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  1. How do you satisfy your needs if hubby is unable?

    1. calaba25O



      Hello I am Ms Kundi, i have something to tell you. please contact me at;  [email protected]

  2. I know more women are doing this now. It's an easy way to castrate your husband at home, gently ending his sex drive. All the gals I know love how it calms the guys and makes them passive. For Bob, its not like he ever had much of a sex life anyway.
  3. I'm honoured to be counted as one of your cuckolds.

  4. Hi there Dianne!!

    Sorry for delay answer ,but i got only now your messagge !!i will chat with you !.

    My answer at your question is "Yes":thumb: ...but for more deatil i hope i can catch you online!!:P

    One kiss ..where? i bet you guess!!!

  5. Have you ever used an elastror during play?

  6. Say hello when you get a chance.  I remembered who I was chatting with the other day that you may want to talk to.



  7. hello dianne, how are you feeling?


  8. What about couples that use hormones or other chemical castration to 'calm' the husband's sex drive? This does work well for some couples. Surgical as well. The guys are fine, once they adjust to the changes and are great husbands, for active women.
  9. Chemical chastity works well also. An Androcur pill once a day, or a Zolodex implant every three months, keeps his penis soft and inactive.
  10. My husband had a skinny, five inch dick, when he could get hard. Most cuckolds are small and unable to satisfy. For bigger cuckolds, I suggest women give them meds like Androcur to keep them soft and out of trouble. They don't need to get erect, once they are cuckolded.
  11. Yes. Androcur is very sure and quick. In just a few weeks, a guy can not get an erection and his balls will shrink up over time. Its easy to buy over the internet now without a prescription, so many women use it to castrate their husbands.
  12. It's really not that bad for the guys. It's not torture: guys don't miss what they just don't want anymore. For guys like my husband, they are less frustrated and more content. Yes, it can make guys breasts grow and this does not go away if they stop. At that point in life it's really not a big deal. Bob was never very masculine or successful sexually. Thousands of men are chemically castrated for various reasons and live happy, healthy lives.
  13. My bull insisted my husband not be able to fuck anymore. I bought Androcur pills over the net and started giving them to him. It was great when a few weeks later, he could not get an erection. He would try out of habit, then just lose interest; his sex drive was gone. I know another woman who gave her husband birth control pills with similar results. It was great seeing my husband be chemically castrated, since he was not going to fuck anymore.
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