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Cucks...check In


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Well now...this thread has been a bit active. Awesome! And we've had some interesting contributions. Starting with wannabesp...


On one hand I am very proud of cuck hubby wannabesp. When robert smith asked wannabesp if he was a cuck or a dom...wannabesp gave an excellent answer. One thing I must say about wannabesp...he is a very proud cuckhusband. Very proud of his slutwife...and he's a very willing, very obedient cuck. He is a cuck hubby that knows his place is to provide his wife to me for my pleasue. He does what ever is necessary to make that happen. He's a good cuck hubby!



when robert smith posted his incredible wife...on her knees...taking a hot anal pounding...wannabesp got excited, I think. Maybe TOO excited. Next thing you know he's making comments about the pics robert smith posted. "Amazing ass fucking". "Great big tits."  I understand wannabesp's excitement. His wife is a three hole whore, and wannabesp especially likes watching when his wife takes it up the ass. (I'll show you why in a minute). The point is...I understand his excitement at seeing robert's wife Elaine taking it in her beautiful ass.  And he got a bit carried away. 


I don't want to make too big of a deal about this, I hope everyone enjoys this forum...bulls, cucks, wannabes, slutwives....everyone! Let's all share and enjoy the fun.

wannabesp...in the future, let's try this....when you comment...start by saying...This good cuck husband would like to say......(and then add your comment). That way there will be no confusion.  Enough about that...moving on....

Thank you Master and sorry due my rudes answers to robert_smith,I promise to give the correct answer next time as you teach me. Thank you
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Cuckold Tests

robert smith...tired of waiting Robert? Hope not. The past few days have been hectic...and the time has just gotten away from me. My apologies. Also, to be entirely honest...I wanted to make you wait just a little bit. I wanted you on edge. In fact, I thought about making you beg me to fuck your wife. But because of the time delay, we'll skip that. For now.


So robert smith wants some details about what I would do to his wife...how I would use and abuse her. Robert let me add that part of the time delay is because I wanted to get to know more about you and elaine...so I could maybe work on something new for the two of you. Something to add to your list of adventures. So I did some reading about your past experiences...and there's A LOT to read. You and elaine have been quite adventurous...and your experiences are many. 2-on-1, threeways, gangbangs. One thing I noticed is that you were usually involved in the sex with your wife. If it was a threeway, it might be elaine with another man and you. If a gangbang you were usually one of the cocks elaine took. In fact you even mentioned that your situation with Elaine is more of a hotwife experience as opposed to a cuckold experience.


Well robert, this IS a cuckold site...and if I am going to be involved with you and elaine...that is going to change. You, robert...WILL be a cuckold...and elaine WILL be a slut for me. She will be a fucktoy for ME. Now of course...all of this will be with your consent...and elaine's. You both will enter into this agreement of your free will. More on that in just a moment...now...some details for you.


We will arrange a meeting between us...where we can discuss our plans over a drink or two. I'm thinking that a quiet, couples-type of place. Low, intimate lighting...maybe a dancefloor.

A place where we can chat mainly and get to know one another. We all know WHY we are meeting...and WHY we are chatting, so there won't be any need to waste a lot of time. You and elaine will arrive first, and grab a table. I want everyone to see you and your wife together....a happily married couple. I will be seated at the bar when you come in...and I will join you at your table after you and elaine have settled in. This will give you and elaine a chance to check me out...to look me over. If you are still at the table in 20-30 minutes, I'll know you are both still interested in moving forward. (now Robert, I was going to have YOU approach me at the bar and invite me to join you and elaine at your table.) Changed my mind. Instead, ELAINE is going to approach me...and invite me to your table. (I'm pretty sure a lot of the patrons will notice elaine...and have an eye on her.) While she is standing at the bar talking to me...you...and the rest of the bar...will see me put my arms around elaine...and then give her a very intimate, passionate kiss. We'll come over to the table, and I'll have my arm around elaine. Elaine will introduce us...and we'll shake hands. Elaine will sit close to me. Any people watchers in this bar are going to know...something is going on here.


Like  I said earlier...we'll all know why we're here...so there's no need to waste a lot of time. Maybe a few minutes of get-to-know-each-other chit chat. At some point I'll ask you this, robert..."so, are you prepared for this hubby? You understand...if we continue, your wife is going to be MY slut. I will essentially OWN her...sexually anyway....and you are going to be her cuckold husband." Before you answer robert...let me say this...I'm in this for the pussy. It's not my intention to sissify you. Some enjoy that sort of thing...and more power to them. So, you won't be asked to suck my cock...before OR after I fuck your wife. Those  tasks will be elaine's. That's not to say you won't be involved in other ways. I've seen in some of the stories I read of your adventures that you don't object to cleaning your wife' just-fucked, cum-filled pussy. That's good...because you may be "asked" to do that. I just wanted to get that out in the open before we went any further. No sense wasting my time....or yours.


So now...I'll finally ask you..."You understand,robert...that if we continue your wife is going to be my slut. I will own her sexually...and you are going to be her cuckold husband.


If you understand....and agree to that robert...here's what you are going to do. I don't want a simple yes from you. I want your wife to hear you say the words to me...right here at this table...let her hear you say...."Dombull, I understand that my wife is going to be your slut. You will own her sexually...and I will be her cuckold husband."


I think that's enough details for now.


Think about it robert, imagine you are at that table....and give me your answer.....here.


Once I have your approval...I will ask elaine for her answer about moving forward....       

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cucks...while I wait for robert smith's reply...how about a bit of fun for anyone following the forum?


cucks...I'm interested in YOUR opinions. What do you think robert smith is going to answer?


And then cucks...what if it was you and YOUR wife...what would your answer be then.

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While I may enjoy watching you take control of my wife sexually I am afraid she would not consent,  I am afraid age and health have taken their toll on her physically  I told her the two things we have not done would be to tie her to the bed and have me and friends fuck her in as many ways as we could think of and the other would be to have myself tied to a chair where I could only watch her get gangbanged.  She said she would chose the latter as she does not like being  confined and or forced to do things:F4jnzB9RcC.jpg].  Therefore I am afraid she would not agree.  Have enjoyed talking to you and the cucks on this thread.  As you said I am not a true cuck and have been a bull with other couples.  I guess I am somewhere in the middle.  I love sharing my wife both physically and thru photos and stories.  I am always interested in what sexual kinks, fantasies and realities other couples have.  I guess my favorite turn on is watching my wife having sex with another man, from the beginning kiss to cum sliding out of her pussy.  I like it so much I just have to join in at some stage of the fucking.  Like most people I always wanted her to do more and we fulfilled most of my fantasies.  Thanks for letting me visit with you.  Several years ago I met a bull who made his cucks send me various photos of their wives and post them on the net.  Kind of fun post-5233-0-69775900-1455460350_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-81726100-1455460412_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-85060100-1455460539_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-94180600-1455460559_thumb.jpg

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Robert...glad to finally hear from you. Disappointed in your answer. I never said we couldn't establish boundaries. If being tied is one of elaines limits...that would not be a problem. I would want Elaine to trust me and be assured that nothing bad would happen to her. I think I can dominate her without having to tie her.


Funny you should mention YOU being tied to a chair and forced to watch her gangbanged...because that is something I had planned for you. Not a gangbang, but just me fucking Elaine...and you forced to watch. Actually my plan was to get adjoining hotel rooms...and you would be tied in the other room, with your back to our room. With your back to our room may have you wondering....well how would I watch? My plan was to have your legs tied...and one arm tied to the chair. Once you were secure...elaine and I would start in your room...so you could watch as we enjoyed exploring each other's bodies...elaine sucking me...me eating her pussy...fingering her...sucking her tits etc. But, our fucking would take place in the other room....our room...elaine's and mine. You would have your back to that room. So how would you watch? As we left your room...we would give you a hand mirror. You could watch us by using the mirror. Of course that would mean that you couldn't use your hand to jack off with...so I guess you'd have a decision to make. Use the mirror to watch us...or jack off listening to your wife getting fucked. Oh well.....


 If you think you aren't interested...then you aren't interested. Pity. I think it's a shame you didn't let elaine hear me out and make her own decision.


If you change your mind robert...you know where to find me.

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Guest Caras_Hubby

Damn! Really disappointed that this didn't work out. Was soooo looking forward to having some fun with elaine. Just a damn shame.

I am sorry it didnt work out

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So appearently robert smith isn't going to change his mind....and I guess I don't get a chance to have some fun with super slutwife elaine.


I have a few good cuck hubby friends here at cuckfart...hubbys that I thought were well-trained. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe some of them need some re-training. I have to do without slutty elaine...and even though I OWN these other slutwives....do you think one of the trained cuck hubby friends of mine would offer me the use of his wife? No...not one did. Yes, I know I own their married cunts...but it's still nice to have a cuck hubby offer the use of his wife to satisfy my filthy desires. Ahhhh well....

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Damn chatroom is down again!


Guess it's time to revive this forum....cucks, hubs...and even wannabes...if you wish your wife was pleasuring my cock right now, check in and say so and post a pic. That way I can be thinking naughty, nasty things about your sexy slutwife.


Once they fix this chatroom problem...somebody's wife is gonna get POUNDED!!!  

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Like mrbull2323 said...good job cucky! Thanks for your reply and the offer of your wife. Very nice...and very HOT pics you supplied!!!  My god you wife's ass looks amazing in the first pic. I can't wait until those are MY hands on her ass...helping to guide her as she's rides MY cock! You know I love submissive slut wives...yours looks ready for "use and abuse".


Thanks again for your response...I hope to see you soon in the chatroom...where we can talk and have some more fun.

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