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Sensual Naked Massage


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Well my beloved Mandy has let me share her a couple of times in mmf

But our last visit to UK she wasn't really up for it. She told me that the bodies (not to mention smaller cocks) of the guys left her thinking why bother when she was with me.

I think some of this is her inert struggle from years of social conditioning. Her upbringing has given her falls values.... And she thinks it is wrong to enjoy other men whilst with me. Even though it brings me great pleasure and the couple of times we have mmf she enjoyed at the time. Admitted they were a giggle but she wants to be with me. Doesn't want a strangers cock.

Maybe a lesser man would giv up on his dairies. But taking this as an opportunity to develop her in a new direction I came back its, well there might be other activities we can try that will satisfy these desires. I can't supress them and be happy but I don't want you unhappy. She suggested that we could go on a swinging site and go on cam. Good start thinks I. How about a sensual naked massage. She replied I wouldn't rule this out.

So we have arranged (OK... I arranged and she has agreed) to have a local Spanish masseur come to our villa. He chatted to me on a singers site and is looking to have regular threesums. Has agreed a slow seduction by naked massage first visit. Getting her to agree to more visits. We will practice Spanish with him over coffee, then he will set his table up in our bedroom. Then tell her to go get naked and lie on the table. He doesn't want me in there but the lounge is just off the bedroom and he will allow the door open so she fly safe.

Of course I agreed....knowing that I can hide the GoPro with LED light covered and bleeps muted and can wifi to my iPad in the lounge and watch all. They won't know, and therefore can do just what they feel like. Whilst I watch and also record clips.

This happens on 21 September 2016 which is just 2 more days to wait. He has described how he will start off with a normal massage and then start using his mouth and tongue on her body. Also he will ask her if he should take his top off or be in underwear or naked. He will arrive in his usual scrubs so it will seem all prim and proper.

Will this be him by the end of the session.?


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Today is the dy. In about two hours my wife will be naked and in the hands of this Spanish guy. He told me yesterday night via email that he will start the massage on his travel table but move to the bed when he wants to rub his naked body on top of her.

I think they might fuck on first date. I hope so

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