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  1. Amazingly beautiful! Just when you think you've seen the perfect black cock you want to please you or your girlfriend/wife, another one cums along. For me it's all about that initial plunge. I was scared my girlfriend would think I was gay and leave her. Although I'm bi, it's really about 2 things for me. 1) The power dynamic: When her black bull fucks you or makes you suck his dick, it's about letting him know he's the power in the room. It's powerful imagery that shows your girlfriend or wife you are completely submitting to this black God and that he's the better man in the room. His cock should be pleasuring you. His cock should be planting his cum inside your wet pussy. 2) The show of respect: When sucking a black cock or getting fucked by a black cock, it's about respect and the show of appreciation for him and his role in your relationship. It's how you show with your actions, other than your words, that you are ok with bringing this man into your bed with your wife/girlfriend. Of course, not all bulls like this and only want women to pleasure and serve their cocks. But man, when you find a bull that will let you thank him for fucking your girl by cleaning his cock with your tongue after their fucking, you reach that next blissful stage of cuckolding.
  2. Absolutely! My girlfriend was BBW and she got so much black cock. Black men love sluts. My girlfriend would just offer to suck their cocks and let them cum inisde her, no questions asked. She was on birth control but you can always find a dude to fuck your wife, if she wants it.
  3. I agree with Oldercuck2. Have you spoken to your best friend about it? How do you think he'd take it. It's definitely a shock when you tell someone you know that you want them to fuck your girlfriend. He might resist at first but he'll be horny again and it'll be brought to his mind again. You might need to bring it up to him again. But if he definitely says no either because he thinks you're crazy or he's in another relationship, then you might have fucked up your friendship anyway. You might want to beat around the subject at first. Maybe get some beers, talk about mmf threesomes and then work in cuckolding and what he thinks about it. If he resists talking about it, you might have your answer. Furthermore, even if he agrees and you set everything up, nothing will prepare you for the feelings of actually seeing her fuck your friend. It's a fuck ton of emotions going through your body all at once and even though in the moment you might be the most turned on you've ever been, eventually you will cum and he will cum. And then a whole new mix of emotions wash over you. It's important to have that conversation with your girlfriend before and especially after. Be honest if you didn't like it or if you only liked it until you came. Everyone handles it different but communication is key. But I wish you the best of luck with whatever you choose! Keep us updated.
  4. It's definitely a discussion you should have with your wife or girlfriend before. Do you want to know the bull personally? Do you want him to know about you and your arrangement or do you just want him thinking that all of this is behind your back? My ex had a few bulls and I had a selection of a few different styles. One bull, knew about me but didn't want me involved at all. All communication was with her and I wasn't allowed to watch or have any contact with him. He didn't set limits my access to her pussy, he just wanted her alone all the time and thought maybe with another male in the room would be too "gay" for him. Another bull was older and we had a relationship. We'd talk when he would come over for their dates (he was old fashioned like that). He was in his 50s and she was early 20s. I'm not sure how they were viewed on their dates. It made me nervous thinking someone i know could have seen them but whatever. He'd take her back to his place afterwards and fuck her. She loved him not just because he bought her stuff but because of his dick. She said it was her favorite of all her bulls. I never got to watch. She only sent me a few pictures. But yeah, we were cool with each other and respected each other. He didn't restrict access to her or be possessive of her. It was just a mutual thing all parties agreed was good. He wanted some younger pussy, and she wanted a side sugar daddy and I got sloppy seconds. Everyone wins! Another bull was very alpha and would have me watch sometimes and clean her out. they'd go on dates and come back and start fucking on our bed while I was on the couch. He'd text me to say he's coming over to fuck her and i'd either have to make myself scarce or if he wanted me to watch I'd get her ready, usually with my tongue. She only saw him for a few months as he moved on to another piece of ass. Anyways, long story short, it's important to communciate with your wife or girlfriend about what you like and want from your bull. Some cucks need that alpha to hhhhhhhhh him. Other cucks just want a buddy type of situation where you can play video games together after a night where he fucked your wife in front of you and you cleaned up. Experiment and choose the one that gives you the biggest thrill. If you don't like the situation, tell her and end it with the bull. No bull is worth putting the relationship at risk. There's a lot of other guys out there wanting free pussy out there. Have fun
  5. I would say I was bi curious before and that's why the transition to cuckolding was so easy. It was like i got to watch my girlfriend take all those straight cocks and it was like I was living it sexually through her. It's kind of hard to explain. But I remember bring up the idea of sucking him for her to get him hard. I wasn't sure how'd she react and she asked her bull if that'd be alright. We did it a few times but besides the power/submissive side of it, he wasn't really into it. There were other bulls who got off to the idea and my love of sucking cock only grew from there. Some bulls I know don't want to try it and don't find it erotic to have a guy suck them. You have to make sure everyone is comfortable. But yeah, when you do have a bull who lets you suck them, the power and imagery is only exemplified. It's the ultimate way to thank him for taking your wife or girlfriend.
  6. I love helping my girlfriend get ready for a date. Whether it's picking out underwear or a bra, I love watching her get dressed for him. But probably my favorite is when the bull requests a certain trim or look for her pussy. Most bulls pick full shaved and I've had the pleasure and privilege of shaving her a few dates. Knowing this pussy is for another man and I'm preparing her pussy for another man's cock makes me so hard. It's definitely a special connection between a girlfriend/wife and her cuckold. I love to give it a little goodbye kiss too before she heads out.
  7. Fuck, there are some great pictures in here. For me, It's really a sign of respect more than anything and the symbolism of sucking a black bull. Nothing shows your wife or gf better that you are ok with them having a black lover than sucking him in front of her. Most of the time you are kneeling in front of him almost treating him like a God, which he kind of is in that situation. He's gotten you to kneel to his cock power and show it respect before he gives it to your wife/girlfriend. Getting him all nice and hard for him to cum inside that pussy while you're cock dangles there. There's not much hotter. And It just makes it so much hotter with the symbolism and imagery of the situation. I wish I could experience it more.
  8. Fuck those look delicious! Nothing better than a creampie for dessert! Those alpha cocks look great too. Wouldn't mind cleaning those off to show my appreciation
  9. One of my more specific fantasies was to see my girlfriend with an older man. I don't know what it is if it's a daddy thing or what. She found one lover one time who was 50 something while she was 22. He would buy her shoes, meals, clothes, and then she'd give him her pussy to thank him. We were both pretty poor in college and the extra money was certainly helpful. We eventually met but I never got to see them together in person. He was pretty cool about the whole situation and about dating the same girl as another guy (me). He wasn't into humiliation or anything, he'd just come by while she was getting ready. We would make small talk about some occasional dirty jokes about her body or how we liked to fuck her. She would kiss me goodbye and leave with him. Sometimes just for a few hours and once for the whole weekend. It only lasted a few months but it was hot while it lasted. He eventually moved on and so did we but it was definitely hot knowing his older cock was still getting my girlfriends young pussy! Older men definitely know how to make a girl/woman feel good and well fucked.
  10. Very nice! it's sometimes confusing when your head says it's wrong but your dick has never been harder. I always listen to my dick and give it want it wants! It makes you a lot happier when you just give into what you want.
  11. Nothing sweeter than watching a black cock take your wife/girlfriend's pussy. Well, maybe the clean up afterwards. lol
  12. Yes, a couple times. I would always know when he was coming over so I would have time to either get out if they wanted that or prepare myself. But after a while he wouldn't even acknowledge me. He would just take my girlfriend to the bedroom and have his way with her. Usually she'd be already wet from sexting him all day and he'd be able to slid right in. I loved when he would just come in, fuck her, cum inside and then leave without even saying anything to me. Then i'd find her exhausted and clean her out.