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Anklets And Queens Of Spades


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Cuckold Tests

My wife always wears an anklet and a toe ring. I have persuaded her to wear it on her right ankle as that seems to indicate to guys she might be available. But she has no idea...just likes them.

She isn't into black guys so ace of spades wouldn't be appropriate. Need a symbol for ....come chat me up.... Without it being as obvious to non Bulls ....she would never wear one with Slut or Hot Wife....far too blatant. Maybe we should start a trend on this site...one that our wives can be duped into wearing....so other guys will hit on them when we are out!!!

Any suggestions???

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My wife received an envelope in the mail with a gold anklet inside. There was no return address and no name of who had sent it. She denied knowing anyone who would send something like that in such a way. I wondered a little but then dismissed it as a prank by some guy. About a year later I received an envelope addressed to me with no name or return address. Inside was a website address and links I should follow. When I followed them I found a pornographic video of my wife having intercourse with a black stud. On her right akle was the gold anklet that she had received from the unknown donor. I then knew what was going on and asked my wife how many young black studs had serviced her. She was surprised at being caught and couldn't give me an answer. Although I had my suspicions, I never knew for sure that my wife had a thing for black guys until all of this came to light. I often view her porno and must admit that while making it with the black lover and wearing that gold anklet she is sexier than I ever experienced. She was having the time of her life.

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My wife wears Her anklet on Her right leg to signify availability, it has an H and a W to signify Hot Wife and a lock and key to signify my chastity !!  Around Her neck She wears the security key to my chastity cage.

Does it attract guys ....do they know what it means and do they got off with her?

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I wear one that Bryan bought me, it has a 'B' on it.


As Bryan said to us when he gave it to me, it is to let my husband know that I am Bryan's to have whenever he wants me.


I wear it with pride, and make sure Pete sees it regularly.



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