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Cwilling...posted a few pics of his wife and asked the question..."What would you do with her?"

What a nice offer! Hmmmm...let's see....

Cwilling...looking at your wife's pics I noticed a couple of things...

One, her nice body. Two...her very nice tits! What a great view of them...sort of a "hangers" pic...but really nice tits...just begging to be manhandled...and tempting nipples...begging to be "toyed" with. And third...noticed her choker/necklace. I find chokers very sexy...I enjoy sluts in collars too...😄 we'll get to that in a moment.

So...I would like to have your naughty wife presented to me...as she is in pic 1. A naughty slut in waiting! Naked...her head down...submissively! A naughty slutwife waiting to be "used" and fucked. I would want her to keep her head down...while I got a feel of that nice body being presented to me. Gently rubbing her back...leaning over to massage and squeeze her ass. And then of course...a few spanks for the naughty submissive slut.

Next, I would instruct her to turn around...so I could "inspect" her! Get a good look at those holes of hers that I would soon be enjoying....and that she would enjoy being used! Pics 2 and 3 give a good idea of her presenting herself to me. I would have her hold this postion for a while...while I got a better feel of that body of hers. Lightly stoking the backs of her thighs...of course throwing in a few more slaps of that ass of hers for good measure. I'd probably ask her a few questions...are you a slut? "


Are you a submissive slut?


I said...are you a submissive slut? <SLAP>

"Yes...yes sir, I am a submissive slut!"

Good, good girl...that's better! <SLAP>

Keep your head down....and spread those ass cheeks open for me, slut.  "yes sir"

Good girl...I hope that makes you feel like the filthy whore that you are. "yes sir"

Now spread that pussy open for me....show me...and your husband...what a filthy whore you are. Show us where you want my cock!  "yes sir"

Finger it...finger your pussy like a horny slut that wants a good fucking. Are you a horny slut that wants a good fucking? "yes sir".

Say it! "I am a horny slut that wants a good fucking, sir." 

Yes...I believe you are! Turn around now...and show me...did you husband put the collar on you as I instructed? "yes sir, he did."

Good...turn around and show me. (pic 4)

That' a good slut! Does my slut want to taste some cock? "yes sir."

(taking my hard cock out...showing it to her) Is this what my little slut wants? "yes sir."

Crawl to the edge of the bed...and come and get it then, slut. Beg me for it. Beg me to taste it...and then get it good and wet...so I can fuck my little whore with it! Show hubby what a cock-loving whore his wife is!


Cwilling...asked "what would I do with her".

Asked and answered.

I would enjoy her!











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On 11/1/2021 at 12:31 AM, vieuxporc said:

c'est vrai vrai que son putain de cul de chienne mérite d'etre bien rempli et bien arrosé de bon jus de couilles

merci monsieur, heureux qu'il vous plaise toujours.

le savoir me procure une petite erection, encore merci

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