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  1. Fastest you have cum during sex

    I once came without even touching myself as I was watching another man fuck my wife. As he began to pump sperm in her, my own cock began to twitch and cum. It was fantastic!
  2. How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I do it every chance I get and yes, I swallow:)
  3. Have spent many a night with my wife sleeping between me and a lover. So hot to see her lying in his arms. Even hotter to wake up to the bed shaking as he was fucking her yet again. THis intimacy takes it to the next level for them and provides lots of fresh creampies for me:)
  4. How many start with cheating?

    I don't think you have to be a rocket scientist to understand why we post our wives without face.
  5. How many start with cheating?

    Love this thread. Like many of you here have describe, my wife started out as a cheater. I was sad and angry at first then discovered that it turned me on tremendously. She really couldnt explain the cheating other that to say it always seemed to just happen. After I trusted that she still loved me I confessed how much it turned me on. It has been part of our sexuality ever since. 25 years, 21 men and over 400 sessions with them later, we're happier than ever. I love being a cuckold!
  6. How many cocks?

    My wife had 10 before me and 21 since we married. All of those 21 had her more than once, some were/are long term.
  7. I have also eaten many, many creampies form different men out of my wife. Never gets old!
  8. Here is my wife in the position I most love to see her: missionary, legs in the air, bare cock inside her
  9. My shared wife

    I adore wathcing my wife enjoy herself with other men. I am always there and jin in. Her lovers take her bareback and are free to ejaculate inside her as much as they want:)