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  1. usemyslutwife99

    jmacan59's sexy...and very hot...hotwife!

    She is very sexy, nice body and hot ass!
  2. usemyslutwife99

    Showing hotwives

    great pics guys. very nice jmacan59, she is sexy.
  3. usemyslutwife99

    email her

    Great body and one sexy ass on her!
  4. usemyslutwife99

    More chat frustration....

    It works now, thanks.
  5. usemyslutwife99

    More chat frustration....

    I haven't been able to set my own password. I get the temporary one sent to my email, sign in using that but then it won't allow me to click on the profile icon to change the password to something of my own.
  6. usemyslutwife99

    Cucks...check In

    As always, you're welcome to have her ass as long as you need! Glad you still enjoy it after all these years.
  7. usemyslutwife99

    Cucks...check In

    Morning DomBull4U, how about my wife's ass to start the day?
  8. usemyslutwife99

    More chat frustration....

    Yep too bad it suddenly doesn't work again after just coming back here and reconnecting with you DomBull4U.
  9. usemyslutwife99

    Cucks...check In

    Very nice pics cookman
  10. Hard to pick one but I'd say her riding on top is my favorite. I like to watch her tits bouncing and her pussy sliding up and down a hard cock! Doggy would be a close second.
  11. usemyslutwife99

    Cucks...check In

    Hey DomBull4U, long time no see. We used to chat all the time about my wife so hopefully we can pick that up again sometime soon. Take care!
  12. usemyslutwife99


    Awesome work as always!
  13. usemyslutwife99

    Bulls/cuck Fantasies

    I'm always up for a good chat with cucks or doms. Been sharing my wife for over 6 years now and have had many experiences in that time.