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    To meet like-minded, open and friendly couples that would welcome a fit and energetic male to add sensuality and sexual freedom to their solid and secure relationship for fun and enhancement.

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  1. What is the name of the nudist swinger hotel in Vegas? Just asking for future travel adventures. I think central FL is a great swinging adventure location. Plenty of nudist and swinging and other adult venues in the Tampa and Orlando areas.
  2. Wow. What a wonderful wife and life. Thanks again for sharing your adventures with us.
  3. I could not agree more with the message from Dinkel. The relationship of Elaine and Robert is an inspiration. Thank you again for so openly sharing.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous. Far better than any layout in Penthouse, Playboy or Private (remember that one?). Reality always trumps fantasy. Thank you for sharing the photos and the stories.
  5. Elaine looks fantastic in and out of the bikini. Very sexy.
  6. Robert, You and Elaine are truly an inspiration to those of us that aspire to a fully sensual and sexually free relationship with a special partner. I have, over the years, silently followed and enjoyed your stories and pictures on this forum. Elaine is beautiful and a beautiful person. You have the ultimate soul mate. Thank you for sharing those intimate moments for your life together. Stay safe, be well and please keep sharing. Regards, Richard
  7. You are looking great. I say go for it and enjoy it all.
  8. Very hot.  I would love to suck those tits and cum all over them.  

    1. TheBigYak42


      And then suck them again!

  9. Hi PussyWrangler, Your wife is beautiful and a very sexy woman. I am located in central Florida and would love to join the Club to fuck your wife. Contact me here and I will send you my direct email. Looking forward to your reply. RichieRich
  10. Central Florida - The Villages
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