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Elaine's First Time

robert smith

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Cuckold Tests

Damn she is HOT, so is the story.   


When my wife first had our best friend, I discovered that she had taken himbareback, and I absolutely *LOVED* the feeling of sliding into her stretched and soaking wet pussy afterwards.


Sloppy seconds is such a turn-on, as is licking it up.

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   Elaine has never been much for public nudity.  Sometimes around a swimming pool or at the lake she would flash a little.  Alcohol helped reduce her public nudity hang ups.  I did get her to cut out the lining in some of her swimsuits.  That revealed her nips and pussy when she got wet.  We had a pool and used it to our advantage several times.  We had friends we invited over and many times guys would just stop by for a beer and a splash in the pool.

    If she fancied a guy she would judge his interest by laying on an inflatable raft or a chair by the pool and tease him.  Her top might slip or she would spread her legs showing a semi transparent crotch shot.  She might get in the pool with him and grab his cock in a playful teasing manner hoping to find out if he was well equipped.  If she wanted him for a partner she would discuss things while showing him her boobs or let him play with her tits.  But she would never do the deed in public.  Usually the most she would do was let them play with her boobs and pussy.  Sometimes she would suck on their a cock, but usually not to completion. 
   We had a good friend and had partied with with for a couple of years.  Sometimes we just had fun without sex and sometimes we ended up in bed.  One Saturday afternoon he showed up with a friend.  It was a summer day and we headed for the pool.  After a couple of hours of drinking and enjoying the water our friend jokingly asked Elaine to show her boobs to his friend.  She was just loose enough to flash us her tits.  We all applauded and complimented her hoping for more.  She finally showed her ass and pussy while still in the pool.  As it was daylight and neighbors could be looking she put her suit back on when she got out of the water.  We headed over to the hot tub area where there  was a little more privacy.  Elaine loosened her top while sitting in the swing. I took the cover of the hot tub and we all got in the water.  It was a little tight with 4 people so we kind of sat on the edge and let Elaine be more submerged.  One of the guys pulled his cock out and asked Elaine to suck him.  She laughed teasingly and started playing with his cock.
   We kept trying to get her to do more, but she seemed reluctant to actually screws us in the tub.  She sat up on the edge of the tub showing all of us her boobs.  We continued to chat and try to get Elaine to do more.  She stood in front of us and let us play with her boobs but only touch, not sucking.  Our new friend told Elaine he had gotten divorced recently and sure would like to have sex with her.  She moved over and started sucking him.  She turned and looked at the two of us and asked if we were enjoying the show.  I could tell she was going to finish him off with her mouth.  He was sitting on the edge and she was in front of him topless and really giving him good head.   I figured she would let him come in her mouth but he suddenly pulled out and shot off on her face, neck and boobs.  We all laughed and complimented Elaine.  They had to leave to take the new friend home, but our old friend came back that evening and we ended up in bed screwing Elaine.


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