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A Cuck's Life


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Cuckold Tests

I like the "Sex is so much better when her husband is at work" - I used to love getting a call from my wife at work, when she would tell me that her lover was coming around to "see her" - and I would spend the rest of the day wondering just what they were doing together.   But I always knew that I was coming home to a sloppy cream-pie for dinner.

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Well you have guys who claim to be Bulls.....but are not really very impressive....

You have wives that don't want to be hot

And then you have the constant......the cuck

IMO, every woman would want to be "hot" deep inside but morals inhibit them accepting it to themselves or even if they can, they just can't act on it. Here comes the "wannabe cuck's" or "wannabe wifesharer's" (whatever you call) duty. To find a way through those inhibitions which is unique for every woman. Once you get through and make her feel "liberated" from her moral inhibitions, all you'll need to do is to help her to act on it

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