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    hot sensual baths, soft music, candle light, spending all day being pampered in spa, getting a make over at a salon, dressinng in elegant lingerie and evening dresses. Shopping for intimates, dresses, and shoes. Most importantly finding that someone special who can take care of my wife, who can make her feel special, sexy, desirable and please her the way i cant.

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  1. My Wife . I hope One Day it Happens

    a response to this post has been long overdue. Please let us know how things are progressing. Spare no details! We would luv to know what suggestions as well as situations or scenarios you have attempted to create. From the pictures your wife appears to be classy, elegant and beautiful. certainly on my personal watch list to see how this progresses
  2. My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    Azskin and Caligula, although i am very inexperience in these endeavors, i certainly took "Mr Big Clit" as fully authentic. Perhaps i am completely naive, but there were moments when i was reading the letter written by his wife, which i thought were completely real. Especially the part, where she stated she was confused. i felt that was genuine and It evoked a very natural deep emotional connection. For me he is either a very very good author (which he should continue writing), or this is real. The emotional part of the letter which stuck an accord is when the the wife starts this lifestyle, there appears to be a dark foreboding, where she could perhaps leave the husband. We all know its a risk. We internalize it and try to rationalize it away as non concerning, but in the end its real. For some of us, it makes us very scared. We most certainly want the best for our wives, but we still want the endearing relationship. It would be crushing to loose her. "Mr Big Clit", i for one will take this as genuine, and will continue to follow this email chain for quite some time. I find the accounting very compelling and interesting. Please continue to keep us posted. Sincerely Michelle.
  3. List Your Location

    Austin, Texas
  4. Creamed panties

    oh now that sounds soo erotic and sensual. I can only imagine the feeling, wearing those panties as the bull requires me to shop with him in lingerie stores, as he informs me which outfits he requires me to purchase for his lover/my wife. Can you imagine how moist and wet it would feel against your skin - as we walk to the counter and he tells the clerk I am buying the apparel on his behalf for my wife...
  5. Cuckold Advice & Comments

    OMG, its looks like a rainbow
  6. Verify Yourself And Get Vip Membership

    please add me as member. warmest regards - Michelle
  7. hello..should i eat the bulls cum?

    its a must do honey. please make sure you don't miss a single drop. this is one of the most intimate and sexual things you can do to submit to your luving wife and her lover. its important to solidify your new role in their relationship.
  8. Cuckold Bed And Breakfast

    This is just an awesome idea. I am so amazed !!! I just wish my wife would be the slightest open to the idea of this... would definitely book your bed and breakfast... certainly would use the excuse of work to make myself invisible as much as possible for you to take control and romance her. I know she would luv it.... can only imagine the rest of the adventure once you have opened new doors for her. good luck honey - sincerely cd_michelle
  9. I Will Seduce Your Wife

    great post, super intriguing, definately have my interest and captured my attention. Very much in the same position as sattman. if your looking really looking for a challenge and conquest of converting a first time petite slim blonde, then i am definately interested. please im me at [email protected]
  10. Secret Code

    lets keep this simple, the anklet with the heart at the top and the key at the bottom, should suffice. Now the important point is to make sure you wife doesnt understand what this means. You can tell her its the key to your heart (which is totally true). Her take away is that its a term of endearment, its sentimental, and it show you care. Charms are in fashion right now, So it should be a hit.
  11. Seduce my wife......we are in the Caribbean

    really hot topic. i can tell its really important to you to have your wife find a lover who can satisfy her. Totally understand (and can relate) to her being very specific on her choice of Mate/Luv'r. Mines is also like that. From the limited attached pictures she looks very attractive. Stay positive, its only a matter of time please keep us posted !!! sincerely michelle
  12. btw, your wife is really attractive, you are lucky to have her.
  13. well then, why don't you reach out today and send Dave a private email and ask him to FB her? your right.. you need to start the countdown..
  14. Short Penis

    well either way you measure (and lets face it we all do various measures once we find out were below average) were still for the most part small. for me, on my best day and best measurement I too am 4.5 inches. Suspect I am more around 4 inches.. and every quarter inch counts at that point. Either way, its no where near enough, and my wife needs more...
  15. great story, your hints have set the foundation for something more. your next step is to convince her its not sexual but instead its from a loving place. you need to convince her that she deserves to feel loved and desired. she needs that something special, that you most likely want to provide her, but in many cases fall short (a little too much of me overlayed in that last sentence). the key is that this is not a fantasy or sexual, but more of a loving and caring offer to genuinely show how much you luv her.