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  1. Embarrassing orgasm problem

    It happens and what makes it worse is that the next time you are nervous about it happening again and it can become a perpetual issue due to nervousness. I would suggest get a prescription for xanaz and see if that relieves some of the sexual anxiety.
  2. New here

    She is just gorgeous and looks like a lot of fun too ! You are a lucky guy .
  3. How do I get my wife to do this for the first time.

    Thanks for the response. I think I would be better off if I can find some old paper copies of these magazines and leave them laying around or maybe on the bedside locker for her to see. I really don't know how to even broach the subject again with her without possibly really pissing her off. I don't want her to think I am bi or that I even want humiliation. I really just want to share her hotness and sexiness with someone else and see if I have any pangs of jealousy. I don't think I will.
  4. Ok I want to see my beautiful sexy wife have another man penetrate and spill his seed into her. She got mad the first time I said I would like to watch this. She seems to think I want to be with another woman. I have no interest except seeing her with another guy and pleasuring her. She has always been faithful and a good wife. We are together 18 years . I feel I need this to happen. What steps can I take to make her more open to fulfilling my fantasy and maybe starting a new lifestyle for us ?
  5. DESPERATELY wish my gorgeous wife would cuckold me!

    Wow she is a smoke show !
  6. New hotwife

    Inbuilt urge 100% . I find it amazing that some men are able to pull out when that moment of climax emerges.