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  1. Say hello when you get a chance.  I remembered who I was chatting with the other day that you may want to talk to.



  2. Just keep in mind that you also have to show her your approval in other ways. Otherwise, she'll think it's just the little head that's doing the thinking. If it's clear, that's different from if it's milky. Clear stuff, which just runs out in a continuous stream, is the result of being milked. Spurts of semen are different, they're from an orgasm. xoxoxo Christine
  3. " Can anybody help me out with what to do afterwards how to keep it fresh and not have her get bored of always talking about it" Yes, don't make it an all-the-time thing. If she wanted to be with him full time, she could do that. Instead, she wants to be with you. Just make sure you keep it under control, limit the amount of times you bring it up. Make sure that the majority of the time, it's not the subject of conversation. xoxoxo Christine
  4. What are you looking for?
  5. Lovely, but I'm not sure why the clip played upside-down for me. xoxoxo Christine
  6. It varies a lot, so just accept what her requirements are. My GF has never let me watch, even though she doesn't hide our relationship from them. xoxoxo Christine
  7. Cuck07, I'm following you now on Tumblr. Thanks for the link. Christine
  8. Because they shut it down. It was a GREAT chat room, but unless something has changed recently, it's not operating. xoxoxo Christine
  9. Let's just say I'm a little over 100. xoxoxo Christine
  10. Hope this works for you. <3 xoxoxo Christine
  11. That's so great to hear that she's having him, even if it's just once. Of course, we hope she enjoys it enough to get back into it. Love her picture, too. xoxoxo Christine
  12. Same name on Yahoo IM as on here. Tell me where you found me from. xoxoxo Christine
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