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  1. omg she's awesome. i can fake or caption let me know!
  2. As a certified slut caller, I have to say that I totally agree that it is a disrespectful term that shouldn't be used. UNLESS that's why it's being used and everyone involved consents for whatever reason. Whilst I use it in OUR way I would never use it on anyone else in any way, since others do find it offensive and actually so do I. It's subjective, but let's not subject it on those without consent or to demean, intentionally or unintentionally. Women who enjoy their sexuality and break behavioural stereotypes don't just deserve respect, it is actually idiotic to think that they are any different to any man who enjoys the same. Instead, respect consent, freedom of choice, and be respectful of everyone's opinions and feelings. They are often different to yours.
  3. My slut has a piercing in her clit hood. She says that it feels good rubbing against her clit pretty much whenever she moves. She likes playing with it, and likes others playing with it. You can attach small objects to it and it also looks nice and slutty. DM me if you'd like to see it.
  4. Hi Longrun I'd love it if my best friend was interested in fucking my wife! I understand your concerns but you have to accept that there is a risk involved with anyone having your girl. And what if she enjoys it? Great! What if he wants to do it again? Great! Put yourself in her position, if she wanted you do do her friend would you instantly want to run off with her friend? Would you ruin your relationship over it? Probably not. You can't tell what's going to happen. Everyone and every situation is different. But you have an oppertunity to experience a very hot and sexy situation with two of your closest people. If it were me, I'd really enjoy it. Good luck.
  5. thanks guys but I'm looking for a little closer to Nott
  6. Hi Anybody north /mid uk and older - maybe someone who has never done anything before but is bored and wants some other wife related sexual excitement?
  7. He did you a great vid there jack you must love that
  8. I'd found him on craigslist. A 57 year old plump farmer-type with short grey hair and an ample waistline. He'd only ever had sex with his wife - on her back in the dark - and wanted to try something more exciting. I'd been training her for a while and thought he was an excellent start. We met in a cafe and I showed him her pictures. I could see he got hard for her then. I let him choose an outfit and spent the next two days looking though her things trying to find a match for what he wanted. Now we were in the hotel room waiting for him to arrive. She didn't even know who he was or anything about him. I unpacked her clothes and told her to put them on. She started by putting on the sheer tight top then the tiny see thru thong. She attached the suspenders to the top and then put on the sheer black stockings. She put on her red lipstick and then was just slipping into the high black patent peep-toe slingback heels as I heard the knock. I let him in and he looked her up and down as he took off his farmers tweed jacket. I had instructed him on how to behave with her - but not directed him too much. He moved forward and began to put his hand towards her ass as she stood there breathing quickly with her heart racing. I could tell that she found him less than attractive. And I knew she would like that I picked someone like him to be her first violation. He hesitated but I nodded and he grabbed her ass hard, pushing her up onto her tip-toes in her heel momentarily. Then he took her shoulders and pushed her backwards until she was sat on the bed. His hand began to explore - slowly at first then hungrily all over her pert tits and face then down to her wet cunt. He felt her for a moment through the barely-there material then pushed it aside with his fingers and let one slip through the top of her shaved crack. "Is she wet?" I asked. "very" he replied. "Good girl" I said, patting her on the head. "She's ready - do you mind if I video you fucking her?" "Err..." he hesitated again. "Oh sorry" I said, passing him a black woolen balaclava that I had forgotten on the side. He slipped it on, looking like a naked and aroused bank robber. I started the camera as he pushed her back onto the bed, making her gasp. He rubbed his chubby cock a couple of times then took hold of her stockinged legs and pushed them apart. "Spread girl" I reminded. She opened them wider exposing her soft wet cunt. He slipped his cock in, stopping to rub the tip on her clit a few times as he went. She moaned as he slipped in with moist ease. He began to fuck slowly at first, but firmly. Ending each slow forward stroke with a firm slap of his pubis and hips against the flat surface made by the centre of her spread legs. Then he slowly began to increase in speed and power, building slowly to a forceful, aggressive pounding within only minutes. He put his weight right down onto her, forcing her legs still wider and held her wrists above her head as his abdomen slapped against her tummy and his cock plowed into her wet hole. Her high heels rocked back and forth above her as she was fucked harder and harder. She was crying now, trying not to come, gasping for air - concentrated on the feeling of being violated and the shame of wanting to come on another man's hard dick. "She's nearly there" I said, holding the camera steady to capture the moment. He continued his pounding assault on my wife's tight little pussy for a few more moments then I saw her tense up and throw her head back. She shuddered and her intense, shameful orgasm was obvious and powerful. He felt the pulsing, tightening feeling from her cunt around his throbbing cock and began to come himself. He grimaced and then shot pump after pump of hot spunk into her. He had told me that he was a very heavy comer, and she could feel him filling her up as his cock twitched rhythmically for what seemed like minutes. He withdrew and I videoed the thin strand of cum from the tip of his cock stretching from her now-gaping and dripping pussy. She became still, but he looked at her legs and shoes and started to rub himself hard again. As she lay there spent, fucked and exhausted, he wanked slowly over her legs, coming with less gusto, but just as much come. He held one of her legs up and the spunk pushed it's way repeatedly over her stockinged ankle and foot, the black patent leather of her shoes shining with his fluid. Then he put her leg down and I told her to clean him. She took his flaccid cock into her mouth and sucked off the remaining seaman and cleaned him thoughtfully with her tongue. He put on his clothes, leaving her sat on the end of the bed, tears on her face, wetting the bed clothes with her dripping cunt. He threw me the mask. "Next week same time?" he asked. "sure" i said - "bring a friend".
  9. I've found a large one appears to be full of idiots and timewasters. Is that what you got?
  10. why don't you go ahead and give it a go and let us know how you get on?
  11. It's only a minor story but as someone who has wanted his wife to appreciated for some time it has been great for me. I love her in stockings and heels and want to see her used like that. After a lot of work, its getting closer and I think its about to happen for real. However, to fill in my fantasies in the meantime I have developed a fasination with other guys jacking to her pictures while using her worn underwear and stockings on their cocks. I'd actually like to watch this live. Anyway, we went out to a dinner dance a week ago. I took one of her worn stockings and fake painted nails with me in my pocket. Half way into the evening, I went to the mens room and left the stocking alongside the nail on the side in one of the private cubicals. I returned 20 minutes later to find that they had already been taken. Knowing that a guy has taken the stocking and is probably rubbing it on himself gives me a great thrill (and her!) Does anyone else feel the same about this - I have seen stories of guys leaving their wives pictures in truck stop rest rooms etc before - but not their stocking specifically. Anyone else do this / want this? Would any UK guy like to meet to use her pics and stockings?
  12. well done and congrats. how did you achieve your ambitions?
  13. I go for both as there seems to be some disagreement on which ankle. Can anyone clear it up? Tributes also welcome.