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  1. I can from experience you both need complete openness it adds to.the excitement . Yelling you like I'm meeting xxx and don't wait up or help me get dressed I want to look good for xxx . Little things can make the lifestyle very rewarding
  2. William Bonnie your wife black.outfot is amazin g love the gloves and boots . Beautiful.outfit leave the boots and gloves on while fucking
  3. Alot of women get addicted to BBC let her have her fun treat her nice and show her how much you care and tell her you want her happy but you need to be taken care of as well
  4. Carl.your wife is amazing I love the tattoos she has a great BODY
  5. You sound like an awesome couple , Michelle has a great body. My wife and I live the HOTWIFE /cuckold lifestyle it has been great, communication is imperative.. you have to remember HOTWIFE love there husbands and enjoy making love to them . Hotwifing gives them the sexual feeling of enjoying a good hard intense FUCKING.
  6. Love the boots and the tube dress ,tattoo looks great I guess she loves being BLACKED
  7. Lexi is so hot I live close to Charlotte I would love to meet her
  8. Love the collar and leash pictures
  9. All these women know what to do great bodies and outfits the boots and fishnets are awesome
  10. Beautiful lips and awesome TITS
  11. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL love the boots ,. She needs Extreme Thigh hi Stiletto Boots and a tight outfit that molds to her beautiful BODY
  12. Love boots on a woman I'm a part TR caged cuckold on the weekends when she goes out to fuck. It's been a rewarding lifestyle for us