the other, she would change legs nice and slowly .  One of the guys on the floor asked her if she was just going to carry on teasing or was she going to let them see what the neighbor Tom had seen earlier in the evening.  The guy next to her asked his buddies if they wanted to see more, they nodded their approval.  Elaine coyly pulled her dress over the top of her stockings revealing the garter snaps.  He leaned towards her, kissing her on the cheek, asking if he could now have a feel of her stockinged thighs.  Elaine turned to face him and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth.  After the passionate kiss she broke away and asked him if that was what he had wanted to do all evening.  He grinned at her gradually sliding his hand up her skirt, caressing her inner thigh, they kissed again, tongues entwined, her legs gradually parting to allow access to her pussy as he slid his hand up the inside of her thigh.  She told him to tell his friends what he was feeling.  He grinned at his friends and said  "I do believe her pussy lips are shaved."  With that they told him to move her legs wider apart.   His fingers found their way to her thin panties and he slid his fingers over her shaved pussy lips.   She was very wet and moaned as his finger slid into her slit.  She moved his hand away, raised her ass up and slowly slid her panties off.  She then pulled her dress over her head asking the guys if they approved of her lingerie.  She was wearing a semi sheer basque with garter straps to hold up her stockings.  She was really turned on and her nipples were rock hard poking out clearly through the thin material.  One of the guys on the floor moved and sat the other side of her, his hard cock sticking out the front of his pants.  He started sucking on her tits while his hand found its way up her other thigh.  The other guy looked at me he said "We picked her out when she walked into the reception as a lady we were going to try to fuck.  I can't believe we are actually getting to do her." 

He moved over positioning himself between her open thighs.  He started licking her pussy, the other guy pulled the top of her basque down revealing her boobs and erect nipples.  He kissed and sucked her tits and the third guy removed his jeans and placed Elaine's hand around his dick.  She was like a bitch on heat.  The guy between her thighs knelt up, rolled a condom on his cock and rubbed it up and down her swollen slit.  Soon he pushed the thick head of his cock slowly into her.  Gradually he worked it in until he was all the way up her.  He looked at her as she had this lustful look on her face, he said to his friends "I told you she would spread for us before the night was out, but I really can't believe how hot she is."   The other guy knelt beside her so the she could suck and play with his cock.  So now it was on, one in her pussy one playing with her tits while she stroked his cock the other knelt beside her while she sucked and licked him.  She looked so hot, with three young guys getting what they wanted and one hot woman getting it all.  Normally at this stage I would join in but these three young guys were using every part of her body they could kiss, feel and sick their cocks into.  I think all three of them climaxed in less than 10 minutes.  Elaine moaned in orgasm while riding one of them.  I was the only one left out of the action but I had really enjoyed the show Elaine and the boys had put on.  We all headed to the bedroom for round two.  We all screwed Elaine in every combination we could think of.  She finally said she was getting tired and a little sore and could everyone finish.  I said "Guys, I have a favor to ask. You have all fucked my wife silly and I want you to all try and shoot off on her at the same time or as close as possible.  Elaine you have to help everyone gt off by helping and doing what ever we need to cover you with cum".  We all agreed and Elaine positioned herself in the middle of the bed on her hands and knees giving access to her pussy and mouth.  We alternated doggy fucking her and throat fucking her.  After a few minutes one guy was on his knees at her side playing with her tits and himself.  He said he was going to cum and Elaine turned toward his cock as he shot off on her back, neck and and a little on her face.  The dude screwing her pulled out and covered her ass and back.  As she continued blowing last guy I got behind her to see if I could add to her buttcake. Suddenly the last guy pulled out of her mouth and took aim at her face.  His first stream of cum shot over her forehead, top of her head, hair and onto her back.  She opened her mouth giving him a target for the rest of his load.  The sight of cum dripping off her body and face sent me over the edge and I pulled out adding my load to her ass and back. Elaine fell forward onto the bed exhausted and caked in to most cum she had ever personally experienced.
Elaine was borderline passed out and exhausted.  I showed the guys the spare bedrooms and bathroom and said we would talk in the morning.  When I came back Elaine she was in the shower.  I changed the sheets and waited for her to come into the bedroom.  I smiled, said thanks and took a shower myself.  What a night.  My ultimate fantasy fulllfilled.  Technically I wanted a gang bang, but this was as close I would ever get and I loved it.  In the morning we all got up at various times and ended up in the kitchen, drinking OJ and coffee.  The guys wanted a repeat , but Elaine politely declined saying they had worn her out and her pussy needed a day off.  We were all hungry, but I did not have the nerve to ask Elaine to cook breakfast for five.  I volunteered to go get some breakfast and bring it home.  When I came home they were still trying to get Elaine to do them again.  She just laughed and called them a bunch of horny young boys.  After eating and more coffee the guys went to use the bathroom before leaving.  Elaine was cleaning up the breakfast trash and I slipped up to the bed room and bath room where the guys were.   I told them to walk into the kitchen with their dicks hanging out off their pants and I would see if I could get Elaine to blow them one more time.  I went into the kitchen and told Elaine to sit down in a chair as the guys had a present for her.  She looked at me funny when I said "Come on in and show her your appreciation".  When they walked in she just started to laugh when I told her I had promised them a farewell blowjob from her.  She smiled at the closest guy and said come here and she sucked all three of them off and swallowed everyone.  She smiled at me after each guy filled her mouth.. The sexual highlight of my life.
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About a year later Nate called me and said he was going to be in town over night for business.  He told me where he was going to be staying and would we like to come by for a visit.  We decided to surprise Elaine and not tell her he was in town.  There was a nice bar/restaurant in his hotel and I said we would be there between 7 and 8.  Elaine thought we were just going out for the evening.   We walked in and got a table when Nate walked over, gave her a hug and said we should join him.  When we got to his table we were introduced to another black man who Nate said was a coworker.  Elaine looked at us kind of suspicious like, but was pleasant.  After a couple of drinks the coworker went to the john and Nate and I just grinned at her.  She nervously laughed and said  "You guys don't think I am going to do all of you?"  I did not know Nate was bringing a friend and really did not know what Nate had said or not said to his buddy.  Nate said he would love a second chance with her and we could lose the friend if that is what she wanted. She did not say anything as Brandon was sitting down at the table.  You were allowed to take your drinks out of the bar, but not out of the building.  Nate suggested we finish our drinks in his room.  Elaine knew she could back out at any time so she agreed.  When we got to the room it was apparent they were both staying there as both beds had suitcases next to them.  It was now up to Elaine to call the shots.  Instead of asking to talk to me she said she wanted to talk to Nate privately.  Brandon and I turned on the T.V. while they went to the other end of the suite.  She told me later she just asked Nate to tell her exactly what he had told his friend and how well did he know him.  He told Elaine they met at work, developed a friendship and like to work and play together.  He said he was not married, but had a lady back in Tulsa.  I guess Elaine did not say anything for awhile and in an attempt to close the deal Nate whispered to her that Brandon was hung quite well.  I asked her later what she said back to him and she smiled and said she hoped he wasn't too much bigger as Nate had given her all she wanted.
   Elaine and Nate walked back and turned the T.V. volume down.  Nate then looked at us and said proudly that Elaine had agreed to be the entertainment for the evening.  We turned on some music and Brandon asked Elaine to dance with him.  It was a slow dance and  it did not take long for Brandon to start playing with her ass.  Elaine playfully moved a little to his side, kind of straddling his leg with her two legs allowing access to his crotch which she began massaging and soon unzipped his slacks.  Nate and I urged her on as she pulled out his impressive cock, stopped dancing and began pulling on it with both hands. Elaine had worn an open bra and white blouse with stay up hose, short skirt and thong.  I told her Nate and I wanted to enjoy her so she should let us see some skin.  She reached behind and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor.  Brandon unbuttoned her blouse showing off her bra and nipples. She got on her knee in front of Brandon and tried to get his cock in her mouth. I had seen her do a couple of good sized dicks, but he may have been the largest I had ever seen Elaine try to get in her mouth.post-5233-0-35733300-1435237535_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-09699200-1435237550_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-72664800-1435237567_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-80555900-1435237586_thumb.jpg
   Nate got undressed and moved behind Elaine playing with her ass and tits.  He fingered her pussy, rolling over on his back he told Elaine to sit up a little as he wedged his face under her pussy licking her while she sucked on Brandon.  What a sight!  Nate put on a condom and slipped his cock in her from behind.  Soon Brandon got a condom and Elaine told him to get on his back and she pulled away from Nate and slowly slid down on his large cock.  She was cautious at first not going all the way down, but with all the sexual excitement in the room and having all ready fucked Nate's wide dick it was not long before she was grinding full force and soon exploded in her first orgasm.  We moved from the floor to the bed and spent the next few hours trying to wear out Elaine''s body.  She did not want to dp the two of them for fear of getting hurt.  She finally let me fuck her in the ass and let Nate and Brandon have her pussy.  It was probably the wildest and best sex fun ever.  But then I have said that more than once'.
   When I recall these memories I probably give more details about how everything got set up and started than the actual sex.  If I have left out any detail you are curious about, just ask. These photos were taken in our office, but it the outfit she wore to the bar that night.  Again feel free to ask me anything you want about our lifestyle. 


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